Instaphone Held Payable to PTA by Supreme Court

Supreme Court of Pakistan has dismissed Instaphone’s appeal filed against the determination (decision) of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority on outstanding dues of Rs. 7.9 billion (including license fee).

PTA through its directive letter on March 4, 2008 had ordered Instaphone to pay said amount. Instaphone was of the opinion that license fee imposed on the company is unjust, hence had filed petitions in Islamabad High Court.

After IHC had dismissed Insta’s appeal, company escalated the issue to Supreme Court through Aitazaz Ahsen, against PTA’s said determination and Mobile Cellular Policy issued by the Federal Government in 2004.

Mr. Aitzaz Ahsan argued Insta’s viewpoint before Supreme Court bench head by Justice Muhammad Javed Iqbal, comprising of Justice Sair Ali and Jusitce Anwar Zaheer Jamali.

On other hands Akram Sheikh defended the PTA’s stance for outstanding payments.

After hearing the cases from both sides, today the bench decided both the petitions in favor of PTA.

SC will issue detailed decision soon.

PTA acknowledged the decision but said its waiting for black and white orders to comment on it.

We couldn’t arrange comment from Instaphone and its strategy for future of the company.

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