Qubee Launching on May 30th

Group photo taken at the launching ceremony of Qubee Pakistan; Mr. Mubashir Naqvi, CEO, Qubee and Martin Harriman, Director CBD, Augere Holdings Inc are seen with the other Qubee officials. Qubee is the brand name of UK based Augere Holdings.
Group photo taken at the launching ceremony of Qubee Pakistan; Mr. Mubashir Naqvi, CEO, Qubee and Martin Harriman, Director CBD, Augere Holdings Inc are seen with the other Qubee officials. Qubee is the brand name of UK based Augere Holdings.

We have mentioned earlier about the official launch of Qubee in Karachi this month. Now we have details of the launch ceremony and the agenda.

It is told that Qubee is launching in the country through an event at Golf Club, DHA – Karachi on May 30th at 7 PM.

Event will include a gala dinner for the guests and a musical session. We know that at least Fakhir is invited – maybe along with other singers too.

We don’t know yet if media is invited or not.

Qubee earlier said that it invested US 70 million this year before the launch. It further said that it’s WiMAX network is set ready in Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi, where it will be offering services in 3/4 months.


Qubee has reportedly launched with an event today and ceremony will be held as up mentioned schedule.

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  • Nabeel | Create Your First Website

    That’s near my home.

    But what’s the use of going there when Qubee doesn’t even offer an unlimited package?

    • eX

      That won’t be for everyone warna to har koi phaunch jai ga

  • Fahad

    It doesn’t matter if it is qubee or jungle bee or busy bee all it matters is that if they provide limited downloading .

    • Fahad

      I mean unlimited downloading

  • Saqib

    This Company has invested not as much as they are sharing with Public through Media becasue the network they are using is not their own
    I heard that TeleCard has sublet own network to Qubee.
    In Comparison with this Wi Max i found Worldcall connection much better
    PTCL is pathatic, Wateen services got critical and Worldcall comparitively better in services as per my experience.

    • m.h

      qubee is the best internet. i am a user of it. and it does not matters with whom they are sharing their towers with. the only thing that matters itheir quality of services. and about investment they invested a great amount in the begining and will invest more.

      • Munaeem

        I agree with m.h. Qubee’s service is excellent. I had 2 MB PTCL connection with IP-TV. Today, I canceled my DSL and IP-TV. Their service and technical support is pathetic.

  • Unis Khan

    thanks god.
    a ray of hope for dying economy in pakistan

  • Hassan Sarwar

    I am using qubee since last 1 month and i think it sucks big time.

  • Hussain

    There is no news about the company itself on its webpage!
    Surprising… A big company with lot of bla..bla but no news on its own website. Great carry on mission …. possible or impossible?

  • Welcome to Pakistan Market, it will create a Healthy competition b/w Wimax operators like Infinity of Mobilink & Wateen/Wi-tribe.

    While PTCL, WC & others too. But Ultimatly end user & Pakistani poeples will get benefits. like Poeples will get jobs, Qubee will bring investment to Pakistan, a Healthy MUQABILA :)

    Peoples need Unlimited packages for DL. while Upload with good spead. VoIP over Wimax is pathatic. Need to address it too.

    Anyway Good Luck

    • Nabeel | Create Your First Website

      Agreed. The more the merrier.

      Every Internet Provider will have pressure to provide the best service and compete in terms of cost, speed, unlimited package etc.

      Remember when only two Telecom operators were operating and a sim used to cost Rs.3000?

      • Munaeem

        You are right Nabeel. Competition will compel operators to provide quality service.

  • Faheem Danish

    I am also user of Qubee….. i found better than others :)

    Gooood Going

  • Fawad

    Dont buy qubee..Signals gone to one or two and service become dead after one two weeks after signup..Shit devices they are providing.. Qubee is like STREAM LIKE A BAD DREAM.. Hahahaha…

  • Sadia Jamali

    Fawad My experience is totally different than yours. Qubee working fine for me and I am Qubee user from OCT.

  • Razzaq ch

    every one share their own experince regarding qubee service,qubee might b a good service but i have worst experince,i got qubee on 18th june,on 19th june i got problem of signals,i registered many complaint but nobody came to me,after 5 days when they did not contact me i sent them a request to disconnect my service,they have disconnected but after 22 days qubee person came to me to resolve my problem:)when i asked him why you came so late he said sir today they gave me your complaint,so you can imagine how fast service qubee has,it is not a 3rd class i think they have 5th or 6th class customer service,i request to every one before going toward qubee think 1000 time

  • Saad

    Bro I am using Qubee 1mb unlimited package with USB port wimax and its fabulous better then ptcl atleast ! Love it !

    • Nabeel | Create Your First Website

      Wait till you reach 30GB. They will throttle your speed to 128 Kbps.

  • Munaeem

    Qubee’s service is excellent.

  • Hasan

    @ Nabeel ….

    Reach 30 GB …. thats insane … a normal user wouldnt get to that much download unless a very heavy downloader… and well its fair usage policy and it applies on all the wimax operators !!!