LHC Orders to Open Facebook in Pakistan

Lahore High Court during a hearing has ordered to lift ban on Facebook. Court has asked the government to make arrangements for making Facebook accessible in Pakistan.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, after getting directive from Ministry of IT and Telecom will ask ISPs to unblock facebook.

It is expected that Facebook will be available in Pakistan by evening today.

Earlier, Facebook was banned in the country due to blasphemous content on some of its pages.

Update: Geo TV has reported that Government and PTA briefed the High Court that they have received confirmations from Facebook owners that no such (draw) competition will happen again on social networking website.

LHC in its judgment said that it will ban Facebook again in case of any blasphemy incident in future.

IT and Telecom Director Muddasir Hasan told the court that Facebook has appointed a representative who will remain in constant contact with Pakistan.

“Facebook administration has also been told that the content they showed on their website is a crime according to Pakistani laws,” he said. “Facebook officials have agreed to refrain from posting such content in the future.”

Islamic Lawyers Forum opposed opening Facebook, but Justice Aijaz Chaudhry said that if such a thing happens again, it will be banned.

The court has summoned a reply from the government regarding filing a case against Facebook owners.

A further hearing is scheduled for June 15, reported Business Week.

Here is Press Release from Ministry of Information and Technology

Update 2: PTA has confirmed us that they have received notification from Ministry of IT and Telecom. A subsequent order has been issued to all ISPs for Facebook restoration.

Update 3: Facebook is reported accessible, around the country on various ISPs.

Update 4: Facebook has started appearing on most of ISPs, though Flickr and miniopera are still blocked.

Update 5: Facebook is now accessible on mobile networks plus blackberry. Operamini is also open. Flickr is still showing “Site is Restricted” message.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Not good. Stand ager lia he tha tu permanent ban karte, aise koi faida nahi hai, ghulam he rahaingay hamesha gooron k.

    • Faisal, Facebook never posted the competition, hence banning Facebook was a retarded move. Some insane person made the competition, you cannot ban a company for some random demented individual. This is the same as if the U.S. bans all Pakistanis from ever entering their country because we have 3 terrorists. You cannot ban a whole group for acts by a few.

      It has nothing to do with being a “ghulam”. Most Pakistani Facebook users are in touch with their family members through it and not with the “goras”.

        • They supported the page? Please show me where they supported the page?

          And Jabran, stop making baseless accusations without any proof and making all Pakistanis look as stupid as you.

          • Language!

            Read these if you want to and conclude your decision.


            If you don’t have much time to read above then this page tells the story of a page against which hurt jewish community and at the bottom you can see it tells that page was removed in 20 minutes of reporting it.


            Since so many people reported the draw page using standard reporting system of facebook and still no action was taken. This is confirmed by one of the page controller in this interview.


            It all about just using a little bit of brain!

          • u must have watched the television …!!

            Normaly Facebk removes a group or page after few complains against it and if it goes against there terms of services ..!!
            But in this case there came 100,000 complains agnst the group “Draw Muhammad Day” and the group also go against many points in their T.O.S like hateful for a community etc ….

            But still thy didnt removed that page , , and when people tried to counter the nonmuslims by making a group against jews believes , ,it was removed in 20mins …!!

            Still now that page is available and to support it many more groups have been created against our blessed Prophet ..!!

            [These are pure facts , ,do u get it,why fb shld banned ??]

          • Bhai jaan problem yeh nahi ke Facebook ne woh page banaya ke nahi ???

            Problem yeh hai ke kroroon Muslims ke report kerne ke bawajood Face Book ne woh pages ban nahi kie the ????

            Have you any thing to say in this regard !!!

            Aur FB yeh sirf hamaare saath hi nahi sub ke saath hi ker raha hai……

            Aik taraf tou logon ke accounts bila wajah band ker die jaate hain aur dusri taraf woh kissi ki sunte hi nahi !!!

            Regards (Think and Say)

      • Yaar IQ nahi ho to baat samjhana bhi mushkil hota hai…

        Anger against facebook was not because they created blasphemous pages but only because despite such a strong reaction, facebook adamently did not remove those pages.

        If you happen to visit USA now, you will come to know how they treat you now. Mother and sisters of your family are forced to walk through scanners that show a person’s almost naked silhouette. http://www.thecleverest.com/if_you_see.jpg

        Or may be you never mind it and treat it as trifles… but to some it means a lot…

        But IQ ka problem to incurable hai or rahe ga bhai…

      • What the heck is wrong with you guys? Stop all this hanky panky. Ban face book don’t ban face book is that all you got? FB ban was the most pathetic idea and extreme of idiocy, what do you think if govt ban the FB, will people stop using it? Nah 90% people who use internet in Pakistan also have face book id no matter they regularly use it or not but every one have account there. I never stopped using it even it was ban there were 100s of ways to access it. What are we talking here is just a small group a conspiracy a bhair chaal. 3 days ago I was traveling on chand gari (Chingchi Rickshaw) right next to me 2 boys were playing with their mobile and one said “yaar pata nahi face book chalay ga ab ya nahi” and the rickshaw driver suddenly screamed “Paa jee face book tay band hona e chahi da a” I mean what the heck, what the heck is that,,, a guy who doesn’t even know how to write his name he was yelling ban the face book. Lolzzz isn’t it funny? This is what we do. Ban it ban it not, yaar if you got problem with something then just don’t use it why asking others to stop using it or ban it.
        And I don’t know where they lift the ban, its still not working in Lahore atleaste not on PTCL Broadband. dont know what are they waiting for.

        • At least that rickshaw wala is loyal to his religion even if he don’t have the knowledge about that.Stop laughing at your own brothers :s
          Facebook Slaves

      • Assalamu alaikum, I agree that Facebook never started this heartbreaking contest but its also an admitted fact that facebook acted as a platform for this henious event. It was Facebook who permitted them to carryon their compaign because even facebook regarded it as “freedom of speech”. Eventually it resulted in uploading of more than 4000 cartoons (www.rferl/org) and emergence of more than 41000 insolents (news.oneindia.in)and all occured on this “Facebook”.
        Is waqeye ki misal bilkul us gustakh-e-rasul ke waqeye ki tarhan hai k jise zamana Rajpal k nam se janta hai. Rajpal ne agarche khud wo gustakh kitab “Rangila Rasul” nae likhi thi magar wo us kitab ka nashir (publisher) tha aur wajib-ul-qatal tahra jise Ghazi Ilam Din ne us k injam tak puhunchaya.
        Well! I have prepared a complete article under title “General Missconceptions regarding boycott of Facebook” to persuade them to boycott this insolent site plus other articles and I also have other research material regarding it as well. If you are interested then you are most welcome. My e-mail id is: [email protected]

        May Allah Almighty bless us with hidayat-e-kamila.

    • main is faisley se satisfy nahi, all pakistani webmasters ko mill kar ehtajaj karna chiyen, agar sirf paki webmasters hi appas main mill jye to bohat se loeg facebook ko permanent goodbye khe de gye

      I request to pro-pakistani team make one new post with title “Say Good-Bye to Facebook” and request to all muslims to delete their accounts, and also mention the ways how to delete account from facebook, I am 100% sure many muslims from all over world after reading this post will do it!


  • It should be banned permanently in Pakistan. I don’t understand their policies what they are trying to do….

  • A delayed but wise decision. This ban should have not been placed.

    ANy one who disagree with the court’s verdict please do not make a fuss about it and organize rallies again as you can simply stay away from facebook by NOT ACCESSSING IT. WHy to rely on the Govt to ban it for u, coz u cant resist goin on facebook???

    • i will totally agree with you.. If they want facebook ban they should ban it from their own house. Because it should be in their mind that their are some other people as well living in Pakistan who wants facebook to be opened. Facebook now is not only the website to interact with each other, but many Pakistani small businessman were using it to market their commodities, many students were taking advantage of that, many Pakistani Film directors and producers were using it for their film promotion, also they should know that the biggest online movement to restore Khilafat was running from Facebook. I think its a vey good decision to re-open facebook, and at least i am happy with that and will start using it again.

      • To sum up all of your words your work,friendship,movies are important for you than our Holy Prophet(Peace Be Upon Him) Naozbillah.
        You guys just can’t live without farmville or say you don’t have any time pass other than facebook.

        • Dude, why don’t u try to understand ? Aayan n Wajahat, both r right..
          Facebook is unbanned for only those people who really want to use it..Rest of the 73% can stop using it, but you sad people just cant control your self and would still use it..

          Where as, when facebook was banned, those people who wanted to use it, couldn’t and they didn’t have any option/choice..
          But right now you people have choice, either use it or not…

          • Avinash it is about religion and i haven’t forced anyone to stop using it.They can use it but in Islamic point of view its totally wrong.

        • @ Haseeb.. are you just gone mad… why u said all these things are more important to me than Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), HOW DARE YOU??? Islam dose not allows you to put a blame on someone without knowing ground realities ok.. I have never said that all these are important to me more than our prophet (PBUH), i was just saying that there were many people living in Pakistan were taking advantage of Facebook nd were using it positively, not just for chatting and playing Farmville, for your kind information i don’t use facebook for playing games like farmville and Fish ville nor i know how to play them.. i love Prophet (PBUH) more than anything else on this earth and can shed my blood for him anytime. But what i was trying to say is that This is not the way to record our protests, ok.. Look those who had to open these sites in this blockade period were opening it through different applications and website and there was no one to stop them… if you want it to be blocked for u, block it in your house just dont try to impose your way of thinking on others who were using the site for positive things….

          • I never liked facebook from the start i was using it once a week and was using for my blog promotion only but now i have removed it from my blog.I will not use it but that not ends here i have to care for other Muslim brothers also.To stop them using Facebook.And when it comes to Islam we should see no profit or loss.There is IM,Email,Google Buzz,Skype,Wave et etc there are so many alternatives for everyone to interact with each other so why Facebook?
            Facebook has slapped in your face by not deleting the page instead they have blocked you from that page.Will you go to that place where there is no respect for you for your religion?
            And for those who use proxies or change their DNS its up to them and their “Zameer” “Nafs” they can’t control it and it shows how weak they are.I can’t stop them but i can at least try to teach them.

            • You don’t like Facebook, that doesnt mean others don’t like it too. You dont like it, then don’t use it. Don’t try to govern other people lives.

          • as well as i think Haseeb is totally correct .Facebook disappointed us by violating its own T.O.S on the one hand and also promote those contents even knowing that they will hurt Muslim community.and i think that was paid page so facebook don’t care about your privacy and even your religion for money.and usama-bin-ladin’s fan page was deleted by facebook becoz of voilation of T.O.S. and the page containing blasphemy not still deleted isn’t it violating T.O.S ??? so now choice is yours !!!

        • @Haseeb
          Who are you to judge? mind your own business, if you don’t like facebook , don’t use it.

          • Read my post carefully dude i said that i am not using it and will not stop anyone else to use it.I will just give my 2cents and its up to you to use it or not.You guys are too blind now.

            • Haseeb, you are offering a little more than 2 cents.

              And you should stop using Google, Blog sites and the INTERNET altogether because it is full of blasphemous content.

              Facebook the COMPANY never initiated the competition, but it was on it and they didn’t remove it.

              Google is not removing all the blasphemous content. So please stop using it.



              • guyx itx enuf now plx.. stop making fuss ova d facebook issue..
                no1 can impose dier own thotx on odrx..
                so itx better to stop figthing, if yu dun like fb, dun go ova dere..enuf ix enuf now..

              • @Akram.. nice one brother… this is exactly what i have been chanting since weeks now that FACEBOOK DID NOT INITIATE THIS EVENT.. it was made by a person like you and me, just like we can initiate a group or page he did too and that did not violate facebook’s terms of use.

                We did not made facebook, it is not our product so either we think wise and discourage such users by NOT helping them advertising such sctivities or by going nuts and start protesting like insanes not realizing that we are actually playingagreater role in promoting that page/event.

                I am not optimistic nor hopeful that Muslims would soon start using thier brains and not be a puppet to the ones who love discracing Islam.

                I agree with you more in askingsuch ppl not to use google/youtube/wikpedia etc and not to watch cnn, bbc as they all were part of it directly or indirectly.

                And asi said inmy posts last week, Haseeb hav confirmed for me that only such ppl will the ones deleting their account who r either not interested in using facebook or didnt like it at all, the ones who were using it like humans do oxygyen they will be back on it as of today.

                Anyhow, it was the givt who bannedit for 2 weeks the ppl who apprantley the flag carriers of Islam were aiming not to use facebook for just ONE DAY.. tht isquite funny though !!

              • Hey Akram we already now that facebook didn’t initiated the competition but they are supporting the competition.
                As for Google you might by watching those contents over blogs of Google i haven’t seen any of them.
                I don’t give a damn to Facebook i am not a slave of Facebook like u.
                Are you measuring my words or weighing them? :P lol more than cents hehehe
                You want some reason to use facebook not considering if it is good or not.

                • Haseeb.. please stop being lame and ONLY make a reply when BOTHER to read the complete post by any of us here.

                  Facebook niether INITIATED NOR SUPPORTED THE PAGE… Facebook has previously deleted many of such offensive pages and I am one the many to witness the account for. However, facebook says this page DOES NO VIOLATE THIER TERMS OF USE, which the page really doesnt, so, you cant do much abt it and can not blame Facebook.

                  Brother, dont be nieve, search such imageson google images and you shall see them :)

                  We might be slave to Facebook but you are slave to google, bbc, telenor and may be thousands of other wesbites which ARE OF YOUR USE and I BET YOU WILL NEVER STOP USING THEM REGARDLESS:)


                  • I am not like u i will not search that kind of images shame on u that you are searching.
                    And why you are not reading other people’s post carefully.
                    You say that they have not deleted the page because its not violating their TOS but why does their TOS applys on Muslims when they create any page about JEWS which they delete in minutes.Facebook doesn’t support Muslims and you have to accept that fact.It means u also support and accept that this page doesn’t violate their TOS ok lets accept that but doesn’t it Violate rules of Islam???????
                    Eeman k darajay hote hai jin main se sab se nichla daraja hota hai k insan apne dil main ose k barey main bura kahey but tum to woh bhi nahi kartey.
                    Don’t change the topic by talking about Google,Cnn etc dude We are talking about facebook and u are a big fan of it :o

  • So court rejected viewpoint of 73% and accept the viewpoint of remaining so called peaceful, friendly, literate and tolerant people.

    • Total votes cast on the poll are just 8,181. This number of people don’t represent the views of all Pakistanis. Court has acted against the majority of the viewers of this website called propakistani.pk.

    • Not Bro… 73% is not representing the whole nation. and a person can cast unlimited votes. so u never can said 73% is representing the 73% of nation.

          • Not only IP but cookies are used as well (by Poll Daddy) to limit multiple votes

          • new ip is not enough to post vote again you need to clean your cookies too

        • I cast my vote very one day of poll… but each time when i opened the web option for casting vote is available for me…

          • You are daring to challenge an internationally acclaimed service called “Poll Daddy”. We had nothing to do (if there was any flaw in service), we tried using world’s best software available for polls.

            Rest, you and others can well decide.

            • em not blaming u dear. even i was cast my vote in favored of Ban. i was just mention a point which i noted.

            • Aamir you will always prove that, you got hell of comments to say isntead of accepting your own mistakes.
              you know your this thing will lead you to defeat in life.

              You always prove. aamir atta always has something to add to his answer.

              like you keep on arguing like kids.

              learn baby!!

              • Dear you are utterly mistaken. Your ability to observe things is little questionable, i am not arguing in this particular case – in fact trying to get away from arguments

      • bro you can say that these results based on sample and a sample represent whole population and majority want bane on facebook that’s all

        • Brother, you are here not measuring the water density that only a tiny bit of sample can represent the density of the whole of the oceans aroundthe globe. We are talking here about people’s opinion which obviously differs person to person, if that was not the case then General Elections would have been decided taken a sample of votes from a designated area lol…

          • bro statistical measurements are not reliable all time the probability could be wrong or correct but we are talking about only internet users not whole nation.and voting also depend on people behavior and other factors like litracy :) and i mean other things remaining same or unchanged

            • lol Do you even know how many people USE internet in Pakistan????

              Search it on google and then come back to me :)

              U are a typical Pakistani who never research nor talk logic but believe in FORWARDING LAME MESSAGES lol

              • and when talking abt LITERACY borther, the heavy majority of the rallies you supported and the participants with in, especially in Quetta and NWFP i bet 90% of them didnt evenknow what comuter is and how it works. IF they can have say and it counted towards banning facebook then y to ignore such when talking LOGIC :)

                GROW UP, ITS ABOUT TIME !!

                • if they dont know what the counter is then they never pay attention to it and wont vote then how there vote is calculated! base on literate people !!! :)

    • Courts decisions are not based on the results of polls. Its a logical fallacy that majority is always right. Further, courts have to make decision according to the constitution rather than will of people.

  • Finally, a stupid and marvelously ridiculous decision comes to it’s end. But I think the Govt won’t let us wait for another of such kind…Ah!

  • well, i guess banning facebook was never a solution…if the Govt. or people of Pakistan really wana do something about it else talking then they should raise this issue on international grounds.

    • Stop using internet in respect of loving your Prophet, because it all happened on that platform named “internet”. Do you love internet more than your Prophet? Stop using it if you are true Muslim.

      • If you are infected somewhere on your body, will you kill yourself? or you will just cure the infected part?

        btw What religion do you believe? if any?

        • Thats exactly my point. But these fanatic Muslims don’t see it that way. Supposing that page was a disease, then it could have been cured by banning it but why cut the whole limb or facebook.

          I am a humanitarian Muslim and I believe humanity is above all religions.

          • you are negating yourself. you just said block the whole internet instead of blocking facebook the “bone of contention”

            you better think of killing yourself when you get hurt next time. be a man now

            Religion taught us humanity. you better not bypass religion (if you are a Muslim). you know how inhuman we were before the religions


            • You didn’t get it. Whats difference is in cutting a limb or whole body when you can cure the disease with a pill. Ultimately, when you say you have to cut a limb to show honor or respect, why not cut whole body to give more and more respect. Use some brain before posting.

      • Well, freedom, apko to NABI S.A.W.W ka naam lainy ki tameez bhi nahi. kya amma-abba ny bataya nhe ka kitni izzat say naam laina chahiye us Hassti ka jis pr Allah, Frishty aor Insaan DAROOR bejhty hain…

        Allah hum sb ko hidayt dey..Amin!!

  • acha faisla ni ha .. FB ko again ban hona chyea and pakistan ki nation ko roads pay aa k again is ko ban karvana chyea..

    • Because you people like you Pakistan can’t progress. You take to the roads whatever the reason maybe!
      Ghar mai lota na ho…..sarkon pr nikal ayen gey…LOTA NAHI HAI HUMARAY PAAS!

  • @ali wah tumhara mushwara k sadkay…awam road pa aye aur apna hi country ka nuksan karay…pagal ho kya??? pagal ho ya nai , pata nai..bt kam iz kam pakistani nai hoo….

    • @ rabi kia matlb or kia hal ha ghar batha gyen tu kia ho ga?
      roads pay aany ka yah matlb ni ha tor phro karin and paksiatan ko nuqsan ponchian

      • sadkon pe anay ka matlab hi nuksan hota hai…..at least time ka nuksan…..property ka shayed na ho….but time is wasted…..very bad idea to agitate people!

        • well what you think facebook is saving your time ??? and also i am disagree with Ali just banne facebook is enough

  • I think its time that those 73% show that by the ban they actually meant it. and they can do this by not logging into facebook. If they don’t log in then what will their friends do in Facebook??? see its that simple

  • Well that page was removed by facebook. But now there is an other page with the same titled & its written indonesian version.

    [Link Deleted by Admin]

  • AGAR KOI APKE ghar walon kay sath aisa karay TU KYA AAP BADE MEI US KEY TARAF RAJU KARROO GAY ??



    [Comment Edited]

  • Same thing happened when allied forces attacked Iraq and Afghanistan. All Pakistanies said that they will never drink Coke/Pepsi. Will not go to eat at KFC/McDonalds etc. Remember this so called Amrat Cola was launched in those days with a slogan to drink local/Muslim coke…
    Are we still following that practice? A BIG NO.
    Therefore the reality/truth is that we all will again start using Facebook after some time.

  • i would be agry wid high court that facebook do that again in future such un avoidable things that it would be totaaly banned…………..

  • In Pakistan 99% internet is used for non-productive/entertainment items i.e either chatting, e-mail checking, downloading songs/movies, looking at PICS etc.
    Even if facebook is completely banned in Pakistan people will shift to another such website, because time bhi to pass karna hota hai Pakistan jaisay country mein where very limited entertainment avenues are available (No parks, no safety/security in public areas, no proper cinema houses, nothing at all).

    • Absolutely right… public needs some entertainment, facilities, In Islamabad which is the capital city of the country, there is not even 1 cinema in the city…so u can imagine the condition of whole country…

    • Who said 99% use of internet is for entertainment purpose. Where do you live buddy? Do you live in desert that you don’t know the whereabouts.

      • man its correct i assure more than 80% just know how to open youtube or facebook and wast time if you want to chat their are manny site or you can use messengers facebook is not necessary yahoo messenger can perform all tasks like facebook other than your farmville

        • I am sure u got this figure from a FWD TXT or EMAIL which also claimed $4 Billion loss to facebook in oneday when facebook’s total face value if $5 billion hahahaha… PAKISTANIZ PLEASE RESEARCH BEFOR YOU UTTER NONSENSE!!

            • You know what. One of the most difficult thing to do in this world is to say right thing right and the wrong wrong. Accepting mistakes and what is bad is one of the most primitive necessity for any kind of development (character, scoail etc.). Its the dogs who are always loyal. We human beings have the tool to judge right and wrong.

  • huhh !!!
    facebook ko ban kardya jaye … aur phr dusri sites bana kar wahan pr wo hi sb kch hO … jo facebook pr ho raha tha … tu kya faida ??? i shud say k ban hona chahye facebook … but !!!

    what was the use of facebook ?
    hamari public ko tafreeh chahye … hamari nojawan nasal kahan ja rahi hia ? we just dun thnk abt it . phr khuwaab dekhtey hain k hm ye kardein gay wo kardein gay !!!

    • bhai agar facebook nahin use kerna tu na karo, ban kyon laga rahay hoo…logon ki rozee lagi huvee hai, kyon un ki rozee per laat marnay pay tulay huvaay hoo…tumharay liyay tafreeh hoo gee but agar tumahain sahee tarah use kerna ataa hota facebook tu tum uss ko tafreeh na kehtay

    • WTH is wrong with you people.
      You dont want to use FB, then bloody DONT!
      We want to use it and WE WILL. GET OVER THE FACTS, IDIOTS!

  • Big no to Facebook… the excuse of getting fb back “…they have received confirmations from Facebook owners that no such (draw) competition will happen again on social networking website.”

    This is no excuse or apology, everytime they do some real destruction and then assure us it wont happen again.

    There is no excuse/repentence of Blasphemy of Prophet (Alihis Salam) in Islam. Pakistanis no longer want the website that has insulted The Prophet (Alihis Salam). This should be simple n clear … no need to give lame excuses.

    • no, we won’t use Facebook, with respect for others who will opt for using it.

      • Good to heard that Aamir bhai. Maasha-allah.
        As we know that facebook is financed by mostly jews and C.I.A. its really amazing that our authorities respond how quickly on the ban of facebook. don’t you think aamir bhai that some elements of PTA is resisting this ban since day one. and now successful lift this ban.

        • lol wow i am sure u must have good contacts with CIA and MOUSAD why dont you join ISI you will be of great help as they waste millions in getting theinformation which you just pulled out sitting in your bed lol GET A LIFE MATE !!

      • So Mr. admin, your only excuse for not using facebook seems that you do not want to be harassed by masses here. Please, tell me if that is the only reason? If it is such then I have to tell you that your decision is selfish and damn wrong. Refraining from doing what is right due to fear of opposition is a highly coward act. If you have other reasons not to use facebook even then you are wrong. There is nothing intense in this issue as to merit a ban on the whole facebook. I can elaborate this point in detail if you want to.

            • I have discussed my reservations in this article. And you may know well that policies of private entities are not argued publicly.

              • But I know for a reason that all kinds of policies and rules must be debatable to improvise systems and cultures. Your argument about not discussing policies with us is only valid if we were not your stakeholders.

                Your arguments in the article only proves that you believe in the theory of eye for an eye. Your opinion is highly subjective and contains a logical fallacy. You try to justify yourself by doing same thing which is done by westerns without consideration for whether that thing was initially right thing to do or not.

                • My thoughts are very clear and described in explicit manner in above mentioned article… you can consult it to study the case

                  • Whatever I have said is after consulting your argument, but you seem to run away from any logical discussion and giving political excuses rather than being straight.

                    • so be it… i am happy with my decision, and wishing you for yours…!

                      Happy Life : – )

                    • So be it >>> why not. You have the right to think whatever you want but be careful not to impose on others ever. And remember one thing a wise man once said “Only thing necessary for triumph of evil is for the good man to do nothing”. This banning agenda is evil and if we do nothing, it will only suck our very basic human rights and we will never be able to think and demand freely, hence prosper as a nation. Look how other civilizations have evolved. Criticism and open discussion are the very basic ingredients democracy.

                      Wish you good luck.

                  • I never knew that even a person moderating the complete website dont go for facts but for fwd lame txt messages lol

                  • Whoa Whoa. Take a break man. Its the problem with you fanatics. You appreciate acts of violence done in the name of religion (eg. an incident happened with ahmadies two days ago) while when inquired about who did that you point your fingers on americans, indians etc. Ask you conscience, don’t you do that?

                    • lol @ you “Freedom”.

                      This guy is someone Trying to be so Over-Confident. There are alot of “Mummy-Daddy” loosers like you in Pakistan.

                      Keep your Logical Descriptions with yourself. How can you Force someone to use “Facebook” if he/she does Not want to.

                      I think you are being paid few pennies by FACEBOOK.

                • فری ڈم آخر بےغرتی کی بھی کوئی انتہا ہوتی ہے. آپ جیسا چاہو کرو میرے خیال میں آپ کو وضاحت پیش کرنا ضروری نہیں

      • MashaAllah, Amir bhai Allah apko iss FAISALY ka bohat barra ajjar dey ga inshaAllah, Or FREEDOM jaisy logon ko dfa karo.. ye La-ilaaaj log hain.. karty rahain use… apnay ammal ka khud zimma-dar hain.. baqi doa hay Allah inko hidayt dy :)

        • Lailaaj log – wow lol

          Haan ji Nawaz sahb aap tu duniya ke sabse tandrust log hain? Waise yeh jo aap ko third world country, jahal, toham parast, backward, begging aur inteha pasand qoum ka khitab diya jata hai us ke bare main aap ke kya khayal hai. Bas aakhrat ko pakar ko rote rahiye chahe duniya mein zaleel-o-khwar hi kyon na hona pare. Aap kya samajhte hain ke achhi aakhri aap ko tabhi naseeb ho gi jab tak aap is duniya koi das baara zalalat aur ruswai ke medal nahin le lete.

          • I am 100 percent sure now that you are not Muslim.Dunya apni jaga hai aur Akhirat apni jaga.Magar tum dunya maina aye ho Akhirat k lie.You are the follower of those Goorazzz even if they do Sh*t you say it smells like perfume :o

            • My views about religion are purified and mainly different then you extremists. I believe that all good people will go to heaven. Lets see what Quran says about this.

              “Surely, those who believe, those who are the Jews and the Sabians and the Christians – whosoever believed in Allaah and the Last Day, and worked righteousness, on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.”
              [al-Maa’idah 5:69]

              You are the followers of your filthy mullahs. You S.H.I.T when they say you to S.H.I.T. You are so jahal that you take it for granted every sms you receive about religion and spread it like a virus without confirming its authenticity. When I said you are self deluded, I really meant it. Your minds are brainwashed and you can’t assess right and wrong. You can’t see outside of your fantasy world. Whoever praises what is good in other nations, you start to call them slaves of that nation. You only want to hear people praising you and your religion.

              • Lol u Mummy daddy’z wont grow up.We will spread our Religion everywhere we can through any source :P
                Angrez chaley gaye leken apne ghulam yaha chor die :/
                At least we have mind but you don’t have it you do what others have done.Why we should Praise anything which is against Islam.
                Guys like you have a concept of Filthy Mullahs and it will remain a concept only.
                If Gorazz kill any child women or any Muslim you say they killed terrorists.And when a Muslim in self defence does it you say He/She is an extremist.

                • Janab lagta hai mein ne aap ki kisi dukhti rag pe paon rakh diya hai. Bajaye ke kisi baat ka seedha seedha jawab den aap ne bongian marni shuru kar di hain.

                  It clearly shows the level of intelligence in our extremists fellows. No matter how much you convince them, they will repeat the same programming bullshit, and I am sick of this repetition.

                  • Lol People like you jis taali main khate hai ose main ched karte hia :/
                    Aur koi word nahi hai Angrez k follower “Extremist” bolna hi ata hai it shows k how crazy you are about Gooraz and their way of living.Khair Jitna kachra karna hai abhi Dunya main karlo :O
                    Humein tum jese logo ki waja se at least pata chal jayega k Qayamat nazdeek hai.Chaaploosi ki had hoti hai :P but hey why would u care.Go and play Farmville tumhare crops kharab horahe hai :P and try to add some strangers to your profile q k tumhare paas koi entertainment nahi.

                    • Lol wow
                      I am enjoying…….. It was a funny post but i think you can do better. Try again…

                • I agree with haseeb.
                  Freedom ko paise to koi nhi de raha FB use kerne k…..
                  lekin yeh waqai angrezon ka pithhu hai..
                  I am 100% sure keh agar aik angrez isay apni shit uthane ko kahe aur kehe k yeh karo ge to tumhain america le jaun ga to yeh woh bhi keray ga….
                  These kind of pro-americans are cause of shame for our nation….


    • When notification will be released? Officials have ordered. When it will be out? Iam talking about the notification.

  • admin why don’t you place a chat box in site its good idea to communicate with users . what you think??

  • we have shown them our power so 4 now its ok to open face book but if again someone done this stupidity so PAKISTAN should baned it permenantly.

  • simple se bat ha jis nay use karna ha karaoo kis na sue nahe karna na karay aur jahan tak muslim honay ki bat ha tu mara sub logo say aik sawal ha aap sub logo main say khon khon namaz parta ha 5 time ki??? kya khabe aap sub logo nay isalam ki tamimat per aamal keya? aap main say kafi logo ki gfs be hun ge challo gfs na sahe freinds be hun ge wo aik muslim k lahay na mahram hoti han facebook walon nay harket galat ki thi per as k baad so cheaz remove kar di aur sorry be keya tu phair kahay ha ban aur unban

    • We all guys are waiting for this to happen, don’t know so far, but on many other ISP’s, it has been opened.

  • It’s opening now on PTCL DSL.

    But I wont be using it.

    • LOL, Sir, Facebook is opened in various ISP’s. They’re talking about the next hearing, so far its the order of opening it by Rahman Malik. Tune into various news channels :)


    • It is expected to start working till night. The work’s under progress. Re read the article above.

    • Pakistani dont believe on Authentic Resources my friends, niether they appreciate or bother to research :) they prefer the words coming out of a lame islamic scholar who thinks he knows Islam the best than anybody else in the whole world or the lame chain txt messages. Coz Pakistaniz r too lazy to brain thier brains together to research !!

  • Well, I’ve read in Bloomberg since early morning that FB is restored. But still, I use PTCL Broadband and my Facebook is not accessible.
    Any idea why’s that?

    • Ria, you will soon be having access to it. Many PTCL subscribers are using it, and some are not. Keep patience, you surely will access :)

      • :)

        Thanks for the “surity”, but I’m keeping patience since morning. And it’s really difficult to do it when other people are able to access it easily. :P

        Is anyone using it in Lahore? I mean some PTCL subscriber?

        • Y wait for PTA to unbann it for you, download freegate 6.77 and use it as u like :D

        • these people cant wait for a new slap when face book start that type of new contest .you people forget they don’t care about your religion they don’t care about your privacy for money.

  • Hum Nam k muslim rah gaye hai keya kise se itna nhi hota k humsha k ley ban karne k awaz uthy????

    KKeya hum Muhammad (S.A.W.W) k ley itna nhi kar sakty aj koye humry waldin k khlaf bolta hai to humra khoon uglta hai or humry nabi ko koye kuch be boly to kuch nhi…

    Keya ho gaya hai hum muslims ko ak websiteko nhi chor sakty itne kamzor hai hum log???

    Think about it ….

    R U REAL MUSLIM ??????????

  • Today when i login to facebook im surprised by PTA

    because they opened facebook but also blocked the page which is supporting muslims and title ” AGAINST-Everybody-Draw-Mohammed-Day ”

    Why the Block this page??

    Or this blocked by automatic software

  • ham begharat hain telenor b 2005 say business kar raha ha face book ka ban b 10 he din ka tha
    pakistani are begharat maan lo

  • Facebook Opened.. Hurray !! Zinda hay Bibi. GA PPP! Kadam bherhao zardari hum tumharay saath hain..

  • Aamir bhai, I still cant access facebook n my cousin also cant, but my friend is using it!!! whats the problem?? is’nt it fully restored??

  • Looks like the majority of those 70% in favor of ban are going to use facebook. I believe facebook got publicity due to this issue and its users in Muslim countries will increase more than they were before the ban. I remember when Geo was banned, its TRP saw the height it never reached after the ban was lifted. Its all in the human nature. You can’t beat it.

    • Lets see. There are two kinds of extremists; fanatics and mild. Luckily, majority of extremists in Pakistan are of mild nature. They are compulsive and invoked by sudden bursts of emotions. But after some time they cool down and start with the previous routines. How to recognize a mild extremist? They don’t go for five time prayers though have many times tried for a few days/months in life but what makes them extremists are their thoughts. When the issue is on the peak, they condemn as similar to fanatics but as I said they cool down after some time.

      Well, lets see what kind you belong to. Only time can tell.

      • Well, I think I should have called the second kind as impulsive extremists rather than mild.

  • I am so happy that FB is back on air, my wife and kids were getting very cranky. Now i can play golf without feeling guilty……

  • app ko Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam ki shan mei ghustaki karne walon ke anjam pata nahi app inn threads per visit kijiyah
    گستاخ رسول کرنے کا انجام
    شاتم رسول سے نرم گوشہ رکھنے والا بھی ملعون
    ghustake rasool Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam ki saza sirf qatal hai or jo bhi ghustake rasool ki side ley ga woh bhi ghustak samja jaye ga..app ne do threads baney facebook ki hamayat mei eik ko shahid delete kar deya geya dorsara yeh raha

    Itdunya ne facebook ka boycott kar deya hai or app facebook se narmi baratne ko keh rahe ho..facebook ghustake rasool hai jis ne yeh contest munakat karwaya or woh tamam kafir jino ne iss contest ki hamayat ki or isa liya woh sab ghustake rasool hai inn sab ki saza sirf mout hai.. aap iss ko samjiyeh
    agar dobara mei ne app ki koi bhi post ya thread facebook ki hamayat mei dekha tu mei Management se app ko banned karni ki request karon ga

    • Listen. Who is supporting gustakh-e-rasool. We are supporting our rights to use free internet. You can use internet with your consent, no body forces you to see what you don’t want to see. You are using emotional topics to irrelevant issues.

      And answer me one core question. Don’t run away from this, give me an honest and straight reply. Suppose, Christians make a law that whoever pronounces that Jesus was not crucified should be punished by death. Will you respect their decision? Will you accept it as a religious right?

      I will be looking for your answer.

  • interesting thing is this that
    PTA is also block some Islamic videos in youtube like Qur’an recitation

  • mr akram ur just misleading the whole muslim nation..
    why are u so addicted to facebook..
    if u read the facebook policy then u have also read that its not allowed to make fun or post any offensive posts of pages on facebook which would hurt in any sense.. or iske bawajud facebook walo ne wo page ban nahi kiya …why?
    why are u taking their side?
    i think faisal is right facebook should have been banned in pakistan forever… jis jaga hamre Nabi (SAW) ki toheen ki jaye wo jaga hamare liye napak hay or haram bhi, facebook dunya me boht kam ki chiz hai magr akhrat me nahi …meherbani kerke or logo ko mislead mt kijiye .. cz apko nahi pata shad apka is tarah logo ko gumrah kerna apke liye jahanum ke darwaze khol dain..

  • close