Facebook Admits Censoring Content in Pakistan

Facebook said today it has blocked users in Pakistan from accessing the “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!” page on its site out of respect for local standards and customs, reported PC World.

The Web site adopted a similar approach in India about a week ago when it was approached by Indian authorities in connection with the page, which has angered Muslims in many countries.

The indications are that Facebook may take a similar approach in Bangladesh, where the Web site has been blocked since Sunday.

“We have not removed the content from Facebook, although some pages may have been removed by their creators, but have only restricted access to it from certain countries out of respect for local rules,” Facebook spokeswoman Debbie Frost wrote in an e-mail to PC World on Tuesday.

On Monday a High Court in Lahore, Pakistan, ordered the removal of the block on the site that had been imposed on May 19.

Facebook has agreed to block the page in Pakistan, Naguibullah Malik, Pakistan’s secretary of IT and telecom, said in a telephone interview to PC World.

Malik also added that Facebook has reassured their government that nothing of this sort will happen again, although Facebook officials had said earlier that the contents of the Web page had not violated the Facebook terms in any way.

On other hands, ISPs in Pakistan have restricted all urls that have specific words in it, for instance “Draw”. This is probably why, Facebook page against the Draw Mohammad Day is also inaccessible on various ISPs.

  • FB admins are sick _____.
    Will they block or remove, if i create a page “heil hitler”

    [Comment Edited]

  • qoute:although Facebook officials had said earlier that the contents of the Web page had not violated the Facebook terms in any way:

    we all knows in past they block a page imegiately about the holucast after few hour of publish,its not justice

  • Sharam ani chaye pakistanyon ko, sirf page block karne par khush hokar sare facebook dubara use karrahe hain.

    Ban ka matlab hai ke peeche woh apna napak kaam ab bhi jari rakhe hue hain. Jo ke injustice hai, aur in se kya justice ki baat karna yeh to apni awam ke sath just nahi hai…

    Bycott facebook individually!

  • I thought that all ppl should knw that FB is still havin the page ….. so its all BS.

    They will not remove the page……

  • Definitely, the facebook officials (THE MAIN MEAN CULPRITS)are using another WORST weapon ‘they are using CAMOUFLAGE approach.

    As per their statement they will keep on what they are doing, and we at our place should not care the whole damn catastrophe.

    Oh my Allah, be with us and please open the eyes of all of us, specially our rulers to wake up as a muslim nation and be strong enough for making the concerns say ‘SORRY TO MUSLIM UMMA’ and not to think ever again for DIS-RESPECT to our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W.W

  • When will pta unblock opera mini i don’t use face book but i do use opera mini for browsing on my mobile.

  • they still not censored the contents, visit below the two links…… its time to ban Facebook forever…



    so sad….

  • Browsing through Opera Mini Browser on Mobile stopped working when Facebook and other sites were blocked by PTA. And now when Facebook is open on all ISPs Opera Mini is still not working. Anyone having any idea?

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