Mobistore: Online Marketplace for Content Developers

Mobilink has launched MobiStore, an online marketplace that allows buyers and sellers of mobile content to interact.

With MobiStore, you get a chance to upload your ringtones, wall-papers, music, videos, animations, games and many other applications to make money on every download. Through Mobilink Mobistore, you have access to sell your content to over 30 million potential customers. Get paid for selling your content at a WAP marketplace that receives 30,000+ hits per week!

Mobilink Mobistore can be accessed through web and mobile by typing the address:

Terms & Conditions for Content Providers:

  • Content providers can sell their content by registering for Mobistore.
  • By registering to Mobistore, the customer agrees to the terms and conditions laid out in the registration form.
  • For registration, the customer must have an active Mobilink number and the number should be registered in his/her name.
  • If the number is not issues in his/her name then the content provider will have no claim over the revenue share.
  • The content provider will not be charged anything for placing the content on the Mobistore website.
  • For details kindly see the terms and conditions shown in the website.
  • By registering, the content provider will be entering into an agreement with Mobilink, whereby it will sell its services using the Mobistore interface and a portion of the revenue will be shared by the content provider with Mobilink and platform administrator.

How to Upload Content on Mobistore:

  • Customer will visit the website
  • Customer will enter his/her mobile number and other relevant information to register for the service
  • Customer will receive a welcome message from 7156 along with the password
  • The customer can then upload the content by using his MSISDN and password

How to Purchase Content from Mobistore:

  • Customer visits the site and selects the content to download from the site
  • Customer will be asked to provide a valid Mobilink number
  • The customer will receive an SMS telling him/her the charges of the download.
  • The customer will have to reply to this message with “yes” in order to download the content. If the customer sends “yes” then the requisite amount will be charged
  • Another SMS will be sent to the customer with the link for downloading the content. From this link the customer can download the content

Content Download Charges

Currently content charges are PKR 5, 10, 20 depending on the content type. All prices are exclusive of taxes

How to Report Abuse:

Both the users and content providers have the option of reporting any abuse for any product that they find immoral or not according to the norms of the society. The customer will have to select the content which he/she finds offend able and then report it. The administrator will then assess the nature and extent of abuse and a penalty will be levied on the content provider accordingly. In order to report abuse customers must also register for the service.

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  • Thats Very Good pakistan mein online mobile purchasing ki website mein increase ho raha hai.

  • Aaaala service hai yaarr…. its an easy and good way to have a look at what is available to buy, otherwise through cell phone it was very costly, paying for each sms or listening the list for minutes, it was really and money consuming but this service is just awesome….

  • Ammir,

    Just a quick glance on the site.

    I was expecting better site than that. There is just a lot of white space (almost of a page length) under the image scroll. It looks as if it is incomplete.

    Secondly, people are uploading content from which they have not created and charging money on that by mobilink/user can get them into trouble at later stage.

    So it would all depend how good they are at moderation of the content.

  • Good thing people can upload their own stuff & make some income on it.

    i really loved this idea.

    But the owner should be uploading the original stuff from him self…not copy pasting some1 else stuff…

  • Mobilink innovated superb service! I think its good for Pakistani Software Developers Community also

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