Samsung Cautions Retailers against Fake Promotions

Samsung Electronics in Pakistan cautioned retailers against a series of fake promotions launched in some parts of the country, illegally using the company’s brand name, employee cards and misguiding people to buy deceptive coupons.

The company has given a stern warning to these fraudulent groups and individuals who are using the name of Samsung by carrying out promotional activities, which includes issuing fake warranty cards, selling fake coupons and promising various prizes to lucky winners.

Zeshan Qureshi, Head of Mobiles for Samsung in Pakistan & Afghanistan said, “The Company has taken a serious note of this illegal practice, we have advised our official distributors to take appropriate actions and cautioned retailers to be aware of such fraudulent practices.”

These alleged companies are offering and selling coupons to retailers ranging from 50 to 100 PKR claiming to be Samsung Mobile Distributors, and using fake Samsung employee cards. They are luring retailers to purchase a certain quantity of tickets and in return promising prizes to the lucky winners.

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