Ufone Offers Daily MMS Package

After SMS packages’ tariffs have hit their bread limit, here comes a new agenda on table to combat. Ufone has introduced daily MMS package for Rs. 3.99 to send as many as 150 MMS in 24 hours.

Daily MMS Package details:

  • Charges: Rs. 3.99 + tax
  • Number of MMS allowed: 150
  • Validity: 24 Hours


  • Maximum size for MMS is 300 KB
  • MMS receiving on Ufone numbers is free

How to Subscribe:

To subscribe the Daily MMS Package simply send “sub” to 665


Ufone Internet Packages

How to Un-subscribe?

To un-subscribe send “Unsub” to 8665. Un-subscription is free of charge.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The Daily MMS package is available to all Ufone Prepaid customers.
  • The service is accessible on GPRS supportive handset only.
  • All charges are exclusive of taxes.
  • The Daily MMS package is valid for a period of 24 hours from the time of subscription
  • The customer can check remaining free MMS by sending a blank SMS to 650 – each inquiry will be charged at 50 paisa plus taxes
  • Upon auto-renewal of Daily MMS Package after 24 hours, remaining MMS from the previous day will not transfers over to the next day
  • The remaining valid free MMS will be available till expiry time even after un-subscription
  • 19.5% FED on usage and 10% withholding tax at recharge or bill applies.

    • UFONE MMS service is fake. when you receive MMS through email they charge 5Rs + tax I received 3 MMS and they charge 15+ tax when I talked to the help line in detail I did not find any logic they were saying when you receive MMS through e-mail it use GPRS and when through mobile number then not what is this I think they did not set their billing system that why they are still charging let see what happen in few days test it too at your end.



    • @Sania:
      Every sms u send to 650 in order to know How many MMS u’ve left in that particular day will cost u Rs 0.50 + Tax.. (MMS Inquiry)

  • Is there any way i can calculate any offers from telecom company like the one above with tax .

    • Currently taxes are 19.5 percent. Meaning that on one rupee 19.5 paisas are deducted as taxes. hence, multiple tariff by .195 and you will get tax amount for instance

      in above MMS package, tariff is Rs. 3.99

      Taxes: 3.99 x 0.195 = 0.78

      Tariff including tax: 3.99 + 0.78 = Rs. 4.77

  • I think zong is offering daily sms and mms for just Rs. 4.00. So why to pay for ufome just for 150 mms

  • nice but isy acha tu zong ka daily sms packge ha jo free main sath MMS b daty hain..
    aamir bhai Value adedd tax sy mobiles companies pay kitna fark pary ga??

  • Now this is a FANTASTIC News.. Ufone is going 4 Perfection.. This is something we were missing as Ufone customers..

    I Luv Ufone!

  • Amir Bhai, email to mms receive pe bhi ufone pe paise kat te hain kya ? Mere ufone k number pe to kat rahe hain!!

  • Ufone is only the cellular company which really hears what their customers say ::-) i was thinking about this kinda package..and here it isssssssssss…yupppppyyy..for Ufone every thing is possible regarding its customers ::-)

  • like always Ufone this time again rocks ::-) i hope it will be always pioneer in introducing news services to its customers

  • I will just say that u will be always get comfortable while using U-fone. As i Use it. Thanks to all. 0322-8002423. as u can see i have warid number. but i used ufone service becoz of it qualities. Thanks. Take care all of you.

  • there were big holes in all ufone packages . now they are coming up with real good offers e.g this mms offer youth packages etc

  • Why not Warid postpaid Zoom unlimited package :P lolxxxxxxxxxx

    The best one ! 7500 sms or mms , khatam nahi hotay in rupee 250 round about including taxes for a period of month

    in Addons , get My5 Package 5 Unlimited numbers for Warid to Warid calling

    Mazzay :P

    Monthly bill with 250 package with these services mentioned above will cost around 1100

  • Hi
    ufone is just making a joke by offering such offers and packages, Already ufone Uth package is big joke”””””””””””””””””””’

  • Creativity is becasue of the Top management the CEO Mr Abdul Aziz and his team of VPs

    Wish him best of Luck

  • Maza aa gya jani… aur yeh package ko laane me mera buhat barra haath hai kyun main ufone walo ko buhat force kiya tha iss package keliye facebook par aur call centre call karke ufone maan gay tum hi to ho aaj se zong band

  • @farhan jamal
    EMAIL to MMS and International Receiving not free hay Baki MOBILE to mobile nationwide Free hay
    well its great package And the Great thing is MMS to Email also include in ths package nOT Just pak mobile network

  • Package ke bagher mms karo to send ho raha hai aur package karo to ek bhi mms send nhin ho raha. I asked 333REP. thrice but no solution to my problem. This kind of cheat might loose customers.

  • It is confirmed that incoming mms on ufone is not free !! thats a disappointment though im a u customer for many years !!! :(
    they say they ll charge 5 rs + tax on 65kb file ! lol

    MMS sending Charges: Rs.5 per 64kb – Receiving Charges Rs.5 per 64kb. ALL charges are stated exclusive of tax

    It’s the reality, so don’t think 150 [email protected] 4.47 Rs, Ufone now an shiekh’s etisalat company so beware of sheikhooOooss ;P
    Etisalat Charging 1200 in UAE for DSL & providing 8 MB/sec -whereas in PK, 1200Rs @ 1MB n downloading speed is 120 kb/s :-/

  • ZONG is great in this matter – as 4.47 Rs & MMS receiving is FREE !!! & MMS sending will be charged from the MMS package
    so dont waste time send “sub” to “700” & then “1” to “700” to subscribe daily SMS + 100 MMS plus package !!!

    UFONE – Hmare mulk ke raggon main daurnay wala ganda khoOoon hai doston, Farangi to in se behtar hai hai – dhoka nhe daita :-)

  • yahan pe jo b girls comments deti han hmesha pagalon wale comments deti han.jese unko kuc pata he na ho.halanke larkon se ziada unko pata hota hai hr tarha ke pakages ke bare me.

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