Bid Lowest Unique Value to Win Mobilink Reverse Auction

Mobilink introduces Reverse Auction over SMS – an opportunity for all Mobilink customers to get their hands on some brand new products at a fraction of their retail price. All you have to do is send in the Lowest Unique Bid and you can buy amazing items at ridiculously low prices with Mobilink’s Reverse Auction service!

The first item on Mobilink Reverse Auction is BlackBerry Bold onyx and the auction has begun since 1stJune, 2010. Hurry up and send in your lowest unique bid by 30th June. Minimum bid amount is 1 paisa.

What is a Reverse Auction?

In a reverse auction the winner is the person who makes the lowest bid that no one else has made. Unlike a normal auction where the highest bidder gets to buy an item at the price he / she bids, in a reverse auction the person placing thelowest unique bid wins the auction and gets to buy the auction item at a very low price – an item worth thousands usually for a few rupees!

What is Lowest Unique Bid?

  • The lowest unique bid is the lowest amount that no other person has bid
  • When two people place a bid for the same amount, that bid is no longer unique
  • When a person has a unique bid but there are other unique bids that are lower, then it’s not the lowest bid
  • To win an auction, you must be the one with the lowest AND unique bid at the auction’s end – the lowest unique bid.

How to Play?

Customers can bid for an item by simply sending their bid in Paisas to 422. Bidders will receive one of the three responses:

  • your bid is the lowest unique bid, or
  • your bid is not unique — please try again, or
  • your bid is unique but not the lowest unique bid – please try again
  • As soon as the lowest unique bid is either matched by another bid for the same amount or outbid by a lower unique bid, the bidder is informed via SMS that the bid is no longer the lowest unique bid.
  • As soon as a bid becomes the lowest unique bid, its bidder is informed about it. Someone’s bid might become the lowest unique bid even if he/she is not currently bidding. This can happen if a lowest unique bid gets matched by another bid of the same amount, in which case someone else’s bid becomes the lowest unique bid.


Each SMS you send to 422 costs you Rs. 3 plus tax

Service Rules:

  • Bids must be received between the start and end dates of the current auction
  • The person whose bid is the lowest amongst the unique bids at the time of close of the auction is the winner and entitled to buy the auction item at their bid amount
  • The winner of an auction will be required to pay for the auction item at a Mobilink’s Customer Care Center
  • Jazz and Indigo customers can avail the service

  • Mobilink K Signals har jagha aatey hai bus mobile mein ny atey…….hahha

  • Mobilink has worst call and data network. Ufone and Telenor much better interms of services.

  • lol giving a mobile set of 10000 or 20000 and earning in lakhs (millions) out of it. Maybelink should work upon call and sms packages rather these kinds of stupid activities. Same is done by telenor and i received 4 promotional sms for it. i hate spam and they should respect my privacy.

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