Mobile Subscribers Top 97.3 Million in Pakistan

Pakistan ended with 97.3 million mobile phone subscribers in April 2010 up from 96.77 million subscribers in March 2010, according to recent stats released by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

Cellular industry showcased a positive growth of 0.55 percent in April 2010 while maintaining the growth rate of 0.56 percent in March 2010. Cellular teledensity in the country has hit 59.40 mark.

Other than Zong, all cellular companies showed addition in customers.

Detailed information is revealed in below graphs

WLL subscribers in April 2010 reached 2.67 million with 1.6 percent tele-density.

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  • Wonder why Zong’s subscriber growth was in negative. Odd. (I personally don’t use Zong so can’t say much on the network quality – but it does seem ironic that the network that shook things up in the industry in terms of price wars is still in the last position).

  • i am wounder about mobilink, that it is on top interm of net addidtion. i have used mobilink but i am not satisfied with it because of worst data and quality network. Internet speed is slow and call quality is not up to the mark, if we compare with ufone and telenor….

  • The reason that zong is constantly declining since a few months are: poor SMS delivery time, poor signal quality, excessive call dropping, Network errors and congestions. I had myself left zong due to these reasons, although I live in a ZONG zone and can avail its extra-ordinary discount rates.

    • I would agree to Telecom analyst says 100 percent. he is damm right i have ported to Zong some two months ago and i m totally discusted with their call cetner… they make you wait a lon time (In face 14 mins in my case as i was put on hold) and their calls get dropped way too often although i think the sms delivery time is reasonble but qaulity of vioce is indeed very poor..

      The reason i switched to zong was Their GPRS and very low internet rates … but due to reasons stated above i myself is not thinking to switching to telenor or some other carrier …

  • Most of the businessMans in the Country Uses Mobilink…and youth uses Ufone,Zong mostly

  • Warid numbers are over stated on the 90 day rule as recommended by PTA for reporting so they should have less, maybe even less than Zong

  • zong had been only emphasizing on low rates and criticizing others telcos in thier adds but had not emphasized over thier own network quality,only low gprs rates and 20 sec call tariff package dosent means it would boost up growth they should provide quality services to grab subscribers..

  • i live in Lahore.

    But i am most spend my times in Pindi/Islamabad & Lahore.

    I just want to Know how is Zong in voice Quality?
    Call Making & Receiving??

    I have Telenor Number Ported to Warid.

    But as Zong offers Better Call Rates & SMS packages (i only use weekly SMS packages) + Delivery Report.

    Plz Zong Users Tell me is it Worth to Port-into Zong from Warid??

    Because my SMSes in Warid reach me & other after 10mins least & Warid has also disabled its SMS Delivery Report.

    Waiting for your Responses.

    – Anila

  • Mobilink Rocks !! Network coverage throughout the country with quality remains the stronghold.
    Although Telenor is all gearing up to catch Mobilink…..
    Warid is way below…
    Zong requires good technical management :) to cater network quality issues I suppose

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