Salman Taseer is now YouTubeing with Public

We recently wrote on how politicians in Pakistan are Twittering these days. Salman Taseer, Governor of Punjab has gone one step ahead in this tech-race.

Yesterday, Mr. Taseer uploaded two videos on YouTube, apparently responding to the questions he had received on his email. In fact he tweeted his email id on twitter few days ago and almost invited the public to ask him questions, his opinion and of course his help in certain matters

He had tweeted: “My email governorpunjab [at] don’t all rush in case the server crashes!”

Looks the idea is little inspired by Pervaiz Musharraf, but that’s fine as far as it is constructive and serving the purpose.

You can visit Mr. Taseer’s YouTube channel here:

These videos will also be available at

Just a little thought, why these politicians are associating their designations with public profiles on Social Media, I mean they better build their personal profiles instead of their governorship or minister-ship; they are not going to keep the offices for life time [just an observation].

For instance, what Shahbaz Shareef gonna do after 3 years with his profile: @CMShahbaz – same is the question for Mr. Rehman Malik (@RehmanMalik)

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  • I don’t think that @CMShahbaz is run by Shabaz Shareef. You should fact check before claiming it to be so.

    • I think it is.

      He DM’d me lately after I tweeted that I’m interested in designing a website and a twitter bg for him.

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