Online Degree Verification Service Launched

RIKSOF (Private) Limited announced, today, the launch of an online service for verification of degrees and professional qualifications. provides a convenient and costeffective platform for businesses to make better informed decisions.

Representatives of businesses can quickly signup as professionals by visiting . Once signed up, users will be able to request verification of qualification for any individual. Average cost of verification is only Rs 300. said that customers can pay through credit card, alert pay. Degrees of all universities (in Pakistan) can be verified through this. In future will cover international universities’ degree verification as well.

Verification is done by authorized staff at the educational institute that issued the degree or certificate. Institutes are able to make use of digital signatures for enhanced security and legal protection. RIKSOF is approaching leading educational institutes in Pakistan for adoption of This service is free for all institutes.

“VCred provides a secure platform for exchange of information between academia and industry,” said Khurram Ali, Chief Executive Officer at RIKSOF. “People are our main asset. Through this service we hope to build trust and confidence between the people and businesses.”

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  • If you are facing problems in using VCred, kindly email us suport (at)

    Please mention the version of your browser and the error message you see and when you see it.

    A side note on browsers:

    – Firefox is the most used on our site, followed by IE and closely followed by Chrome.

    It does seem Chrome may overtake very soon.

    VCred Support

    • chrome is teh revolution :D lol seriously the people using IE 2nd? that must be because your site’s main traffic is from pakistan ( many people in pak dont know much about computers ) firefox for its addons etc and “name in the people” is at first but i really strongly believe chrome is way better in speed “stability” and interface than firefox . only addons are the reason firefox rox the market atm :D as soon as chrome gets the addons it will take over teh world lol . and i also believe google didnt advertise chrome . microsoft even used google adsense to promote ie 8 ( which sucks) they promised some awards for downloading and using it and answering some questions .

  • Khalid,

    Can you please provide more details on support(at) Please replace (at) with @.

    We do use the same configuration on one of our test machines. So there has to be something else.

    The most important help would be if you can tell us what you did and what did not work for you?

    For instance you were trying to signup, and you did not receive an email. (You may find the email in your Spam folder).


  • Please also note that when on you can click on the Help (Online) button at the top right, to chat to a Support representative instantly and get help on the issue you are facing.

  • Thats the Great Service! been launched i think it can help Government Assemblies of Pakistan to verify Degree before Nomination of Candidate

  • I just wanted to update everyone on a new release of

    We have improved the user interface and simplified sign up.

    I hope you like it. Thank you for the past feedback. I certainly hope to get more feedback this time around!


  • i want to verification of my master and bachelor degree
    now i m living in norway and i have submit my degrees for verification here but they saying that firstly u have to verified ur documents from hec university and they will give u a number
    i cannot understand the procedure of it
    please help me in this situation

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