Pay wi-tribe Bills Through Easypaisa

wi-tribe has partnered with Easypaisa to make it possible for customers to pay their bills through easypaisa Mobile wallet or easypaisa outlets (any easypaisa shop, Telenor Franchise, Telenor S&SC or any branch of Tameer Bank)

How to use pay bills via EasyPaisa outlet:

Simply go to any Easypaisa outlet along with your wi-tribe customer ID and that’s it.

How to use pay bills via Mobile Wallet

You will have follow this chart in order to pay bills from Easypaisa Mobile Wallet

Sample bill recipient would be like this:


  • OTC (Over The Counter) = Free
  • Mobile Accounts = Rs. 10.00
  • Transaction limit apply

  • Good move by wi Tribe – i am begining to see a positive trend with this company. they seem to be serious about doing business. I hope they are more sucessful that our other failed broadband companies such as Wateen and Mobilink (not sure ehat they call that service now)

  • I was previously using wi-tribe and was waiting for this kind of service for ease of bill payment. Now I am using Qubee and I think that Qubee will launch this type of service… wi-tribe is like a ____ which was ____ by me. Hahah

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  • Charges

    OTC (Over The Counter) = Free (kindly explain what is otc if i visit ep shop bill payment is free or not)
    Mobile Accounts = Rs. 10.00
    Transaction limit apply

    • @rashid

      OTC is when you visit an easypaisa shop. Mobile Account is an account you open on your Mobile Phone. Bills and Wi-Tribe Bills can be paid OTC and through the Mobile Account. Charges that you’ve mentioned are correct

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