SIMs Records to be Upgraded with New CNIC Data: 668 Phase 2

Exactly like what we had told you earlier, PTA in collaboration with cellular phone operators has started a project to update subscribers’ data of four million customers who had SIMs issued on old ID cards.

As per PTA estimates, there are around four million connections issued on old ID cards. Now these connections’ data will be updated with new CNIC info of respective connection holders.

Cellular companies will send an SMS to all those subscribers with old ID card; accordingly, users will have to get their records updated with-in 20 days after receiving SMS from their respective Mobile company.

Afterward, a follow-up SMS will be sent as a remainder and users will have 10 more days to get their SIMs registered and avoid blocking of connection.

Subscribers can his/her database through companies’ customers call centers or respective service centers.

This is second phase of 668 services. In first phase, 668 service served 16 million verification requests from mobile customers.

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