FIR Registered Against Facebook Owners

Punjab Police has registered an FIR against three Facebook owners Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes and a lady named as Andy who had moved draw Mohammad campaign on Facebook, told deputy attorney general of Pakistan in Lahore High Court during Facebook case hearing.

He presented register of Civil Lines Police Station, Lahore, before the court and said that an FIR has been registered against the four foreigners, however it got sealed, for publishing blasphemous content under blasphemy ordinance section 295-C.

Petitioner, Mr. Muhammad Azhar  Sidiqque said that he will wait for the police to contact Interpol for making arrangements for the arrest of Facebook owners and the lady who started the campaign.

Deputy attorney general explained the High Court that Pakistan’s representative in United Nations is asked in written to escalate the issue in UN General Assembly.

Justice Ejaz Ahmed Chaudry ordered the state to enhance the monitoring of Facebook to make sure that incident is not repeated in future.

Next hearing is now scheduled for July 9th, 2010.

Earlier on May 19th, 2010 Lahore High Court had banned Facebook’s access in Pakistan over the blasphemous content and then lifted it on May 31st, 2010 while ordering the government to make sure that only specific URLs that contain blasphemous content are restricted with-in the country.

Via BBC Urdu

  • My jaw just dropped reading,

    “Petitioner, Mr. Muhammad Azhar Sidiqque said that he will wait for the police to contact Interpol for making arrangements for the arrest of Facebook owners and the lady who started the campaign.”

    I’ll kiss him if I see him!

  • What ????? Is it kinda joke . Does any thing like this happen before . Believe me if that happen i would stand on my head . F.I.R wow Man your done Mr.Mark Zuckerberg

  • There are no bounds to stupidity!
    Now at least, I have complete assurance and evidence of the illiteracy of Punjab Police. Way to go dear guardians…I’m waiting when are you going to file an FIR for the Great G.W.Bush, and hey, don’t stop on Interpol at that bring on CIA in it as well. :)

    • Although nothing will happen of the sort mentioned, your comments are lame.

        • stop laughing your “A” off man..
          ur ______ is visible and it’s not a very pleasant view as you might be thinking otherwise


          [Comment Edited]

    • i know FIR against them is almost impossible but at-least at-least this ll defame thm more.. kuch na karney se tu yeh behtar hi hai.. ghr baith k batein karna is easy bt taking a step is the real challenge.. so according to me gud work Punjab police…

  • ohhhh – i am sure they are all scared at FaceBook headquesters!! the great punjab police is after them. The same policy who let militants crawl all over the country, the same punjab police who let people get kidnapped so they can get their share.

    get real everyone, lets chase after the real criminal elements in our midst – let these stupid goras not take anymore of our time.

    • This is also the police that take bribe from people, beat people if they come to register FIR against the culprits. This police itself is the biggest blasphemy to the Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H).

  • oh wow.. superb yaar..
    i m very very much happy.. i can’t explain in words..
    GEO yaar…
    btw… i deleted my ID from Facebook..
    bcz mujhse jo ho skta tha woh main ne kia…

  • HAHAHA i actually laughed at this article & this man. Indeed there is no known end to stupidity!
    My dear Pakistanis, please PLEASE get a life.

    • why u laughing..
      is tarha chup kr ke baithney se kuch nhi hota..
      insaan ko apni taraf se effort krni chahiye, aagay nhi hota kuch tou na sahi..
      but the biggest stupidity is that “u sit at home, and say “nothing will happen yaar” leave it… lol..

      hum Pakistanis ki problem he yeh hai.. kuch na kro, koi farishta utray ga woh kre ga sub kuch.. hain na!?

    • ghr ma baith k batein karna like you is easy bt taking a single step is the challenge…
      I really Appreciate Punjab Police…

  • OMG..!!
    this is truly a laughing stuff… :D
    the police who cant arrest the monsters and culprits ruling our country, they are going to arrest the facebook owners… Lame!

    Punjab Police must be planning to make some deal in this case as well, chance for them to get some share out of it..! ;)


  • Aap ki azmat ko salam judge sahab and Punjab Police. If there were no contempt of court law, I would have added a bit more.

  • Do you think they would handover to us???? Its a kind of joke. It is only Pakistani government who sells their citizens for few dollars.

  • Hey register an FIR against the internet creator and den Computer creator and den maybe monitor/lcd creator….list goes on n on…..

  • AB Facebook owners Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes KI CHAATROOL VIDEO FOOTAGE BHI AYE GI!!!!! :D

  • i think it is not bad because “some thing not happen is better than some thing Happen” its not a only FIR it is a unique protest against Facebook

  • Again its just a symbolic representation of our anger towards the issue … should only be seen that way … for those enlightened beings … i know how much enthusiast these guys r for facebook… losers … dont have even sense of shame …

  • Least somebody come in front….

    people like waqas and some others who think, that this step will not help, let me just tell you the petitioner is more thn 100 time better thn you,

    i feel ashamed to say U R PAKISTANI MUSLIM….

    Sorry if it hurts, but its true

  • exactly yaar..
    at least woh next time kuch sochain gay is tarha krne se pehle…
    agar hum stupid logo’n ki tarha baithay rehtey aur kuch bhi na krte tou unko 1% bhi dar na hota kisi cheez ka…
    samjho is baat ko…
    its not for the sake of pakistan.
    its for the SAKE of our Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W.W…
    and wanna remind u [those saying stupidity]1 thing that “we r muslims”

  • and if anyone saying that its a Pakistani Police or government..
    so it should be clear that they are from one of us..

    and ALLAH says:
    “Jese logo’n ke aamaal ho’ngey, waise he unn per hukumraan musallat kiye jaaein gey..”
    kabhi hum ne apne aap ko, apne ird gird logo’n ko dekha hai theek se?.. hum loug be-hiss [Apathetic, Unresponsive] hote ja rhe hain..
    think about that…

    and sorry if i hurt someone..

  • good step to make a sense in public that its not a simple matter.If the owners of facebook have not care then go to hell.

  • LOL! I guess you folks will have to arrest some million plus Americans or cut our heads off including me for poking fun at your Phrophet Mohammadd on the various Face Book pages which by the way are still up and running.

    P.S. Do you fine the guilty before or after you cut heads off?

  • It is seriously embarrassing to be a Pakistani right now. People are dying and the Punjabi police would rather focus on this. Shameful.

  • I hope it should get awareness to other Muslim Countries! where is still working

  • lol…Do you idiots really think that the United States is gonna bow down to the weak Muslim nations and turn over Mark Zuckerberg to you crazy idiot? And do you really think that Mark Zuckerberg is really shaking in his boots?? Come on, guys! You guys are a bunch of idiots, if you do. You’re gonna have to raise an army and come in the United States and take Mark from us and we ALL you Muslim militants\military can’t fight worth a damn…but nice try, anyway…

  • 1. Mark is the first chair in NSA’s trio hence covered under national security.
    2. Facebook uses ghost archiving system to store even user-deleted information.
    3. Facebook does not allow a user to delete his/her profile. You can only disable it.
    4. The person who is dumping facebook clones on the net works for CIA.
    5. Pick a free Facebook clone and slap it on the face of Facebook.
    6. It is true that there is a war going on in between CIA and NSA.
    7. Need funding for your next social networking site .. just ask FBI for donations and they are going to give you the bucks as long as you sign the confidentiality agreement with them. FBI now owns webligo .. surprised!

  • we in america laugh at you. get a life. the more you try and make us respect you through force the more we will ridicule you.

  • Wow. Atleast someone has taken a step but the nation is making fun of him instead to support him. This is not a one man matter it belongs to whole pakistan coz we’r muslims. Support him

  • “..making arrangements for the arrest of Facebook owners..”

    AHahAHaHaHaAHhAAHaahHAHaHaHah :P

    BEST JOKE OF 2010!

    (i knw its old post! just read it today)

  • lol, thats sound really funny that our failed police will now approach to grab zukerberg and co.

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