Laptop Cooling Pads and Their Benifits

Laptops, a status symbol not long ago, have assumed the status of a house hold name now as people have become increasingly dependent on this tool due to its easy portability.

Today, laptop users are interested in high resolution laptops, which provide maximum entertainment features including but not limited to high speed processors, dedicated high speed graphic cards and wide screen displays.

These enhancements have their worrying aspects as well. High room temperatures and sometimes due to lack of high heat dissipation laptops figure out with problems like restarting on heating or shutting down or any other malfunctioning.

Problem gets worse if you are using laptop as your primary computing device. In such situations, cooling pad is an accessory for laptops that helps reduce their operating temperature.

Normally used when the laptop’s fan device is unable to sufficiently cool the laptop, a cooling pad may house active or passive cooling methods and rests beneath the laptop.

Active coolers move air or liquid to direct heat away from the laptop quickly, while passive methods may rely on thermally conductive materials or increasing passive airflow.

These cooling pads are a must for any laptop keeping in view the fact that they are not expensive and they save expensive motherboards and any other part of lap tops from being malfunctioned. So, one may safely draw the conclusion that this small device helps saving precious motherboards or processors.

The users in this way are saved from the hassle of their laptops going out of order and losing important data during the process.

Two types of laptops cooling pads are available in the market so far and these are:

  • Cooling Pads with Fans
  • Cooling pads without Fans

Cooling pads that use fans consist of fans ranging from 1 to 3 or 4 fans on a single pad meant to be used for a single laptop. Cooling pads with fans are made up of plastic, aluminum or heat dissipation materials like heat sink of aluminum alloys. Cooling pads with fans are usually plug-in to laptop usb port by having usb cable, in which one end may be of usb port and other is power cord, like laptop charger.

While cooling pads without fans does not require any connectivity thorough usb or something else, they absorb the heat within them.

Selection of cooling pads must be made wisely and based on important factors like size of laptop and its usage must. As it is said in proverbial English the size does MATTER, the larger the size the larger the cooling pad and vice versa.

Please remember some cooling pads offer the speed choice as a button is placed in them to determine/vary the speed but this feature is not available I all cooling fans. Fans speeds are also adjustable in some cooling pads by using fan buttons.

Some cooling pads also represent different LEDs like POWER ON, FAN Speed functions. Though many cooler pads support the use of a power adapter, they typically run on power drawn through one of the laptop’s USB ports. Many cooler pads therefore compensate with a built-in USB hub. Other advanced features include card readers for various forms of media such as key drives, memory cards, and 2.5″ Laptop hard disk drives.

What to consider before buying?

  • Compatibility of cooling pad with the size of your lap top
  • Decision to buy a typical type of cooling pad i.e. Fan cooling pads or heat absorbing cooling pads.
  • Speed adjustment button. This feature may not be available in all pads, so watch out for the one.
  • LED indicators.
  • Ergonomic Shaped.
  • USB cable.
  • FAN speed like 1500 RPM.
  • Appropriate and not exceedingly high noise level like 25 DBA.

Availability in Pakistan:

Laptop cooling pad is available online in Pakistan ranging from PKR 999/- to PKR 6,000 on and Price variation could be a possibility during market survey in order to buy the device. (Prices are subject to change)

Disclaimer: Websites mentioned here are referred to for academic purpose only with no commercial interest involved. They are mentioned in good faith and the author is not responsible for any purchase /sale /exchange/loss/ decision made. Exercise your independent judgment in this regard.

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