Rehman Malik Denies Grey Telephony Allegations

Rehman Malik has denied his ties with Rodcom and said he had founded the company when he was in exile in Britain, but left it before joining the present government and following his advice to his partner to wind it up, company does not exist anymore, told Mr. Malik in National Assembly today replying to a comment by opposition member as reported by The Dawn.

Mr. Malik said that a committee should be setup to investigate the matter and he would happily resign if his involvement in Rodcom Europe is proved.

Earlier this week Dawn had reported that Mr. Malik is still the chairman of Rodcom Europe. Newspaper had linked the hike in approved settlement rates (ASR) by PTA with PPP’s government. Report had claimed that increased ASR is resulting into higher grey traffic while Rodcom, a VoIP carrier, was a direct beneficiary of the decision.

Other day PTA also clarified that increased ASR impacted positively for USF, LDI operators and hence the economy.

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