Just a Coincidence or its Pure Love?

Guest Post by Basar Mughal

Its about two telecom giants and I do not know who is unable to cut mustard. I noted the other day that both Mobilink and Ufone are celebrating FIFA World Cup in their own ways.

Ufone announced Futsal and Mobilink Foosball, which is very good keeping in view the Football fever these days.

However one thing which I could not understand was that the image used by both Mobilink and Ufone were the same except deliberate attempt to change the colour of uniform in both the ads.

Now I am at a loss who copied whom. Why both selected the same image for their promotions? Is there any dearth of images or ideas in our country this practice is not healthy for Telecom operators since it leaves a bad taste in mouth. What is really so disgusting to me was does it really cost an arm and a leg to a Telecom operator that it miserably failed to come up with something quite genuine.

Anyways cutting to the chase I think this practice in Pakistan must be stopped forthwith.

  • Its not a problem. Sometime match ends up in a draw so there is always possibility of standing equal in competition.

  • hahah very funny it, i am thinking how you catch it? amazing

    actually in Pakistan new creativity is very less, thats the main fault, who copy whom? who care’s? you ? but they dont

  • Actually what surprised me was your total ignorance of the way ads are designed. ALL companies in the world buy stock images from photography websites to use in their ads. Sometimes, they end up buying the same image by coincidence, at the same time. I know this site likes “tabloid sensationalism” but please ask your writers to GROW A BRAIN!!!!

      • Dear Surprised
        first of all I am surprized that you called this site liking tabloid sensationalism and yet u care to comment….
        second is that if any of them did it by coincidence I m sure one campaign was launched before the other one… the best it described in the comment below which states that “Its Not about coping each Other…its About compete-ting with Each other on the Same material & bases by showing we offer better”

        So its better that u grow up in ur positivity…

  • Its Not about coping each Other…its About compete-ting with Each other on the Same material & bases by showing we offer better.

    I’m 1000% sure Ufone Copied from Mobilink & enhanced the poster.

    Ufone poster Looks more appealing by the way!!!

  • we copy everything from student life to practical life… its in the roots id say, This practice represents our work!
    Cheap and Kaam-choor!!

  • @ alina – i dont think you follow news too much, even if you look up this blog Ufone used this visual almost two weeks ago and the image is shown on an artocle placed on the 19th of June where as Mobilink ‘s news came on the 25th.

    It is incredible how Mobilink simply used the same visual even though Ufone had done so sometime before they even thought of running the mentioned campaign.

    It’s simply a lack of marketing intel that had led to a sad moment as this. I must commend Ufone for this incredible step to bring the FIFA fever to Pakistan. i hope they carry forward with many more sport activities.

  • This is indeed shocking news, how is it that Mobilink has copied the same visual as Ufone did a few weeks back. Pakistan has so much talent yet these companies turn to copying each other.

    Mobilink needs to rethink there strategy as it seems to be copying Ufone. This may also mean that finally the market leader is finding it difficult to catch up with the competition.

  • if you look on pro pakistani Ufone used this visual almost 10days ago and ufone news is posted on 19th of June
    Link : https://propakistani.pk/2010/06/19/ufone-introduces-futsal-in-pakistan/

    where as Mobilink ‘s news came on the 25th
    Link : https://propakistani.pk/2010/06/25/mobilink-jazz-brings-fifa-world-cup-to-big-screens/

    competitors are keeping very close eye on the each others activities then how come mobilink miss this that the image they are about to use and the one in ufone ad released is same.

  • i think this is a stock image and both advertising agencies bought the same one.. or copied the same one :)

  • I think both the Mobilink and Ufone Ads have some monotony that shouldn’t have existed

  • Both the Ads have same model i Think Is he is A Football Player or Not I am Unsure but I think at least some thing creative should have been applied by the team working for the advertisement

  • Waise, aamir bhai, if we take your blog as witnessee, i saw mobilink news later than ufone news. that simply means that ufone get the stock image first then mobilink followed or bought it. their is a tough competition between the companies. i think, mobilink should go for some other choice rather then to copy its competitor. :)

  • looks good….
    i think both companies love the same player and same style of player so it can be called as incident

  • This really funny, both the companies are doing a real funny job __ Telenor and Warid are the Best :)

  • I think, mobilink is not a cheater, rather than they are slow in their thinking and actions. According to a comment above, if one company bought a stock image first, than the other company should straight away go for another image. Is there any short of images on any search engines. According to my observation, mobilink guys are slow in response. According to Amir bhai’s news updates, mobilink posted their news some 9 days later than ufone. They had enough time to redesign their campaign, but they didn’t. :)

  • Dear All,

    Mobilink has no such art work and promotion in actual . I don’t know where from they got. It’s totally fake.

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