Just a Coincidence or its Pure Love?

Guest Post by Basar Mughal

Its about two telecom giants and I do not know who is unable to cut mustard. I noted the other day that both Mobilink and Ufone are celebrating FIFA World Cup in their own ways.

Ufone announced Futsal and Mobilink Foosball, which is very good keeping in view the Football fever these days.

However one thing which I could not understand was that the image used by both Mobilink and Ufone were the same except deliberate attempt to change the colour of uniform in both the ads.

Now I am at a loss who copied whom. Why both selected the same image for their promotions? Is there any dearth of images or ideas in our country this practice is not healthy for Telecom operators since it leaves a bad taste in mouth. What is really so disgusting to me was does it really cost an arm and a leg to a Telecom operator that it miserably failed to come up with something quite genuine.

Anyways cutting to the chase I think this practice in Pakistan must be stopped forthwith.