Pakistan to get Digital (3D) Cinema Shortly

In a bid to embrace latest technology of 21st century, Pakistani cinema goers will now experience the unique technology of 3D movies as country’s first 3D cinema is fast approaching the completion stage and the first movie is likely to be aired by October 2010

Mandviwala Entertainment plans to build three theatres with an investment of Rs 60 million Based in Karachi, the major work of the cinema has already been completed and the interior of the cinema is being given the final touches in this regard.

It is pertinent to mention here that 42 feet screen in all three theatres will accommodate a total of 670 movie goers who will be provided the opportunity to enjoy 3D experience.

Nadeem Mandviwala, the owner of Mandviwala Entertainment in an interview with BBC Urdu showed optimism that the country will enter into 21st century with this technology.

He said that world is swiftly shifting from 35 MM technology to 3D cinemas, while this ongoing project can be considered as a step towards digital movies in Pakistan.

Mr. Nadeem was of the view that the technology itself is in evolving stages and it would be unwise to predict it will be an instant hit. “Pakistani Cinema Industry is currently undergoing the fall, as the trend of demolishing cinemas to replace with plazas is rising. So one has to be cautious in this regard.” He added.

Via BBC Urdu

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  • LOG

    coool … i hope it will good :d

  • bhot zabardast !
    kia ye London ke cinemas jaisa famous ho jai ga.
    ap Pakistan bhi kisi se kam nahi.

    lekin afsoos yahan par log sirf Bollywood & Hollywood ko dekhain gai.

  • Omer

    Cinepax, DO SOMETHING!
    Just a single hall 3D would do, BUT DO IT!

    • milkywayer

      Cinepax WAS innovative to bring multiplex to the people here. But right now they’re just counting their stack of money at the end of every work day and grinning about the profits, Publicly they haven’t shown any signs of bringing in any 3D or innovative advancements to their cinemas yet.

  • Great! but 3 theaters in karachi? they should build one in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad each :(

  • Great!!!!!!!

  • Nice

    Ths gr8….but we also need to have our films running on these cinemas…

  • Awaiz

    ISB aur LHR may kab banay gay :(

  • suhaib

    this is being made in atrium mall in karachi. but also there are plans for one in lahore as DHA cinema is looking into it. 3d screen is costing $300,000. so it may not be feasible for pakistan.

  • Nice. They should make such cinemas in other cities as well

  • The Truth

    i think we should ban all cinema – movies – DVD -but not MPEG 4

  • alllama

    its going to be one theater with three screens, one of which will be used for 3D movies…….I have seen the partially completed Mandviwala cineplex in attrium shopping mall saddar karachi….and it looked better than universal cineplax especially in terms of leg space and distance between seats

  • Zeeshan Ahmed

    But please bring a Multiplex to my city, Hyderabad. It is deprived of such entertainment :(

  • Tech Fever

    I think this cinema will open up some thing for Pakistani Film Makers to invest in their movies as they will face an educated audience in these theatres

  • Great info thanks

  • hello, thank you for write a beautiful article

  • android

    im seriously sick of the battery on my android going down so fast, seriously annoys the crap out of me, see what happens, find a good site and BAM my battery is dead, so yeah, i luckily had enough battery to read this and post the comment haha, i have no life. yay me!

  • Shahid

    The Atrium cinemas have some serious technical issue as all the 3D movies are running absolutely flat! The 3D effects are not working at all! The management must do something about it. Green Hornet is another example after Narnia and Gulliver Travels.