NADRA Registers 90% of Pakistani Adult Population

Pakistan has emerged as one of the very few countries in the World where 90 per cent of the adult population is registered through most secure biometric technology introduced by National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA).

“We are striving to attain 100 per cent registration and if we hit 94% we are as good as 100% because on average 6% turns 18 every year” said Tariq Malik, Deputy Chairman NADRA.

While stating the benefits of registration, He observed that biometric identification of every Pakistani citizen of this country would bring transparency in all social political and economic affairs besides providing the vital health, education and social information for initiating targeted development programs.

“We have issued 79.13 million ID cards so far against eligible adult population of 87.89 million. Overall registration increase in last two years (2008-2010) is 60% whereas female registration growth is 88.7% when compared against previous two years (2006-2008)” said Tariq. He said the registration of adult male population has already reached 99 per cent but female adult registration is still 77 per cent due to cultural inhibitions. We have overcome many hurdles in this regard as the overall registration in one of the most conservative province of Kyber Pakhtunkwa has already reached 99 per cent. He said the people of this province realized the benefits of registration to avail many social benefits.

Registration levels in different regions are as following:

  • Azad Jammu and Kashmir: 99 per cent
  • Punjab: 91 per cent
  • Gilgit-Baltistan: 88 per cent
  • Sindh: 84 per cent
  • Baluchistan: 74 per cent.

Paying tribute to the NADRA employees he said they showed remarkable dedication in increasing the registration despite bad law and order situation since 2008.

He said some important government initiatives also facilitated increase in issuance of Computerized National Identity Cards. “Prime Ministers decision to provide free CNICs attracted 1.7 million people and BISP attracted poorest of poor to get registered” added Tariq Malik.

He said successful cash disbursement using biometric technology and rehabilitation of Internally Displaced People as an after math of SWAT operation was also possible due to accurate data available about the population with NADRA. Banks in Pakistan he added are flourishing because they know the identity of all their account holders. He said crimes have been unearthed after tracing the identity of criminals’ mobile phones that are issued after verification of their CNICs. “It is high time that the elections should be held on CNIC basis. This would definitely bring transparency in elections” said Tariq.

NADRA opened many new registration centers, increased its fleet of Mobile registration vans and established make shift semi mobile registration centers to cope with the surge in far flung areas. “Our mountaineers are trekking in mountain searching for unregistered population.” Tariq added.

  • UNDER, “Punjab 91 per cent”, There is just “88 per cent” with no name of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
    Get it corrected, Mehwish Khan.

  • We must not forget to mention here the behevior of NADRA employees on any of their Customer Centers specially in Rawalpindi where people stand in que that starts from road and goes a half kilometer long and that even in this heat. But I assure you that if you give Rs.300 to polimen sitting there, you will have you hand in their hand and you will get in before anyone else.

    Try this and if I am wrong…Kill me.

  • i totally disagree vid K.A… i claim dat 99% of NADRA is corruption free… it is da case vid passport offices dat u hav mentioned…
    and que is due to da rush coz a large number ov population is to register…
    as compared to all other departments, NADRA employees are more polite and much hardworking…
    but behaviour of people is not good vid them…

  • What benefit has this brought to the nation? Technology will not change anything if the mindset is not changed. Not a single benefit comes to my mind as a result of us all being ‘documented’. We’re still perceived to be the world’s largest terrorist producers, most corrupt, largely poverty stricken …should I keep going?

  • @waqas tariq : i think its high time that as nation we should reject such conspiracies and get to simple one thing ” do you work the right way ”

    @K.A : dear k.a i want to ask you that why would be it a problem for your or any of my dear fellow citizen’s to stand in line ? why dont you object when you stand in line infect put into a misery when applying for foreign visas ? secondly we must understand that if we do not entice others to do corruption they would not have the option to do so…its we who are corrupt and not that policemen whom you referred.

    @Quli : let me tell you dear, we are largest terriorist producers,most corrupt,largely poverty stricken…and you know why ?? because ppl like you me do not take responsibility….infect we prefer to quit and start over in some other part of the world. the question of why this technology, I can give you 100’s of benefits but I am sure you can imagine better than this…

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