Deadline Extended for Shifting BTS to Solar Energy

Ministry of Environment has extended the deadline for cellular companies to shift their cell towers to solar energy until further orders.

Earlier, Punjab Government had ordered all cellular companies to shift their towers to solar energy before June 30th, 2010 to avoid electricity disconnections.

In a press advertisement today, Ministry of Environment has said that Government of Pakistan has extended the deadline for shifting cell phone towers to solar energy until further orders. At the same time it said that cellular companies must start shifting their towers to solar energy under Corporate Social Responsibility.

Cellular companies had sought intervention from Federal Government to over ride Punjab Government’s deadline.

Via TelecomNewsPK

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  • Makes sense now at least!

  • Hammer man

    just like i said in my last post concerning this issue

  • The Truth

    This is stupid the goverment and the military don’t pay their electricity bills, but telecom companies pay their bills! Now to deny the pepcos to gain revenues is going to have a bigger spiral affect to the power crisis we are in now! To be honest it will probably cheaper for the telcos to run on solar power than the diesil used to run generators during 12hrs load sheding! Such idiots run this country

  • Muhammad Zafar Ameer

    To run BTS on Solar Energy is a very good step, cellular companies should start moving on solar energy as we have already tested , a complete BTS can fully functional on solar energy without any issue.
    No more PEPCO bills, cut down Diesel Generator cost …….