is Still in Pakistani Hands

2 days ago, Indian media had reported that Rediff.Com has won a cyber-squatting case against Daniyal Waseem, who runs – claimed as a clone of Indian portal

Even after two days of these reports, whois info for RediffPK.Com shows that domain is still under the ownership of Danyial Waseem.

Mr. Daniyal had denied such allegations and had said that was just a data domain to counter’s propagandas.

Today, OARAX Networks (owner of issued a statement, which we are pasting below as we received it:

It has been reported by various news organization in India that has won the case against the domain name which is owned by Orax News Network, we would like to clarify few points regarding the issue.

First of all there is no such case in the office ICANN which is only authorized organization for the allotments of TLD .com .net .org the domain is still active and owned by our company, the website Rediff Pakistan has completly different logo and contents and it was clearly mentioned in our disclaimer that this website is separate entity and has no connection with Rediff India.

The main aim of this news website was to counter the propaganda of against Pakistani Institutes and we were doing well in that sense and here the problem started, they started threatening us and tried to shut down our website several times.

Earlier, was registered with PKNIC and its existence was completely according to the internet laws. There are several examples of identical domain names on different extensions, for instance, Spiegel Online – largest news group of Germnay has domain name whereas the is owned by some American company. There are many other examples on this too.

Moreover, was having completely different logo so nobody can say that we were trying to get their reputation or violating any copy right law, we were in kind of news war with them so we just named it after them.

After several attempts within the law finally rediff India approached some Hong Kong based very shady website DNDRC, which has no legal status to run any hearing against anyone and we never replied at their any notice because it was having no legal ground afterward they tried some tricks and transferred our domain in their favor with the help of PKNIC. was just a data domain which we were having to store our images, it is now our primary domain for Rediff Pakistan and as it is TLD so they cant transfer it with PKNIC so this time they are trying different ways to harass us, and of course they will finally succeed because they are having all the money and connection which we lack, but our mission is to keep encountering the propaganda campaigns against our country on the internet and we will never give up, the domain names and websites are materials and we really don’t care about them.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK