Hamid Farooq Joins PTCL

Recently, Hamid Farooq, former Chief Executive Officer of Warid, joined PTCL as SEVP Strategy and customer support.

Mr. Hamid played key role in building Warid Telecom from scratch. He was the founding member and CEO of the company until he resigned in 2007 due to untold but obvious reasons.

Before his recent appointment at PTCL, Hamid Farooq served a Hong Kong based research firm. He has served Mobilink in the past too as EVP and Chief Financial Officer from 1993 to 2004.

Hamid Farooq’s appointment made him join his old Warid mates including Naveed Saeed, Javed Mushtaq and others. However, his old time differences with Naveed Saeed are reportedly intact – mainly due to a reason that customer support was previously under Naveed Saeed, which is now given to Hamid Farooq.

PTCL has confirmed us his appointment, however, Hamid Farooq’s official website hasn’t got this update.

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  • LOL..hahahaha..hheehehe. Either he will be fired before completion of his probation period of 6 months or otherwise if he is a wise man he will resign by himself. PTCL is not a “Company” for good, honest and hard working people…

  • With due respect it is stated that I am using PTCL DSL service for (2) years. By number # 021-35316962 and there is continuously problem in your service. I have already written on application to sir (D.E) , but there was no response letter on I upgraded my (DSL) service my (DSL) service from (2Mb) to (4Mb). But instead of (4Mb) I was just getting (1Mb) due to complained on 1218 and also complained to Defense Exchange Direct office (D.E) and (DSL) Officer.
    After all, that were technical visits from there sites in whole month but the result was nil.
    I got correction of bill by Mr. Emmer on 22-06-2010 that was correction of 1Mb on
    21-07-2010 the bill I got in that by the date 22-06-2010 that payment and 4Mb payment were again churched in fact the service I did not get if I would get the service of 4Mb then would be stay connected by the same 4Mb service.
    In the begging the DSL service was fantastic but the later on after three to four month the result was not satisfactory. I also consulted DSL officer Mr. Amir, Shahid and technical Mr. Ahad for above mentioned matter.
    Therefore you are kindly requested to make the correction of bill as soon as possible. And try to provide us better DSL services. In case of not solving my above mentioned problems with great grief I would disconnect your DSL service and PTCL PHONE LINE.

  • Dear Taimoor,

    write an email/complaint to the PTA authorities. PTCL will definitely rectify ur issue when they will be pushed by PTA. Also writr ur complaints to following email addresses:

    [Comment Edited]

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