Warid Delivery Reports are Back, No, They are Not!

Just now, Warid has enabled SMS delivery reports on its network, which were blocked three weeks ago. Warid had taken back delivery reports without communicating the reasons or the date for turning them back on.

As per multiple reports from ProPakistani readers, Warid SMS Delivery Reports got back at 12:00 AM tonight – and that too without any charges and/or subscription. and then disappeared again at 12:20 AM.

Warid SMS Delivery Reports are offered to all subscribers by default as a free service (at least for now).

Warid customers had protested over the termination of SMS Delivery Reports, while many had threatened the company to port out.

Ufone charges Rs. 10 plus tax per month for SMS delivery reports.

Update: We are getting reports from readers that Warid Delivery Reports are again gone – so apparently it was a just a system glitch, which can further annoy the customers.

Warid customer support said that Delivery Reports are temporarily disabled till any further notice.

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  • They just took them DOWN AGAIN :@
    reporting at 12.22am

    u jinxed it by openly posting it to the paki awam :p

  • now type a new article that reads : Warid teases customers at midnight with delivery reports :)

  • its working fine with me from the first day. i dont see any block or restart of this service.

  • As per my friend working in Warid, it was restored on test base and will be restored permanately very shortly, hope it will be restored within a week.

  • No matter it is a blocked or not, u can still get a delivery report for ur messages…u need to be a little geek here ;)

    Btw Warid sucks big time in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, they blame forces for jamming the signals of GSM but in the same area other networks work fine, but they never accepted this, accepting that means Warid is over-subscribed and can’t take the load.

    • How can we get delivery reports? Plz tell, I am somewhat of a geek and I would understand the method if u tell me

  • I already ported back to Telenor because of NO DElivery Report by Warid.

    I Port my Telenor to Warid just & only because of Delivery Report!!!!

  • Well in my city (BAHAWALNAGAR) Warid is so Funny. Guess How?
    If Rain start Signal Gone.
    During thunderstorm, Bad Service.
    Warid will start Delivery Report Service soon, but u have to pay 15 Rs. Per Month.

    • Rs 15 is a False answer.
      if they charge anything more than 5 Rs then its a waist of money.

  • No No No… Warid did not open the delivery report till now. (14 July)

    Will it open or not?

  • if Warid Can’t able to provide a Delivery Report. so We are going on Telenor. Because Telenor is Best else Delivery Report

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