Warid Wins Customers’ Approval Through Quality Network

Just like Western countries, where majority of people, apart from making telephone call, prefer data and voice services, so is the case in Pakistan’s fast changing Telecom scene.

In the backdrop of growing demands of the aforementioned services the reality is that only the network strength could win massive sales, loyal customers and port-in customers. Bad network instantly wean away customers to other operators and resultantly revenues reduce drastically which is a danger sign for any mobile operator

Over the years, Warid has successfully satisfied its customers with quality of services it offer, and probably the only network that sells on its network quality. This fact had also been evident from the PTA Quality of Service report for 2009.

One common thing which people acknowledge in the region is that Warid has always offered most reliable and efficient services in whatever country it operated.

This recent uptake has led telecom operators to offer innovative and unique solutions in a bid to offer good services. Warid got distinction in innovative ideas and came forward with unique solar/green site solution in Pakistan, back in 2008.

Another praiseworthy feature of this development is that it largely reduces burden on national grid of energy starved Pakistan. The amount of precious energy thus saved may well be diverted towards industry or domestic consumption.

In a bid to maintaining exceptional cellular network quality, Warid is the first operator to introduce dedicated In-Building Solution with active Distributed Antennae System (DAS) in Pakistan.