Warid Wins Customers’ Approval Through Quality Network

Just like Western countries, where majority of people, apart from making telephone call, prefer data and voice services, so is the case in Pakistan’s fast changing Telecom scene.

In the backdrop of growing demands of the aforementioned services the reality is that only the network strength could win massive sales, loyal customers and port-in customers. Bad network instantly wean away customers to other operators and resultantly revenues reduce drastically which is a danger sign for any Mobile operator


Over the years, Warid has successfully satisfied its customers with quality of services it offer, and probably the only network that sells on its network quality. This fact had also been evident from the PTA Quality of Service report for 2009.

One common thing which people acknowledge in the region is that Warid has always offered most reliable and efficient services in whatever country it operated.

This recent uptake has led telecom operators to offer innovative and unique solutions in a bid to offer good services. Warid got distinction in innovative ideas and came forward with unique solar/green site solution in Pakistan, back in 2008.

Another praiseworthy feature of this development is that it largely reduces burden on national grid of energy starved Pakistan. The amount of precious energy thus saved may well be diverted towards industry or domestic consumption.

In a bid to maintaining exceptional cellular network quality, Warid is the first operator to introduce dedicated In-Building Solution with active Distributed Antennae System (DAS) in Pakistan.

  • Oooo bahi kyun logon ko gumrah ker rhay ho???

    farig network hai and we all know that Warid is loosing and if you will not allow this comment to be published then im damn sure that you have take goose from Warid.


    • lagta kisi dosri company walay balance detay hain ya phir kabi tum nay warid istemal he nahi ke, waisay main b warid customer nahi laiken jab b warid ko chalaya zabardast hai sab dosray networks say.

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  • yes warid is only network that sells its network quality, but network quality is one thing. warid should also brand its image wrt pricing, coverage. corporate branding is another defecency of warid

  • Kaka Bava g itna jhooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot mut bolain.. yeh public hai sub janty hai :)

  • Warid never heard of customer service… no clue even what customer service is and they win Customers’ Approval Through Quality Network hah what a joke

    • have you ever tried contacting their support ?

      they have the best support … I own mobilink, warid and ufone connection .. so far warid is the best one ..

      have tried telenor .. and its the worst network .. spent 200 rs and couldnt get gprs to work ..
      their support is pathetic .. i always had to call local land line number to get support

  • Just replace Warid with another operators name and this article could come from any operator, they all say the same thing. Nothing new here, the fact I have wasted time posting this comment is even more annoying !!!!!!

  • janab me ne suna hi k jazz se telenor k number pe call bilkul free lag rahi hi. bs start main 20 laga k baqi number kuch b laga do to call free lage gi .

    and i didn’t try it yet. i don’t have jazz.

    do you have any informission?

  • For heaven sake, propakistani will now have advertisement post?

    If you were living near Islamabad airport I would have asked you & you would have experience it yourself how pathetic Warid service is. Frequent call drops, signal drops, distortion is yet another feature of Warid here…but in the same locality no other network has such a problem of call drops, and signal issues.

    But, cleverly Warid blames armed forces for their so called jammers that interfare with Warid network, but no other network is affected by these so called jammers.

    2nd, now they have more smart people in their customer support who should be somewhere else with their unfriendly attitude.

    • bachu sachi sachi batana kis dosri company kay liyay kam kertay ho? apke promotion to isi haftay hojani hay lagta jesa kam ker rahay ho.

      • apnay kahin apna koi alag say Warid network to nahi khol rakha ya Warid walay apkay ghar ka pani gas to nahi roktay jo itni dushmani?

          • hahaha main to khush hon warid say sirf unke achi services ke wajah say baki networks b warid jesa network rakhain to unkay liyay b meray muh say phol niklain :D

            laiken waisay main warid customer nahi hon chand wajohat ke wajah say.

  • Warid has taken back the delivery reports service.
    This is not fair.
    I want delivery reports back.

  • warid is the best network if some one have not used it in PK he don’t know about QOS in telecom sector
    Simply the best Warid is
    This is not an article this is offical press release frm WARID the great

    • ab bus bhi kardo bhai warid itna bhi acha nahi hai. i have also used warid and in my area their service sucks a big time. They do not have good signals in my area as well as in north nazimabad’s T block. i complained them but they first said that their was an issue with my mobile although i changed my mobile also. Then after complaining constantly 3 to 4 times then they said their team is now checking problem in my area but they cannot gurantee time limit. i left warid after waiting for several days.

  • Huh altough warid is good in qaulity but in some areas warid is sucking low signals in khi defence phase 2 frequent call drop warid is good but cant win that award

  • I m a loyal postpaid warid customer but even then i say warid customer care is very poor even for postpaid as compared to mobilink. But thats right a but Warid network quality far superior then any other network operator in pakistan.
    Mobilink no signals at my place living in defence complained multiple times but no response after few days a msg comes ur issue has been resolved.
    Just use warid then jump to any conclusions if u got signal iissue just complain and it will be resolved.
    My friend reported signal issue @ his area they co-ordinated with him checked signals at his place and it was resolved.

    • In whole area of Islamabad Airport locality they had worst signal issue, call drops is very frequent, they blame armed forces for jammers but interestingly no other operator has this issue here. You cant say that you report it and they come to fix it, I am reporting it from early May. And they know this even before that.

      • There can be sporadic cases; no network can be perfect.
        Any ways No offence if u r having problems then y dont u shift to other operators?

      • Quality network = Warid

        ap may se pehlay kahan thay ??? May se pehlay network theek rehta tha kya ???

  • I use both Warid(ported from mobilink) & Telenor and I have to admit Warid and Mobilink are the best service providers in major cities.
    I don’t even feel the need to comment about ufone and zong, we all know how poor their services are.

    I’m having a feeling jitnay bhi upar walay complaint kar rahe hein sab pind kay ilakon say hein.. udher tau wakaye warid ka satiyanas hay :p

  • Warid is the best operator in Pakistan
    And the fair charging system
    only operator who have mentioned on website all call will be disconnected after 50 mins.

    Warid the best in Pakistan
    Reason is they have best equipment (Errisson) and have managed by Errisson as well so quality speaks although in very remote sites they have chainess equipment which is a cost effective also

  • Ayaz you are right, Warid the Pakistans first class network and all those who are using Warid are surly enjoying the most quality services.

    Like i do – Thanks to Warid

  • Warid is worst. Last call cost service: taken back proudly, delivery reports: taken back proudly, no advance balance service: proud again. Warid sleeps deep. Whenever it wakes, takes back previous services rather than introducing new one. Sleep well, sweet dreams!

    [Comment Edited]

  • Warid is best network for quality services and poor customer care services.

    Ufone is best network for SMS packages and poor busy network, slowest EDGE service provider of Pakistan.

    Telenor is best network customers kay zehan khenchnay main services main attraction peda ker kay pechay bayshak jitni marzi loot mar ho. [Agar paisay bahanay ka shok hai ya apkay daddy g apko khob pocket money detay hain to telenor apkay liyay theik hay, laiken eid wagera per is networks ke services disable ker d jati hain ronay say faida nahi hona us waqt]

    Mobilink is also now a lot better in quality but expensive network.

    Zong is between everything with wide rang of GPRS packages.

  • WOW! Now this is a press release website. Warid has been the slowest and the most un-innovative service for a while now. Gone are the days when Warid threw surprises that people loved.

  • I want people to do behas with me about right and wrong b/c I am shetan bohohahahaha >:) always ready to debate

    Warid is good quality network, agree/disagree?(Other companies employees cannot reply daftar main lagay raho to ap logon ka network b behtar ho jayay)

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