130 Pakistani Websites Got Hacked

In an attack launched by Pakistani rivals, some 130 Pakistani websites were successfully accessed by a group called “ICA”.

Reportedly this hack was launched yesterday when one server hosted at Brain Net premises ( got compromised by alleged hackers.

When tried to contact Brain Net at numbers given on its website, but phone said “Ap ka Matlooba Number Tabdeel Ho giya hay”

Hackers didn’t deface these websites, instead just inserted one file “ICA.html” into root folders, just to show that security level of sever was not up to the mark.

There was no major website in the list – while most of the websites belong to local colleges, Universities and businesses.

List of hacked website can be seen here

We are yet to determine type and size of exploit that was used to root the server.

This is one of many hacking activities reported in past few months, which means it is extremely important for local hosting companies to realize the importance of web server security.

These companies are charging nominal prices (less than Rs. 1,000) for yearly hosting plans and don’t bother at all for securing customers’ assets.

Update: In response to Indian hack attack, a Group named URDUHACK has defaced cyber crime department India Department of CID. Link:http://www.cybercellmumbai.com/

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