130 Pakistani Websites Got Hacked

In an attack launched by Pakistani rivals, some 130 Pakistani websites were successfully accessed by a group called “ICA”.

Reportedly this hack was launched yesterday when one server hosted at Brain Net premises ( got compromised by alleged hackers.

When tried to contact Brain Net at numbers given on its website, but phone said “Ap ka Matlooba Number Tabdeel Ho giya hay”

Hackers didn’t deface these websites, instead just inserted one file “ICA.html” into root folders, just to show that security level of sever was not up to the mark.

There was no major website in the list – while most of the websites belong to local colleges, Universities and businesses.

List of hacked website can be seen here

We are yet to determine type and size of exploit that was used to root the server.

This is one of many hacking activities reported in past few months, which means it is extremely important for local hosting companies to realize the importance of web server security.

These companies are charging nominal prices (less than Rs. 1,000) for yearly hosting plans and don’t bother at all for securing customers’ assets.

Update: In response to Indian hack attack, a Group named URDUHACK has defaced cyber crime department India Department of CID. Link:http://www.cybercellmumbai.com/

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  • Shame on us IF we don’t come up with a POWERFUL Response.. Just visit the Hacked sites & See what those Bustards have written..

    They have Hacked our Small sites But We should come up with a Blow to their Major Sites..

    Show them Once again that We r Sleeping But NOT DEAD..

  • some sites are working good if we remove [ /ICA.html
    ] then real problem is [/ICA.html] :-?

    • @ BLACKSILVER. They also changed the password of the accounts. My website is completely out of control

      • you should contact your host :-| its due to weak security of web hosts and also result of our negligence mostly people don’t have installed anti-virus and firewalls so that even their personal information is also not safe :-(

    • yes we did it and propak team , you can also highlight our defacements

      make sure people know we also fighting for Pak cyberspace

  • pakbugs hackers arrest log kya samjtay haan pakbugs may 5 hacker haan bus ?
    yeah bohat bara group hai mana pakbugs nay kuch galat kam kiya haan per in he logon nay achay kam bhi kiya haan

  • This is the fact that our websites security and servers security is nothing as compared to other countries…

  • hey guys see wots dat in one side icw is challenging paki hacker’s
    and in other side they hv disabled there main site
    there this act shows dat they are afraid of lo0zng there database during cyber war…
    there are scared of paki hacker’s…….

  • We are here to give them a tight slap on their faces !!! we are busy these dayz so thats why we are not defacing the indian sites !!! we will back soon !!!

  • Punjab POLICE Website Also got Hacked by ICA…..
    now in 3 days they have hacked our 150+ sites…..

  • I hacked 7 webs in 10 mints but i dont know why its not posting over here i tried thrice but i cant able to post it over here.. !!!

  • This is what gonna happen if the organisation would buy $2 a month server – we need to bring awareness to the companies about the importance of ebusiness

  • Salam,
    Pakistani khud ko bohat muhib e watan kehtay hain paar hum shayad hain nahne . hum na Muslim hain na hindu kuch our hi hain hum,
    hamary net users sirf XXX sites ko visit kar kay time zaya karny ko acha janty hain, hackers agar hain tu wo yahoo messenger taak hi nazar atay hain,
    is liye hum it say bohat door hain, na pakistanion kay liye net say earning hay na koi benifits.
    zahir hai india it main Pakistan say 50 years agay hai so hum apni sites kaisay bacha saktay hain un say?

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