Ufone Handset Offer for Rs. 1,299

Ufone has offered another handset deal to its customers, second with-in one month. This time a low end, color display phone that has FM radio as well is offered for Rs.1,299 only.

Handset comes with 1.3 inch LCD color display and Torch, stereo hands-free earphones in your box!

Ufone’s Mobile handset with Color Display & Fm Radio is available at Ufone Customer services centers, franchises and Ushops. Ufone says that its stock for this particular phone is limited.


  • 1.3″ CSTN LCD color display
  • FM Radio
  • Hands-Free
  • Torch
  • Dimension(Lx Wx H): 105mm x 45mm x 13 mm
  • Batery Capacity: 550 mAh Li-ion
  • Weight: 50 gram(including Battery)


Only Ufone SIM is operational in this handset

  • these set have only 3 months warrenty. i purchase a set in march (hawai) but in this month its lcd not working. and becuase warrenty period has gone so this set is useless. therefore be aware. and donot with cheep price.

  • I think the Ufone’s set is good but the set which Zong is offering is better than Ufone in style, LCD screen and reliability.

  • i am enjoy ufone handset and ufone sim ufone handset is very nice and beatiful and i am enjoy fm redio in ufone set


    ufone set is very very nice and ufone sims

  • i hv heard abut ufone that its iz gud.so i wana 2 purchade it.bt how i purchade.its may nt available at ufone shops.any 1 help me.
    n 1 thng the ufone sims iz wd it.r may it purchase separately………..???
    if any 1 known plz tell me.
    maryuma ali

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