Too Many Pakistani Facebooks to Handle!

Ban on Facebook recently has paved the way for a lot of enthusiasts in Pakistan to come up with Social Network of their own. Buddy Flick is one of them.

Recently, out of the box and quite number of people are testing the flick. If this would have been for Lollywood flick, I would have rated it as 10 out of 10 for KopyKat!!

The whole design/Layout is of Facebook. I guess, they tried to bring a feel of facebook while staying in their own courtyard. But guys, isn’t their anything as ‘INDIGENOUS’? I could have stayed on website for awhile but was disgusted for being too copy-ish.

Funny thing is that the profile information clearly mentions ” YOU ARE HERE for FLIRT” while they keep on insisting that they love Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Isn’t it Hypocrisy?

There was though one thing that was 100% of their own and not from facebook and that was CHAT ROOM. All the members can join the chat and spread the humor. Back to MIRC days. I so miss those days :)


And you know what? this is not only BuddyFlick, i can name at least one dozen other such communities, which were born in the den of Facebook ban. Unfortunately, i would say, none of these social communities could reap the opportunity that had arisen. I am saying so because of following:

  • Copying someone is never a good idea, simply not a good business model
  • All these (Pakistani) social websites are backed by scripts (usually free, or pirated), and believe me, they never gonna support high user base. They are not designed for dense environment, instead these scripts are made for 15 dollar sale from some country side one-man-software house situated in Sweden or maybe Missouri.
  • Business model of these social communities came into existence because of an opportunity, which expired with-in 2 weeks. Now they have to be extra ordinary to beat the competition.

Some tips:

  • Get your own code, if it requires scalability tomorrow then you are locked into a dead end
  • Get something innovative, for instance, get us a social network in Urdu Language
  • Be realistic, and don’t compete with facebook – they are different from us, if you have your own agenda, get things done in your own way instead of following someone.

I don’t know why, but i feel like big companies such as wi-tribe, Wateen or maybe Telenor should have invested in this area.

Note: Excuse Me for being too harsh, folks of BuddyFlick. But you can stop it, if you can try changing the layout : – )