Too Many Pakistani Facebooks to Handle!

Ban on Facebook recently has paved the way for a lot of enthusiasts in Pakistan to come up with Social Network of their own. Buddy Flick is one of them.

Recently, out of the box and quite number of people are testing the flick. If this would have been for Lollywood flick, I would have rated it as 10 out of 10 for KopyKat!!

The whole design/Layout is of Facebook. I guess, they tried to bring a feel of facebook while staying in their own courtyard. But guys, isn’t their anything as ‘INDIGENOUS’? I could have stayed on website for awhile but was disgusted for being too copy-ish.

Funny thing is that the profile information clearly mentions ” YOU ARE HERE for FLIRT” while they keep on insisting that they love Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Isn’t it Hypocrisy?

There was though one thing that was 100% of their own and not from facebook and that was CHAT ROOM. All the members can join the chat and spread the humor. Back to MIRC days. I so miss those days :)


And you know what? this is not only BuddyFlick, i can name at least one dozen other such communities, which were born in the den of Facebook ban. Unfortunately, i would say, none of these social communities could reap the opportunity that had arisen. I am saying so because of following:

  • Copying someone is never a good idea, simply not a good business model
  • All these (Pakistani) social websites are backed by scripts (usually free, or pirated), and believe me, they never gonna support high user base. They are not designed for dense environment, instead these scripts are made for 15 dollar sale from some country side one-man-software house situated in Sweden or maybe Missouri.
  • Business model of these social communities came into existence because of an opportunity, which expired with-in 2 weeks. Now they have to be extra ordinary to beat the competition.

Some tips:

  • Get your own code, if it requires scalability tomorrow then you are locked into a dead end
  • Get something innovative, for instance, get us a social network in Urdu Language
  • Be realistic, and don’t compete with facebook – they are different from us, if you have your own agenda, get things done in your own way instead of following someone.

I don’t know why, but i feel like big companies such as wi-tribe, Wateen or maybe Telenor should have invested in this area.

Note: Excuse Me for being too harsh, folks of BuddyFlick. But you can stop it, if you can try changing the layout : – )

  • EXACTLY. couldn’t agree more on this
    one thing i know is that any social networking site that will be(if any)popular in pakistan will not look like FB, the idea will be original/new/unique. Don’t bother copying FB. its been done and tried and didn’t work

  • Welcome to MILLAT Facebook Ummah’s very own, first social networking site., and a place to Unite Over 1.57 Billion Muslims and Peaceful people from other Religions.

    Come & Join with us.

  • More interestingly, There is a question, “interested in: Men/Women.” in addition to gender selection….

    So it means we pakistani’s are fine with some members being gay…. ;-)

  • Finally, it is great to see that some is talking about this crazy ‘B’ copy facebook wagon race.and I totally agree with all of your points specially the purposeless copy cat business model and branding.

  • Honetsly speaking, it would take an imbecile to start a social networking site, which is solely based on a premade script and doesn’t offer and value. There are tons of facebook/myspace clones and i have yet to see people make any money out of it.

    It is only going to work, if you come up with a custom coded script with varied features and a lot of money to support your marketing costs and it still would take some time before you can monetize your venture and if you are targeting desi audience, forget about making any money out of it.

    Stop following and imitating the trends, come up with a unique and genuine ideas, utilize your brian and spend some money ob your ventures.

    Good Luck.

  • Couldn’t agree more with you on this “Funny thing is that the profile information clearly mentions ” YOU ARE HERE for FLIRT” while they keep on insisting that they love Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Isn’t it Hypocrisy?”

    These are just business opportunists and it has nothing to do with Islam. just trying to cash in on an opportunity. *hypocrites*

  • MAN! What we pakistanis have got no other nation has,

    Losers………all copy cats

  • hello can u guyz plzz tell me how i can signup for pakistic? their members dont reply and if anyone propakistani member is on pakistic, plz plz send me an invitation??!! its ridculous if theyre not accepting memebers then whatz the point of socializing?? is it open for ppl in pak only or expats can signup tooo??

    • I KNOW!!! it is the most stupid and lamest social network…. it allows only members who are invited by the ones already inside!! I knew a member but she didnt send an invitation…. what a bunch of snobs!! when we need more open networks in Pakistan and this is a closed one of people who dont share invitations and still living in dark ages!!! losers!

  • I just thought to give a visit to millat facebook and that seems totally redesigned. However, why there is a need to add a flag written Allah on it when a website is letting girls & guys get to socialize and if there is any reason so, in random images on front page, there are idols hand in hand with a message to be united! :D wth when will such bloody people stop using name of religion for personal benefits..!!

  • I tried signing up at Millat Facebook twice. Firstly I didn’t got a confirmation email from them. Second time, I got the message that we will get back to you soon. WTH you are asking everyone to sign up when you are unable to yield any thing. It would have been much better if they do a closed Beta testing just as the original FB did. Ask FAST, LUMS, GIKI etc to collaborate with each other and do something “ORIGINAL”.

    My second opinion is that this is just another cheap way to collect personal data and use it for whatsoever purposes.

    Call me an Infidel but I’m not gonna sign up with any other green or yellow FB again. I feel more secure sharing my data with a non-muslim website than so-called-muslim-social-meet-point.
    “Constant Vigilance”

    • very good point!unfortunately, non-muslims are more trustworthy than the muslims.very sad! MFB sort of entities are the black sheeps which have to be discouraged.

  • The problem is that we don’t support local stuff and if someone come with an alternative rather than supporting him/her we start finding the flaws in it.

    Tell me how many of the organization set forward to lunch a single project in Pakistan which is related to Pakistan community.

    Ban of facebook created an opportunity we don’t have an alternative and no development company worked on social media site. So if people start creating sites that are based on ready made scripts than it is not their fault. We have never provided people a launch pad to take initiative and start any project. If we should support projects than i am sure people will invest money and time in developing own projects.

    It is not about social networks it is about the attitude of our nation. We dont accept changes and if some step forward we discourage them. We find no sponsors that support web based projects running and developing projects required time and money and we do not understand that. We just think that person is running the project to earn money and if someone is earning money we get jealous that is the mentatlity we have.

    If such projects are started in India i am sure people will support each other. We here in Pakistan have all the time in the world to say bad words about people rather then supporting them.

    I know cristisium is good. We should do that but we should give time and support to such projects so in future people will work start developing their own products.

    I know you will not understand because we all have negitative mentality and this is the main reason we are left behind in technology.

    People learn from others. If someone copy and he will get support i am sure he will try to re-invent it. Because there is no point in developing a site that have no users-base.

    Facebook is a copy too but not one talks about it. Because it got the support of their nation and funding to run it as a company.

    I am sorry if i hurt someone feelings.

    Sorry to say most of the Pakistani’s have the mentality:

    “What benefit i have from this” next “What benefit you will get” and if you get benefit from this why should i support you.

    • That was a knee jerk reaction and being rational with you might not work, so i shall leave you at it!

      • Rez, is the mentality of our people. People like you have no respect of local products.

        It is not about social engine or social network. It is about the mentality of people like you who are salves of Americans and love to support them rather then local community.

    • “It is not about social networks it is about the attitude of our nation.”

      Here here! You said it completely correctly and i support what you’ve written 100% – the comments on this site are PROOF of what you are saying.

      Irrational, Unsupportive, and constantly trying to put other people down while without putting in effort of their own to make something better.

      At least people out there are trying – what are the rest of you here doing besides putting other people down? REZ that inCLUDES you! Ali is probably the most rational person here.

      Oh and PS to all you other commenters – i can love my prophet, and do anything else i want as well… as far as Islam is concerned – it is NOT YOUR POSITION TO JUDGE!!!

      (and i think all pakistani’s would be better off realizing that none of them are in a position to judge as only God judges all)

    • valid points! but answer me a simple questions!

      Does it require $10 million investment to come up with a unique domain name that doesn’t use the word “facebook”?If u copy someone else idea, even though one should add some creativity/innovation of his own.if someone couldn’t, then he shouldn’t think about a web project.
      Does it require huge investment to have a catchy and professional user interface?
      Why do we add the touch of religion in purely consumer based products/services.Islam forbid man n woman to interact with each other. My dear brother its simply the serious lack of vision and creativity.

  • Although Facebook is unique idea and very good, but nothing impossible we can make alternate, doesn’t matter it 100% provide same feature, because on-going FB is refined shape of old FB, after making so many modification it come like this.
    Hay Jazba Junoon too himmat naa haar ;)
    Muhammad Zafar Ameer
    Chief Technical Officer

  • Unfortunately these Pakistani sites failed to utilize this opportunity.
    And yes I agree buddy flick has security issues.
    All the sites found by my fellows above are using same script as Buddy flick!
    you can find their admin panel by typing
    thats it!
    Also phpfox is Admin oriented platform and it is not member friendly!
    I know two sites which are not Pakistani but are eager to target Pakistani Market.
    One is under my link and other is kept hidden as it is not fully developed yet.

  • I checked all these pakistani facebooks. They are so much slow that they could never be able to compete

  • Due to lack of finances nobody can develop a mature solution for the audience but I think they try their level best in their capacity.

    The website I develop is using ready-made script but it includes custom modules which I develop to enhance security and features. InshaAllah, In future I will develop custom software if there are sufficient funds. Don’t forget to register at:

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  • Birth and Launch of Millat Facebook:
    Millat FB was launched by a team of Pakistani Muslims by working round the clock within just 2-3 days and Launched it Globally
    Mark Zukerberg’s Zionist FB which took YEARS to develop and ran as a prototype for years. Than was registered in 1997 and it wasn’t until a YEAR LATER in 1998 that they could formally launch it.
    Response and Growth:
    Within 15 Days MFB had over 318,000 members forming its community
    FB who in the ENTIRE FIRST MONTH could manage ONLY 3,000
    World Ranking:
    The most reputable internet stats provider Alexa Ranked MFB 18,860th site out of over 6 BILLION WEBSITES within JUST One and a Half week.
    The Zionist owned FB which took 6 years to gain popularity

    • Millatfacebook is using Raymond Benc’s phpFox script, so when you say launched by Pakistani Muslims working round the clock, its quite hilarious, because it takes only 1-2 hours to completely setup a powered by Phpfox site. Facebook was not developed Mark Zukerberg alone there were others too and it was a new idea, now others are just copying it rather inventing something new, to challenge the Facebook’s dominance we should come up with own ideas and development rather using ready made scripts like Social Engine, PhpFox, Jomsocial etc, Which off course require more resources and talent.

  • • If was a country it would be bigger than Greenland and Cayman’s Islands based on daily traffic I found this informative and want to share with such a knowledgeable people like you

    An Extract of the information from the link below (as of 18th October 2010 – there are slight daily fluctuations):
    Below is some information from a reputable site which you may find exciting.

    • 1 in every 29,070 internet users visits MFB daily
    • Per CONSERVATIVE estimate, app 60,000 Unique visitors Daily

    You will find more information including the geographical breakdown from the link above.
    In addition, it might be worth mentioning here that MFB is ONLY social networking site in the world where more than 2/3 rd of the users spend OVER 2 Hours which is pretty unique.

    It is also worth mentioning here that MFB is constantly improving and innovating. Not only does MFB offer all the features that any other social network does but many additional and unique ones like:
    • Free Live TV
    • Bulletins
    • Shout Box
    • Public Chat Rooms
    • Recipes Feature
    • e.t.c

    This is in additional to all the usual features where all members have their walls, ability to search and/or invite their friends, emailing, creating groups, fan pages, blogs, polls, putting status, sharing videos, sharing pictures, staying connected, e.t.c

    We know the journey is long but one we are well onto and with our strict respect for User’s privacy, MFB is placed well ahead of any social network.

    Kind Regards,

    Omer Zaheer Meer
    ACCA (UK), BSc (Hons) (UK), CAT (UK), Adv. Financial Diploma (UK),
    Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (UK) & Certified CSM (LCCI & SMEDA – PAK)

    Professional Associations: PRIMA (USA), ACCA (UK), PRMIA (USA), UKSIP (UK), CFAI (USA), LCCI (PAK) & MPDD (PAK)

  • Join this Group “United against Facebook’s ridiculing Prophet(P.B.U.H)
    Islam & now Holy Quran

    1. I hope you will do this , it takes not more then 2 minutes or 5 minutes if you have very slow internet connection. I think it is a nice idea to have alternative social site for the muslim people.
    This is an excellent effort by Muslims. I will request to all of my friends to join this social site, which is purely our own.

  • >