Mobilink to Continue its Drive Against Polio

Mobilink will be concluding its awareness drive on July 16 to support the National Polio Campaign and the Polio Control Cell.

As an integral member and advocate in the fight against polio, Mobilink has conducted 3 rounds of awareness in the past reaching out to millions of Pakistanis. Earlier this year Mobilink also set up a short code, 7654, to facilitate the Polio Control Cell in meeting their goals.

The Polio Control Cell, a special initiative by the Polio Eradication Fraternity, aims to reach out to those children who have missed their vaccination in the National Polio Campaign. Activated immediately after the recently conducted national round , the Cell will also conclude on July 16.

Mobilink customers can SMS Polio to the short code, 7654 which prompts the Cell to send polio teams to vaccinate the missed children. More than 13,000 parents have already contacted the Polio Control Cell through this short code.

Omar Manzur, Director Corporate Social Responsibility and PR, Mobilink said; “We have pledged our support to eradicating polio from the country and are pleased to see that the anti-polio fraternity is growing. We would like other companies to also come forward and support this initiative and help achieve the goal of a polio free Pakistan.”

Besides being the final frontier in the quest for a polio free world, this anti-polio drive also emphasizes the critical role of child-health in the development of a healthy society.

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