PTA Regulates Clock Synchronization for Telecom Networks

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has issued a regulation draft called “Clock Synchronization Regulations 2010”, for time synchronization of telecommunication networks in the country.

These regulations shall apply to all LDI/LL/Cellular mobile/CVAL Data licensee for the purpose of synchronization of their system clocks across network for error free billing, call data record and data recovery procedures.

Through this regulation PTA has asked telecom operators to maintain primary reference clock with their networks. All clocks on the network will be synchronized with this central PRC or Primary Reference Clock.

PTA has said that telecom operators can also synchronize their clocks through NTP or Network Time Protocol.

Once process is in place, all operators will submit their clock synchronization information to PTA for testing purpose and to maintain synchronization updated on regular intervals.

The licensee shall maintain a record of their clock synchronization test for (03) years. This record shall at all times be open to inspection and audit by the authority or representative of the authority.

On the basis of PTA findings and/ or at least 10 complaints filed to the PTA against a licensee in one month, the authority shall initiate an investigation process through an nominated officer.

Regulation Draft for “Clock Synchronization Regulations 2010” can be downloaded here (PDF File – 330 KB)

  • lol i got it.. at this time its 6:24pm and i my zong network time is 7:24pm.. that means when i txt to any ufone number he/she getting the txt recieved with 1 hour diffrence. and when i texted on my 2nd zong number it was showing 7 pm but the time was 1 pm.

    why this faults in timings?

  • zuhaib bahi app apne hand set ko change karo is main GMT+5 ho ga ya kuch aur
    app is ko agar agye karna chaho to kar sakte ho agar time agey show kar raha hai to app is ko -1 ya -2 par kar lo ya +1 ya +2 kar lo app ka masla hal ho jaye ga
    ye masla mere sath bohat bar ho chuka hai ye network ka masla nahin hai hand set ka hai
    thanx bye

    • Ha ha ha ha…………..

      @ Haris : Sorry to say !!!

      You are so innocent or you are being innocent ???
      Zuhayb is saying right

      Its Pakistan brother and for Islamabad, Karachi and Tashkent its GMT +5 all over the region

      So, you keep your mobile on GMT +5

      PTA is going to get it correct
      A nice step, indeed !!!

  • @Asif Sajjad,
    Paa janay daen, hum sab par WAPDA ke waja sy ye asar hai ya hum sab asay he short tempered n judgemental hain? kisi ky text say ap ny itna andaza kaisay laga lia ge:p

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