Exclusive: Pictures of 9.3 MB PTCL EVO Device

We recently uncovered that PTCL is planning to launch 9.3 MB wireless broadband with its brand EVO, very soon.


Here we got hold of pictures of said Rev-B devices that support up to 9.3 Mbps speeds. It looks pretty similar in size and packing box to already offered devices that support 3.1 Mbps.

Sources in company who have self tested this device said it gave them whooping 2.5 Mb on download and 1Mb on upload.

Launch date is still untold – no words on pricing plans as well. but sure we will keep you posted as soon as we get any clue.

We had to blur the pictures to secure our source.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK


  • The device looks cool. But will the give exactly 9.3 MB speed?

  • @Nabeel :

    Koi baat nahi even if it doesn’t give 9.3 mbps…atleast we’ll get 3.9 mbps :p :p

      • sorry but if it is offered anything abovve 2000 rs no one would buy it except for a retard

        the 3.1 device sucks downright you have to be in a “perfect” position to get best speed(by perfect means the number of users and the distance from the bti ) ptcl themselves said that average speed is around 300 to 500 Kbitspersecond aka a 512 kbps connection . if the above mentioned device is offered for the same price then evo = good otherwise nothing will change :)

        p.s ptcl’s 4mb dsl is the best :) only 2000

  • This is a big milestone for all Pakistan ISP industry ,,, Further a good sign is they are applying REV-B on CDMA thats really gr8… (y) gr8 efforts..

    Syed Farhan Ahmed

      • Yes…………. at least they are putting new technology in out country which will become cheaper by the time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • I expect it to be stupidly expensive, considering the current tariff of evdo by ptcl.

  • amazing 9.3MB.a mile stone. can anyone tell is this speed offered anywhere else specially in our neighboring countries

    • I have seen an airtel add for 16 Mbps in india and it was a way before. The might’ve enhanced it now ?????????????????

  • too much packaging for such a samll device- think about the enviormant. PTCL should look to its corporate colours to gain inspiration for their enviomental behaviour

  • wooping 2.5Mb or 2.5MB? Please check that 2.5Mb/8 = around 300K which we already get on EVO currently (some lucky people get this speed)

  • Yesterday i received a SMS frm PTCL , they r increasing the broadband speed 4 times . if u have 1mb connection , u can upgrade it to 4mb by giving additional 800Rs/month.

    is this correct ??

  • i have both ptcl evo and landline but evo sucks.
    i need upload speed and my evo always varies between 10KB to 100+KB.
    and if above device gives me 300+KB upload then i will shurely get it i love torrent seeding

  • First PTCL should better the services they are already offering. Downloading speed of evo 3.1 sucks big time. I live in a main area of lahore and it doesnt work properly here. It doesnt give any signals at my parents place (near the airport). It should give consistent signals all over the city. When they have establsihed a consistent system, after that they should think about upgrading.

  • Hello Dear Kitty.
    Kitty says:
    July 21, 2010 at 8:05 pm

    PTCl is not offering 3.1 download speed.if you will read web site then you will findout the average speed 300 to 500 kbps and Vary upto 3.1 Mbps.I think Kitty, you do not understand downloading and download speed.You live in a main area of lahore and if doesnt work properly there why did not you dail 1218 for complaint or online help.I think that you are not using Evo.Go to Setting and look your mode of setting It should give consistent signals all over the city.ptcl is upgrading, i hope we should use it first.I am Using Evo in lahore.Evo is matchless.

  • bhai koi mujhy bata sakta hai k ptcl evo 3.1 mb exect kitni speed dy raha hai ptcl to kehta hai k woh 500kb dy ga lakin maine suna hai k down speed 50 sy zeada nahi aate

  • hahahahaha!

    this is not a REv.B device my friends. This is the new Evo 3.1 device. That is why the packaging is similar.

    Pro Pakistani plz confirm your sources next time.

    non the less great move PTCL!!! Just cant wait to get my hands on 9.3 Evo ….. I am already using 3.1 and it gives me 1.5 MBPS on download at late night … I use Torrents. Put a movie and seasons for download at night and they are done by the morning. I think if Rev.B actually gives 2.5 MBPS it will be SUPERRRRRRR!!!!!! As for the price anything between 2500 till 3500 for unlimited will be simply awesome!

    I hope the device is not too expensive.

    • I totally agree with you Usman, ProPakistani did not verify the news and posted pics of 3.1 rev a HHAaHHAHAAHaAH, half cooked news is always bad
      I am using PTCL EVO and it is working grat

    • 1.5 MBPS?

      Capital B represents Bytes and 1 Byte = 8 bits (small b)

      As per you, 1.5 MBPS = 1.5 * 8 = 12 mbps.

      Thats really great if you are getting 12 mbps = 1.5 MBPS on this device… LUCKY



  • This device has been aviliable at fernchise of PTCL; yet not on the official PTCL customer care center.

    • Thanks for the information Kashif.

      I have just called their One Stop Shop at M.A Jinnah road and he told me two versions.

      1) He said new device didn’t came to us and it might reach them on 14 or 15 of August.

      2) He further told that new device will be called PTCL EVO Natro (not sure about its spelling)

      3) He was of the view that it might be possible that existing Evo 3.1 mbps device network gets upgraded to 9.3 mpbs, this way all get same speed :)

      But he was not sure about the Third point. It was just his own perception :)

      I am user of 3.1 mbps and bought last year in April from them their first device i.e. with Antenna.

      I wish n pray that third point gets TRUE :) INSALLAH….


  • PTCL is the best.It is true ptcl is upgreating evdo with Nitro.InshaAllah this isa REv.B device my friends.INSHAALLAH We will use it as soon as possible.

  • ptcl has the worst customer support in pakistan. i have sent them plenty of emails but got no reply ever.
    3.1mbps gives me 1.3mb and this 9.3mb will give you 3.9mb

    damn ptcl sucks

  • Fake speed. i em using 3.1 ptcl evo. it claims avg download speed 300 to 600kbps. but em getting 50 to 80 kbps download speed. Em paying 2000rs. but getting worst speed. there iz no differance 1mb of other connection and 3.1 evo. 9.1 iz another Fraud by Ptcl.

  • Hi
    I am Habib, I want to say that I have a Evo 3.1 in sukkur and i am much satisfied for its performance, while i also have land line Broadband connection. But its speed is nearer to land line broadband connection

  • Hey Guys & Gals I use EVO 3G 3.1 MB, its just fake, becoz they say dt download speed vl b 300 to 400kb bt its just 50kb, dis device vl be suck…….

    • Man, PTCL always think about students and already offering much discounted rates for their broadband…….


  • hi guys. i am experiencing 3.2 Mbps connection that i bought just 1.5 months before and service is worst. Instead to get 500kbps (as mentioned average speed) I am experiencing 50kbps from the last two days… and won’t a good picture of ptcl evo from the inception i am using. I’ll not recommend to buy ptcl evo. customer service is extremely bad and all peoples are retarded.

    • You r Right dear…. from last 3 month iam facing DSL slow browsing problem, but no Service has given still

  • Concentrate on one thing plz, DSL having much problem, first solve them then launch other products….

  • how to connect evo wingle with tenda 3g router… i want to extend range, thats y want to coonect wingle with tenda

  • i am using evo 3G 3.1mbps. bus its worst. it shows down speed 800 to 900 kbps while the actual speed is below 80 means they have made a fake display about speed.

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