Khosa Removed as IT and Telecom Minister

After multiple controversies, Sardar Muhammad Latif Khosa has been removed as Minister In-charge for IT and Telecom Ministry with immediate effect.

Mr. Khosa remained Minister In-charge for MoIT for four months.

Mr. Khosa will continue working as Adviser on IT but powers of the Minister are withdrawn. Prime Minister will be the Minister Incharge of the MOIT from now onwards.

Mr. Khosa had sacked 6 directors of ICT R&D fund for rejecting his brother-in-law as chief of fund. Just today, it is learned that sacked directors moved LHC against Mr. Khosa, alleging their termination as illegal and against the law.

Following notification was issued for withdrawal of Mr. Khosa’s minister-ship




No. 3-1/2008-Min-I

Islamabad, the 19th July, 2010



The undersigned is directed to state that Cabinet Division’s Office Memorandum of even number dated 27th March 2010, designating Sardar Muhammad Latif Khan Khosa, Adviser to the Prime Minister on Information Technology, as Minister-in-Charge for Ministry of Information and Technology, is hereby withdrawn with immediate effect.

2. Consequent upon the above decision the Prime Minister, himself, will henceforth look after the Ministry of Information Technology as per first proviso to rule 3(4) of the Rules of Business, 1973.


Deputy Secretary to the

Government of Pakistan


Information Technology and Telecommunication Division,


Copy forwarded to;

  1. Secretary General to the President
  2. Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister
  3. Secretaries, National Assembly/Senate, Secretariats
  4. All Ministries/Divisions
  5. PS to Adviser to the Prime Minister (Sardar Muhammad Latif Khan Khosa)

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Thanks to ALLAH :P

    but how Prime Minister will be the Minister Incharge of the MOIT? There should be a proper minister for this

  • mubarak ho sab ko
    ab dua karin jo aya kam sy kam usy kuch na kuch pata ho k IT kia ha

  • Long live our judiciary!
    That’s the only fast saving institution in the land of the corrupt!

  • chalo shukar hai aik B>>>>C>>>D say jan chuti, if you people listen his talk you’ll simply say ” yeh to bhainsaein charanay wala hai issay IT ka pata”

  • All family members of Mr. Khosa run the little Ministry. Now all family members of Mr. Khosa as well as some brokers are facing unemployment.

  • Finally PM has jumped into the scene and has taken the powers of Minister back from Mr. Khosa.

    Has MoIT’s tumbling ship been rescued from the troubled waters? Will the saga continue?

    Mr. Khosa has immediately retaliated as a last resort to pressurize president by giving his resignation. So far it has not been accepted. (

    Will Mr. Khosa be able to regain what has been taken away from him or his curse of shifting from one institution to another shall haunt him even more?

    Some sources say that he is being considered for leading another institution of his own domain. So let’s see “yeh OONT Kis karwat bethta hay”

    • Question is, is President the right authority to receive the resignation.

      Mr. Khosa is acting on behalf of Prime Minister He should have submitted his resignation to Prime Minister instead of President.

      It was destined to be not accepted as President was not the competent authority in this case.

  • An interesting story provided by Mr. Ansar Abbasi. I am a keen reader of reports provided by Mr. Abbasi and respect him alot. Few days back i got a chance to meet a well known journalist during the same sitting his phone rang and he said “Yeh to khaber hoi naa, story kia hey”. The word “story” shocked me a lot as before that i firmly believed that these journalists provide us “news” not “stories”.

    Unfortunately, in our motherland we all are trying to find our convenience in our daily life. we used to had one landline in our home now every family member owns a cellular phone – convenience and one can find a lot more examples of such kind in our daily life. Convenience is the only reason we stopped going in the details of such kind of “stories”.

    As a layman, it is very hard for me to convince myself that why Mr. KHOSA, if he so corrupt as it is stated above, not joined hands with the black sheeps of Telecom Sector. Yes, I call them “Black Sheeps” coz they are not letting common people like me to reap the fruits of prosperity from all that so called development of telecom sector in Pakistan. Where is the “Cream” going?

    Why such educated and experienced persons like Mr. Khosa & Mr. Abdi were “shouting” like maniacs? The only reason provided above is Mr. Khosa “want” to induct his relative in ICTRnD fund company. “WANTED” – and assumption. Ok for a little moment we believe this assumption then another questions raises in my mind, Why he asked to advertised the position of CEO at USF, why did not he made sure that the position of CEO at ICT RnD fund gets advertised before that. And why not he made a deal with “so called” keepers of the book who themselves involved in lots of illegal activities.

    For Example: Secretary IT – what is his relationship with Mr. Taseer (Ex-Owner of World Call)? What business he was into with Mr. Taseer. According to books, World Call was doing good business then why all of sudden Mr. Taseer let it go and sold World Call.
    Why a person was given promotions like given to Mr. Najeeb despite of the fact that in his group he was known as below average officer. Why he was given overnight promotions from Deputy Secretary (in BPS 18) to Secretary (in BPS 22). What was the role of Mr. Taseer in this out-of-turn promotions?

    Member Telecom – Why a person who was on 3rd position in the merit list was offered the position and the persons who were super-seeding him not offered? His wife is a working woman, where is she currently appointed and when was she appointed? Previous Member Telecom Mr. Baqai provided this country a number of telecom policies which due to the very nature of this sector expired and needs extensive revisions. During his appointment, how many policies he has given to date to this country. If he can not deliver then why he is being so highly paid. Is this because of he is safe-guarding the interests of these “Black Sheeps” while holding such a key position and got paid from our tax money? The approximate size of grey (Illegal) telecom traffic being terminated in Pakistan is Rs. 50 billion, why this income is not being taxed. We have Ministry of telecom, telecom regulatory authority, then what else we need to legalize this traffic.

    CEO USF – he singed contracts despite of the fact that there was clear “Conflict-of-Interest” and these contracts were in billions of rupees (some says 20 other says 15) but still these are even more than most of my countrymen would ever thought of. In the above ‘story’ SECP rules and regulation, & Companies Ordinance were quoted alot. According to these, Every Company is bound to get its financial audit on yearly basis which is made to public. And i was surprised to know that in the tenure of this “Mr. Clean” and “Mr. So Favourite” financial audit was not undertaken for a single time in USF. Reason – This “Cartel” does not want to disclose its activities. And now they are asking for the extension of such an irresponsible person for another term (i.e. 3 more years).

    Why can’t we put the culprits who are involved in illegal voice termination to justice. Reason is all the persons mentioned above, who were “very polite & Humble” during the standing committee meeting are either involved or watching the interest of this illegal activity.

    Now my question is is Mr. KHOSA is also corrupt then there must be natural inclination between the two whereas, as stated by Mr. Ansar Abbasi, “he faced mutiny-like situation in his own Ministry”. Why the facts are so contrasting then the situation would be?

    Why such a lucrative Ministry was deliberately kept without any public representative (Minister) for a period of two (approximately) years. Reason is no one in this “CARTEL” want to get these matters disclosed. ‘They’ wanted to run the situation in their own way which is quite obvious to all of us.

    To me Mr. Khosa did something terribly wrong by bringing all these facts on table.

    Although i was not the part of Meeting of Standing Committee but the only reason that comes to my mind is No one will keep silent over the rape of his mother and these people were rapping our motherland since long and they wanted to continue. An that is the reason why Mr. Khosa and Mr. Abdi were shouting at Sec IT, Mem-Telecom, USF CEO and Company Secretary.

    I hope, once the inquiry committee find these facts and presented them to Standing Committee, all members of Standing Committee will be shouting at them; and once these findings of Standing Committee will reach all honorable members of Senate, these people will face the same treatment from entire house…..

    Khosa Sb., please do not loose your heart & keep up to your task. Our best wishes and all prays are with you.


    • Hi Patriot,
      I fully agree with you. Let the inquiry committee find the facts n truth, but again- will the committee be independent or biased???

      • Dimensional,

        I am also worried bcoz this cartel is very strong and has ample monitory funds with them. They can buy anything and anyone. Fortunately all the members of inquiry committee are quite seasoned (although this cannot be established as criteria for being honest) and the issue has been highlighted more than anyone could ever thought of. Therefore we can pray that something must come out of this inquiry which will be good for all of us and to our country.

  • The bureaucracy won. What is the good reason of appointing Secretary IT, Joint Secretary IT

    admin and Joint Secretary Development all Rtd army (Signal group) men. All of them were

    together in the army. It is a shame for the nation of Pakistan that they have no civilian for

    IT Ministry after destroying every department and Organization these retired army Col and Gen

    are now given the charge to destroy the IT Sector. What is their contribution for IT. The

    executive directors snacked by the Minister were the most corrupt and non IT & Telecom


    The honorable Secretary IT Rtd Col Najibullah Malik is the son in law of Gen Mujeeb ur

    Rehaman ex Secretary Information in Zia regime . He has served in Punjab Government and has

    brought bad name to the Government. He has provided services in Religious Affair (Hajjis

    quota) where everyone is aware of his great achievements for Hajji quota.

    There are only baseless roamers against the IT Advisor. What corruption he has done in four

    months, he is only trying to utilized the IT for the public services.The Minister Incharge is

    accused of having thoughts of placing his relative on a CEO post. Did he sack 4 Executives to

    get one post for his kin. He is removed from the charge on the basis that Secretary IT

    thinks he will do this and that what is on ground. People are accusing that he will do but

    have committed no crime so far in IT Ministry.

    Why the Ministry is so afraid of him, what they are hiding? We all know the progress and

    accusations on other Ministers. Does he has fake degree? Why the kind PM has taken action

    after knowing that he “might” do something wrong? What is the achievement of Ministry of IT

    and what is their contribution in last two years?

    We all know that IT has no share in providing services to the Citizens, the projects were to

    favour the big IT companies which all failed and no services for the Citizen. Do Retd Col

    Secretary IT would like to tell the Nation what is his achievement in the last two years in

    the Ministry of IT. He is not answerable to any of you. After his retirement he is enjoying

    full benefits of a Secretary and what is his qualification.

    Under his kingdom the IT Professionals are working as slaves. Do they have IT Cadre, job

    security, medical facilities or any reason to work for IT. Why should Secretary IT care, he

    is enjoying every facility after his retirement from army this country is for army and

    bureaucracy to suck the blood out of the veins of bloody civilian.
    PM should reconsider his decision and give some time to the Mr. Latif Khosa, let him do some


    Ministry of IT should inform the nation what is their achievements in last two years.

    The IT professionals request the honorable PM to reinstate Mr. Khosa as Minister Incharge IT.
    My questions to the Secretary IT are:
    Universal Service Fund Company
    1. Why major chunk of subsidized projects was awarded to those companies who had their

    representation on the board of the USF Company e.g. PTCL and Telenor. PTCL got projects over

    7.7 billion, whereas, they never paid a single rupee, as they were required to commission

    83,000 lines in rural sector in-lieu of 1.5% of specified contribution by every licensee.
    2. Why CEO USF Mr. Perviaz was appointed without applying for the job and is still holding

    the position after expiry of his contract and has awarded 20 Billion Rs contracts.
    3. Why CEO of ICT R & D Fund Company awarded 33 out of 37 project without the consent of

    board and non of its project have any outcome.
    4. Why the hiring in the ICT & D is through the private sector, the employees were siding

    with their favorites for positions.

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