Beliscity Launches Online Book Store, Grocery Store to Follow!

Beliscity, Online shopping stop for Pakistan focused audience, has launched its online book store starting with around 1,000 titles in the stock already, claims the website.

This is indeed a step forward for online product retailing other than computer and technology gadgets.

This is not it; Beliscity is preparing to launch a grocery store, which they are planning to announce on August 1st, 2010.

There is no doubt that market is ripe, where people want to stay home if they get quality products at their doorstop and against good prices, so If nicely done with good prices, these two newly formed departments of Beliscity will make the difference.

  • Nabeel | Create Your First Website

    This is good news, but honestly speaking, I find the prices of Beliscity quite high compared to other places/markets.

    • M. Ibrahim Ojha


      You can call the telephone # given on the website and talk about the price.

      Usually there is a reason of difference of price. This will give you more insight in it.

  • the biggest hurdle in online shopping in Pakistan is
    price and mode of payment.

    • M. Ibrahim Ojha


      You can transfer money from your bank account directly using your bank’s online or phone banking.

  • Pakistani Urdu Forum

    I buy books from Urdu Bazar Lahore at a discout of 25-40% of the orignal price printed on books.
    The prices on online stores in Pakistan are very high.

    • M. Ibrahim Ojha

      Those are Old books and these are new books. Normally this collection of books is not available @ Urdu Bazar.

      • Pakistani Urdu Forum

        My Dera “M. Ibrahim Ojha” these are all new books,
        I think u have never visited urdu bazar Lahore,
        If u r interested you can purchse from me at flat 25% discount(New books)??

        • M. Ibrahim Ojha


          Here is a title for you.

          The constant economy: how to build a stable society
          Author: Zac Goldsmith

          You can buy this from Beliscity @ 1750

          Please advice your 25% discounted price.

          Let’s make a deal…you make 5% and sell on 1400/- @ 20% discount.

          • ISRAR

            The argument is growing more and more interesting :P


    @ PROPAKISTANI : I have subscribed to Beliscity’s newsletter and updates…..

    I recently got a mail that was from beliscity.
    The email was just like and ordinary email from BELISCITY with price updates of laptops…..
    but the email ID was kinda strange…..
    “From: ([email protected])”

    I went to the site and what i found was a replica of BELISCITY……

    Maybe they are introducing a new site, but why a
    duplicate, with just a change in header…..?

    Even if they are trying to market their “WYFI” website, why aint they sending an introducing email….???
    Is their something fishy with the DOMAIN….???
    or is that the site “” is been involved in some illegal activity and they are trying their level best to divert the traffic……????
    Or is on of their workers :P …….???

    I know that these guys introduced a site , but they first marketed it…..

    Kindly check out this matter…….

    • ISRAR

      * or is it one of their workers :P …….?

      [typing mistake]

    • ISRAR

      also check the snapshot of that email…..

      • M. Ibrahim Ojha

        Israr Sahib,

        The official announcment will come shortly.

        But still that might not reach you as that will go to all the Computer Industry Dealers.

        Nothing Hanky Panky, just trying to start another Portal.

        • ISRAR

          itni izzat……
          anyways, thanks for the reply….

          btw, m just 17

  • Abid Beli our dealer network website & its on testing period right now we started just few days.

    Its just by mistake wyfi email address sent on newsletter. Dailydeal is not belong to us now. So be chill & calm

    • ISRAR

      PEACE :-)


    btw, Mr Abid, are u Akbar Beli’s brother…..??

    i am not sure, but as far as i remember “AKBAR BELI” was the founder of

    • Abid Beli

      I dont know who is akber even in my whole Beli no one taken this name & Dont mind founded by me in 17th Dec 2001, Please check below link*/

      • ISRAR

        Are yaar, i was just confused with the name…..
        Ab yaad aaya, it was you “ABID BELI”, you are the guy who founded
        Sorry man, dun know how my brain messed up Abid with Akbar…..

        CHEERS :)

        • Abid Beli

          NO issue brother :) Takecare

  • Murtaza

    Don’t buy from they are poor in after sales. I wanted to know about my laptop whether its warranty can be claimed or not, they took around 20 days to come to me!

    Even they don’t response properly, I call’em and ask the rates so I can make purchases but in return they will ask you to wait and will answer you that we will call you back but they don’t call.

    Poor support!!!!

    they don’t know how to run business, they must hire some freelancers or good customer support team. the current one sucks big time!!!!

  • Usman

    I have also suffered due to fraud and scam. I Purchased Blackberry Bold from and paid in advance by bank transfer. However the blackberry supplied to me was a used mobile whose Blackberry Services were blocked in Pakistan.

    Althought the calls making and receiving had no problem but when I tried to activate the blackberry services through Mobilink I was surprised to know that this Blackberry mobile is blocked by all operators for internet services in Pakistan.

    I contacted for replacement but their sales incharges Mr. Wahab refused to replace the faulty mobile. He also informed me that we have different suppliers and we dont take any responsibility once item is sold.

    To date the problem is unresolved

    I strongly recommend not to use for any purchase because their sales staff keep on changing and sales people run their private businesses and supply grey products under umbrella.

    Moreover these people have no business ethics and no concept of after sales service. There are also many

    • SpiderZ

      Thanks GOD you save me… I was thought to buy iPhone 4 from beliscity but after reading your bad reviews. Its impossible to purchase anything from beliscity

  • Muhammad Awais management changed from 1st April 2012.

    Now its owned by Abid Beli again… He sold it in Feb 2010 & bought it back in March 2012. We welcome you as a valued customer of in future & apologize for all issues you faced in Past.

    Inform us if your dispute or issue not resolved yet


    Support Team Member.