HP Pakistan Jumps into Spamming Business, Officially!

To the dismay of everybody, HP has now jumped to the hateful business of spamming  emails, earlier the best was confined to smaller local brands with little knowledge only that even lacked professionalism.

Apparently, HP hired a company to send their message in emails to those who never subscribed to get promotional emails and that too from unknown senders.

Legally speaking HP should bear in mind it is doing a crime punishable under the law as Electronic Transaction Ordinance section 36 and 37. Their prosecution may go severe if PECO is given a go ahead from parliament.

One is really amazed as to what led HP to this extent. As far as smaller businesses are concerned that is understandable but one does not expect such superficial things from a brand name like HP.

Lets call a spade a spade, regardless who is doing what, law must come down heavily against all of them, no matter what is the status of the individual or company.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Well, not taking their side but not only small businesses are doing that. Every company in Pakistan does that. All that I know at least. I receive unwanted emails from all telcos and now even ISPs

  • That’s a complete no brainer. Sending Press Releases is one thing but without the consent of the receiver should be avoided at all costs.

  • If HP is doing officially, as explained above is bad.
    Any how everybody is mailing such spam emails to promote their business. I dont think that such spamming made a positive image.
    Thanks “Aamir Attaa” for writing this article.

  • HP Pakistan has no website and thus no one can subscribe for its promotional emails.
    HP Pakistan is just making unknown, known.
    I would say, HP SPAM EMAILS? To Kia Hua…!

  • I think they should use some good sources like Newspaper ads,Press Ad etc

  • Dear All,

    It is good to debate on this no issue but let me tell u 1 thing. In Pakistan I would like to appreciate all these email marketing companies for what they are doing.

    In a country where there is no electricity, no gas, one of the world’s highest inflation rate how can one run business without advertisement.

    There is no medium available for a fabric shop owner to advertise. A single line in any leading newspaper starts from Rs. 300/- and these poor marketing chaps are sending emails to many at a bare low cost sometimes equal to your 1 time meal.

    As far as PECO is concerned, we are living in 3rd world. This is a really appreciative effort of these people and every one should consider it.

    I have seen this email and it is fully can-spam act compliant.

    Waiting for your comments


  • @ Faizan, I totally agree with you. as per Email marketing and other means of marketing are considered, we in pakistan have never seen a PAKI email for a “[email protected]@” ad, or any other stupid content ( you surely know what i’m talking about). Although in other big countries the business of Email Marketing or Advertising is progressing day by day. Specialy ^those^ emails.
    But people here in Pakistan, (some people), love to recieve those emails, even they know that the product they are willingly viewing is an international product marketed by an international marketeer.
    So, why in Pakistan it is considered as a crime or a bad act??? I cant figure out the reason of stoping this.
    I recieve about 10 to 15 advertising emails daily. and happy with that, I’ve even bought a new Cell phone through an advertisment.

    Gosh man!!!!!
    Where r we???

  • If you say that “why are you recieving an advertisment, even you dont want to see it??”
    Let me ask you 1 thing…
    Have you ever looked around while browsing???
    what do you see??

    Were you willing to see that?? “NO”…
    even you dont want to see it, what is it doing on your screen??? cant figure out na???
    so, stop that too…

    • You never visit this website without your will – i guess you have the answer now

      • Dear Admin,

        You never open an email without your will as well.

        :) if subject is telling you everything then what is the issue.

        I am in 100% favor of email marketing but as Mirxa_medi says no VIAGRA mails plz.


        • email is said to be a private thing, which is not supposed to be shared with marketing companies. However, this website is a public domain, i wonder why you are comparing two different mode of communications

          • Hi All,
            I am reading comments. i am not professional blogger. Sorry if my replay below your standard. As a Pakistani, can i ask one question? We always ask USA/UK peoples and companies are very sharp and talented. but any persona in Pakistan work any thing we start stooping him. jo sahb uaha latest media (e-Marketing) ko bora khh rhy ha, kia woo ua btana pasand kary gay kia news papaer add or TV add unke approval sy ata ha? kia woo hmari khoshi ke bana hmary samnay lazmi nhi ajata, ajj kal TV ad per kia araha ha? agar ma uaha likhoo too app log usy sex kahy gay ua mujy betahzabb per jbb hmm pori family ky sath TV dekh rhy hoo too “Khas din” “Olad ma munasib wafa” and news paper or cable per jali pir and hakemoo ky intahii fahs ad nazar aty ha. we r happy and jbb kio persona or company acha kam kary too hmm usy rokny ky lia apna time and sbb kuch laga ker kam ko rokty ha. chahia too ua tha ky agar kuch galat kam hoa ha too usy right way ma kerny ka btaua jata. jo good things ke markiting ha usy promote kia jata ky wrong things ke hosla shikni ho. ma aik or bat pochna chaho ga. kia new product and latest technology ka knowledge asy ad sy nhi milta? jbb hmy knowledge milta ha too kio stop keary. i love to receive good product ad’s. ma aik jahil buyer ki bajay aik knowledgeable user ban ker market jana pasand karo ga. Sorry again agar mari kio bat kisi ko bori lagy

  • @ Admin: Email is a private thing??
    Gosh!!! are u still living in the oldie times or wat???
    nothin is personal 2day, each & everythng is public..
    even u & me….
    and as u asked, i have subscribed for ur daily emails, and why i have done so, caz i want myself 2 b update by everymean…
    dats the reason i’m here…
    and dear respected Admin, i’m not taking any sides here, i have no regards for any E-Marketeers, but the thing is, I like their work..


  • “Apparently, HP hired a company to send their message in emails to those who never subscribed to get promotional emails and that too from unknown senders.”

    That is deliberate spam, Microsoft or other companies do not do anything like that only promotional offers to subscribers.

  • I have port out no form mobilink 3 months ago in three month i have revice spam message daily wise i have so much apset

  • DEar all

    yes i also got these emails from ibroadcasters and also one more company cms they send email without subscribtion i dont know how? but its anoying

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