29 Illegal VoIP Gateways Raided in 1 Year

During the last one year, PTA and FIA conducted 29 successful raids on grey traffickers throughout Pakistan, which included small and big gateway operators.

During these raids, a number of persons, including foreigners, were arrested along with confiscation of more than forty illegal gateway exchanges, hundreds of SIMs/connections and other accessories.

In the campaign against illegal telephony 24,418 Mobile SIMs have so far been blocked. The apprehended culprits are being interrogated by FIA and the legal proceedings are under way against them.

It is also noteworthy that PTA under the patronage of its Chairman, Dr Mohammed Yaseen has taken a number of initiatives to deal with the issue.

PTA has established highly advanced technical monitoring system to identify such illegal activities throughout the country. After identification of any such illegal activity, PTA not only unearths the exact location of these networks but also launches crack down with the help of FIA against the culprits.

  • I have been received many messages from telephone number 03125073242 harrassing. Trace the illegal caller and plz provide me the call records of above phone to trace his/her back sported. Thanks and regards

  • @Khan Malik,
    LOL, i dont think it has anything to do with illegal grey telephony & this isn’t a proper forum for such complaints, write to [email protected] for this.

    Regarding grey telephony, PTA has tried to deprive end user from use of VoIP, where small so called gateways can be used without any restriction in US/Europe & other parts of the world by end user. What is a gateway ? A single SIM card adaptor is also a gateway and a 1000 SIM slot module is also a gateway.

    In Qatar, it is legal to use VoIP for individual, but illegal to sell VoIP without license, why there is no such half allow/half restricted thing in Pakistan if PTA is very keen on “saving” trillions of dollars of Government ? Why restrict VoIP technology to corporate/operators only when you can start enjoying its benefits in just 2 minutes in rest of the world ?

  • here in faisalabad there is person whose name is shahnawaz, he is also operating illegal gateway. previously this man was running a computer college namely Pasban computer college. that time he was just nothing but as he installed these gateways, nows his children are driving ferraries.

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