Zardari Approves Google Earth to Monitor Govt Land

We have reported before that President Asif Ali Zardari is quite techy as he keeps an eye on latest technologies and their uses.

Recently, he proposed the authorities to use Google Earth to survey government owned lands to monitor illegal owners and land mafias.

We hope, President is not going to order for a committee and a budget of some million dollars for using Google Earth, probably a director with couple of assistant directors too for the project.

I am sure Mr. Zardari is also aware of the fact that Google Earth also captures those areas which Government of Pakistan may not want to reveal to general public.

President Zardari on the same day said that presently the users of internet in the country are 20 million and in coming years they would reach to 200 million, adding, the present government wanted to provide internet service and a laptop to every home.