Handset Import up 82% in FY10

The mobile handset imports has grown 82 percent in the outgoing financial year 2009-10 compared as compared to previous year, on its constant high demand in the country, Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS) reported.

FBS statistics showed the handset imports grew to $314 million in 2009-10 versus $172 million imports’ cost recorded in 2008-09. Cut in duties on handset caused significant impact to boost imports through proper channel.

In 2008-09, the overall duties on handset were increased to Rs. 750 per unit which was slashed to Rs. 250 per unit in the recently-closed financial year.

Dealers said the mobile handsets imports saw a good comeback following the positive impact of duty cut.

It was not only good for foreign companies and local dealers but also generated healthy revenue to national exchequer. Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericson and LG are considered preferable brands.

However, Chinese-made handsets have been grabbing maximum share in the local markets owing to low price value compared with other above-mentioned brands.

Imports Of Telecom Apparatus

The imports of telecom apparatus have fallen by 43 percent in the outgoing financial year as against its proceeding years.

The cost of imports was recorded $444 million in 2009-10 as compared with $789 million imports registered in 2008-09.

Telecom companies’ imports of its infrastructure machinery were decreased as less demand in network expansions by telecom operators.

The cellular operators have laid down massive infrastructure in the past couple of years and have been engaged in network sharing with other market players to curtail their capital expenses.

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