Amendments in Telecom Act Proposed

National Assembly has accepted a bill to be presented in the house urging amendments in Pakistan Telecommunication Act 1996.

Bill has proposed amendments in 8 sections of Telecommunication Act, 1996 with 12 amendments in total.


The purpose of amendment is to introduce procedures for defining and tackling grey traffic. Moreover, PTA members are proposed to be called “Executive Members”, with one as the chairman of authority.

Authority will consist of 3 Executive Members and 5 non-executive members. All members will be appointed for a fixed term of 4 years with a chance for re-appointment. All members will be appointed with minimum experience of 15 years in Telecom, Finance or Legal domains, with 20 years of experience as exception for the chairman.

Bill proposed that Provincial Governments will nominate one non-executive member each, while fifth non-executive member will be nominated by Federal Government.

Bill says that Executive Members of authority will be paid the salary and be entitled to the privileges of MP-II while the chairman will be paid salary and be entitled to the privileges of MP-I.

Salary of non-executive members is proposed to be defined by authority itself.

Once passed from NA, Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-organization)(Amendment) Act, 2010 will be effective immediately.

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  • Now Latif Khosa want to put his “SALA” on the chairman seat of PTA, with the help of federal Govt. by passing this bill and trying to harrass the telecom Directors (who refuses to appoint his brother in-law) by pushing Rehman Malik behind them.

  • This is more about salaries of these people not about so called grey telephony. Where measures are mentioned that are to be taken ? And Grey telephony name PTA is just using not to allow end use to use VoIP as new technology.

    This is another example of not thinking for people by wicked governments in Pakistan, another big example is that they never take a notice of highest prices of vehicles in Pakistan just because they either get share from these companies or they don’t want to displease these wicked companies.

  • So the Telecoms act Ammendments is all about making sure peoples jobs are secured. here is what should be in the telecoms act.

    Industry to aid development and competance of the young people to continue to develop skills in business and R&D

    Strong ammendments to connect the un-connected and aid internet access to those who do not have it – $10 dollar laptops

    Reduce the taxes and charges applied to the industry so that the cost of doing business goes down and the end users can have enven lower prices

    Evolution to LTE and beyond – Pakistan is still a 22G country and looks like we will stay that way for a long time to come

    Use of the ICT R&D funds to develop urdu based applications for sale on google and Anroid platforms

    Support for home grown manufaturing of 3G and LTE devices with partners for export –

    Not ammendments that cover the nice jobs government want to covert so they can line their own thieving pockets –

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