Telenor 5MB Prepaid GPRS Bucket

Finally, Telenor Pakistan has introduced prepaid GPRS bucket.


Get 5 MB quota for GPRS at Rs. 11.95 (including taxes)

How to Avail?

All telenor prepaid and djuice customers can avail this package by dialing *345*901# from their telenor prepaid.


Telenor SMS Packages


Validity of this package is till 12:00 AM in the night from the time you subscribe. Customers can activate package as many time he/she wants during the day.


  • Package will not be renewed next day automatically by the network, customers have to reactivate by dialing through *345*901#
  • To check remaing quota in GPRS bucket dial *999# (12paisas will be charged to checking reaming quota)
  • Charging pulse in this GPRS package is not 64 KB, it is 1KB.

Without this GPRS package, for Telenor customers normal GPRS rates are Rs. 1+tax per 64 kb and 50 paisas+tax per 64 kb for Djuice din raat package.

Click here to get Telenor GPRS/MMS  settings

This GPRS package is better than of Ufone’s daily GPRS bucket, however still Zong is leader in providing several inexpensive GPRS packages.

  • The damn Package takes its own sweet time to get activated its not as simple as just dial *345*901# and the package is activated. Telenor sends an sms in return then the package is activated (sometimes it takes more then 3 to 4 hours for the package to be activated)…
    Many times you dial *345*901# and the money is deducted on spot but the package is not activated at all

    “As Mentioned above”
    Validity of this package is till 12:00 AM in the night from the time you subscribe.

    Hypothetically if a subscribe at 8:00 pm and the package is activated at 11 pm i just have 1 hour left to use the bundle

    What should be done is that Telenor should make this package a 24 hour package e.g If activated on Sunday 2:00pm it should expire on Monday 2:00 pm

  • Warid have best offers 30 rupees and 10MB Validy is 30 days
    Other is 10 rupees without tax 100MB and validy is one 1:00am to 9:00am

  • 5 mb 5 mint main Consume Hojaygi…1 Song 5 mb ka hota h….Pta Nai Kya Soch Kr Pkg Daity Hain Jo In Ka Policy Maker H Usko Genious Of Idiots Ka Award Daina Chahyay

  • A Old news… I have to used this package two months ago. and my package was remain active for two days. I think telenor is offer i you subscribe the package before 6PM it will expire at 12:00 and if you subscribe it after 6PM it will expire at end of next day.

  • This is not a great bundle, even Warid bundle doesn’t come in 30 rupee, it comes around 38 inc tax.

    I like zong which give something 2000 MB in just Rs 250

    • federak excise duty for telecom is 19.5% so if u wana check any price incl. tax just multiply the actual price with 1.195 so 30rs+tax means
      30 x 1.195 = 35.85rs

  • i have used both zong and telenor GPRS. no wonder that zong package is the cheapest but as far as speed is concerned telenor internet speed is much better .. u can check for yourself

  • Zong might have the best package but it has a crappy service in most places like Lahore and Islamabad. Telenor works best in these cities.

    I’d recommend going with Telenor’s unlimited (2GB) bundle for Rs. 500.

    Rs 4.75 / 2mb..
    Plus p0int iz that it can go more than 24 u activate it today 6pm it will expire at 12 midnite the next day!
    unless or until u dun need downloads.. its best for browsing.. with ufone daily gprs bucket

  • every package is not suitable for every one. One should first look for their own requirement and then select the package.

    I think this package of Telenor is very good for those who wants to send small requests and receive small reply because charging plus is 1KB (and not 64KB or 8KB as Zong does) which is the plus point of this package.

    But if your requirement is to browse web, download pics, movies then 5MB is nothing you need >1G/day :-)

  • its not working today its show me request sent but not responce,any telenor user activated for today?

    • This is my personal experinece Warid have the best speed and this is just because that warid have deployed the best Erisson equipment only
      Warid is the mobile operators who is giving best Voice and Data quality in Pakistan
      I always say that if some haven’t used warid in PK
      he/she have no idea abutt he Quality Of Sevices

        • I agree .. I have personally subscribed to GPRS Bucket from telenor today. The response time and the speed I got were phenomenal.
          Other operators should also match this.

  • I am copying this post from another blog, that blog owner always copies posts from other blogs but i think it is first time he wrote by his own and 150% truth about telenor gprs package fraud.

    Telenor is known as fox clever fraudy company.

    Here is my another post about GPRS package fraud by telenor.

    You can prove me that I am wrong.

    Telenor is only for those who do not care while spending money or for those who are idiots, they keep on weeping things are expensive instead of thinking that there are many other cheap better service providers.

    OK about Telenor GPRS package fraud.

    Telenor recently launched GPRS package for its prepaid customers for talkshawk and djuice packages, 5MB in Rs 12.

    Telenor said that GPRS package validity is 24hours (A lie)

    Telenor prepaid GPRS package validity is not 24hours, you can say that Telenor GPRS package expires at 12am.

    Package expires at 12am which means no 24hours validity, for example you activate your GPRS package at 11pm then your package will expire after exact 1 hour at 12am(you got just 1hour validity). You activate your package at 11:45pm then your package validity will be fifteen minutes. And telenor network becomes busy at 12am to delay customers GPRS activation requests, which also decreases their 24hours fake validity hours due to delay in activation process.

    That is just to fool customers, in Zong daily 60minutes GPRS package has exact 24hours validity, you activate GPRS package then your next 24hours will be counted.

    After above example who is wrong? Me, Zong or Telenor? Who is fooling customers?

    Other fraud by Telenor in same package, if you were using GPRS package and time 12am passes then you will be charged out of package for the all time since your last GPRS connectivity. Example, you connect your GPRS package at 9pm, you forget to disconnect at 12am, then you will be charged normal GPRS rates 9PM to your usage end time of after 12am. Who is getting benefit and who is losing? Customer or company?

    So many frauds and hidden charges in Telenor which i saw only in mobilink and telenor, even mobilink is a lot better now than compared to its past but Telenor is still in the wheel of fraud because they earn from stupid customers who get into attractive advertising by telenor and who do not go deeply in facts of the services by Telenor.

    Update: Telenor has extended its GPRS fraud, now customers really cannot activate GPRS package even till afternoon, then they have to contact telenor call center and call center officer will say politely that “Yes it is network issue you can always get your GPRS activate from call center in such cases”. Which means actual telenor prepaid GPRS charges are 12rsGPRS charges and 1.50rs call center charges total = 13.50rs GPRS package charges.

    • Every person has freedom of choice to share something, well you wrote your post against Telenor. We all know that every company has some terms and conditions, if we see around us then we can easily identify that others telecom companies have also hidden charges in different ways. The fact is that Telenor is the trend setter in Pakistan, Telenor launched several innovations and services which other telecom adopted later. Before arrival of Telenor, we all know that we Pakistani people were using old and basic cellular services. Further, Telenor is ready to launch 3G technology for Pakistan, but due to some PTA restrictions and others companies are not in this position to launch 3G in current situation. They are not interested to launch it. So first see all aspects then go for decision what is fraud. Note: I am not a regular user of Telenor, I am Ufone customer, but we must acknowledge the reality…

  • If someone is interested in real streaming and browsing then an independent Usb Solution is best
    Using Worldcall USB, i found this best

  • Haha I like this post, but not entirely true

    Nowhere does it say the validity is 24 hours. The name “Daily Bundle” could possibly lead you to believe that it does… but again thats an assumption.

    As for night time, if you subscribe after 10pm, you get the entire next day. So basically you get 26 hours.

    I think 5mb is too less.. whats the use. One youtube video takes all the volume

  • The gprs packages are useless…
    I have a useage of around 500mb per day! None of the networks have launched any package that is good.
    The 2gb zong for rs.250 is somewhat in range, but the speed sucks… I broke 2 mobiles in fustration, waiting for a page to open.
    What my idea is to offer a multi service package,
    something like
    Rs. 15
    – 15 offnet and 15 On net minutes
    – 150 sms
    – 15 mb gprs.
    With 24 hourz validity

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