Mobilink Super Engineer Competition Concludes

Mobilink team including Rashid Khan, President & CEO Mobilink (centre) along with students of GIKI, FAST and NUST at the prize distribution ceremony of Mobilink Super Engineer Competition held at Mobilink Head office to recognize upcoming, talented engineers

Mobilink held a prize distribution ceremony at Mobilink Office Islamabad, to conclude the “Mobilink Super Engineer Competition”. The title was won by students from Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology.

Securing 1st position with their project, “Traffic Analysis and measurement system in IPMPLS Environment” the 5-member team from GIKI was thrilled. The team representing NUST University took the 2nd position, with their project, “Inter-city video conferencing system” while the 3rd position was taken by the team from FAST University with their project, “Automation of physical distribution of E 1s”.


An inter-university contest involving teams of students from the leading engineering universities of Pakistan, Mobilink Super Engineer Competition provides the students the chance to work on a real life project with technical experts from Mobilink’s team. The projects were evaluated by a senior Mobilink jury having representation from different Technical departments against a pre- defined criterion of innovation and creativity, project presentation, meeting the timelines and meeting project objectives.

Rashid Khan, President & CEO Mobilink, awarded the teams with shields and certificates in the presentation ceremony held at the Mobilink head office. He appreciated the efforts of the participating teams and assured the winning team of opportunity of employment assessment within the Technical division at Mobilink.

Khan shared, “Mobilink believes in nurturing the intelligence of progressive youth and innovators of our nation. We recognize this as a very hands-on field and this is why the Super Engineer Competition was packaged as a project based drive. We were confident that with adequate support, our youth can indigenously develop modern technologies and truly innovative systems. The outcome of the participating teams has confirmed that.”

Thanking Mobilink’s Technical team for their support, Hafiz Zeeshan from the winning GIKI team shared, “This was a true test of what we had learned. Having the chance to work with experts in the field and being recognized for it has given us a renewed confidence in our ability. We will never forget this experience and opportunity.”

In addition to mentor programs, Mobilink also provides grants at Bachelor and Masters level for students of LUMS and GIKI. Mobilink also launched an innovative SMS Literacy project for rural women in partnership with UNESCO to improve the reading and writing skills of semi-literate women using cellular technology.

  • This is not Super Engineer Competition. I would call it SELECTIVE SUPER ENGINEERS as several Top grade universities were not given an opportunity and there engineers were not invited like NED Karachi, UET Lahore, UET Jamshoro Mehran, SZAIST, FAST Karachi, Sir Syed Karachi, IIEE Karachi, UET NAwabshah, and manay many

    This is like a photo session not the competition where FAVOURITE and Choiced Engineers were inivited, Competion is always open . Justice is the crwoing glory of Vitues and it is by doing not by knowing

    Electronic Engineer
    NED Karachi
    Sadaf, Electronice ENgineer MUET Jamshoro

  • Seems like Mobilink is really up for some serious CSR and opportunities for Students and Youth of Pakistan! First Naseem Hameed and now this Engineering based competition! Good contribution towards the society ! Love it

  • I was representing FAST university in this competition and certainly it was a great experience for us working with the mobilink’s technical team. This competition provided us an opportunity to test our theory into the practical world. Being telecom engineers we had studied most of the GSM network architecture but seeing Mobilink’s own network we learned how things are done in the practical world.
    Apart from technical knowledge we gained a overall self grooming and a flavor of coperate environment.
    I’d like to thank the whole Mobilink team for initiating this competition and hopefully it will be continued in the coming years.

    Umer Hamid
    telecommunication engineer
    NU-FAST Islamabad

  • aslam walaikum
    i am ahabib student of sirsyed university. totaly agree with sania coz i think this is partiality by not offering other universities to participate in it.

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