How Girls Should Secure Their Mobile Numbers?

There are countless websites these days, full of girl’s mobile numbers available publicly.

Real problem is that these mobile numbers replicate all over the web on dozens of websites, social media and what not.

Unfortunately, if your number has landed on one of these websites, you are in real trouble, here is the best solution: Change your Number immediately!

Unfortunately, we can’t rely on cellular companies, or even on PTA to resolve our problem because of growing size of such complaints. You can’t register complaint every day.

Even better, following are some ways to make sure that your mobile number doesn’t reach such losers,

  • Never topup your mobile number; use scratch cards to make sure that your number is not shared with anyone. In case of Ufone customer, you can use Ufone Smart Code to keep your number secret even when recharging through Ushare. Zong also offers a similar service.
  • Never allow anyone to make calls from your number, because in-case of a call back (even from a known cousin, friend) your number will get revealed to them.
  • Never accept unknown calls, clearly announce in your family and friends that you will not accept their calls if called from unknown numbers
  • Never store your mobile numbers on Facebook or any other social media profiles.
  • You can maintain two mobile phones, one with primary number that you would never want to change, while another for not very close friends/relatives.
  • Try not to give away your mobile number in CVs, a landline number can work in this case or a secondary mobile number if you have two phones. By the way, if applied for job at mid-sized or small sized company your personal information is highly at risk.

Please share more tips/suggestions in comments!

  • Vsocio

    You r 101% right,

    • PakistaniBoy

      Why are girls getting the celebrity attitude. For heaven’s sake Boys, make up some reputation. :s they’re ‘hiding’ their numbers. are girls really special? rare? (51% of world’s population).

      meh, why would someone callup/text some girl who doesn’t want to talk? this is over me

  • ahsan

    no offense to the author but this is a retarded post

    why get a mobile when a- you dont need it or even if you do you cant protect your number .

    one thing going on nowadays is girls also themselves give out there numbers just for the heck of it .

    and the other thing why do 12 year old girls or boys [ notice i said 12 year old as an example i mean generally young] need mobile phone’s for ? im 17 hell i dont own a phone . if i neeed to make a call i just use the home number . yeh sometimes when your’e out you seem to need it but not always

    the solution is simple dont keep a cell phone if you dont need it . dont keep a cell phone if your’e so retarded that you cant protect your own phone number.

    • ProPK

      ^^ agree, if you dont know how to protect your number you dont need a phone

  • Danish Gul

    yup…it’s now become so common to take a number of any the internet…it’s nice n informative article..thanks..!

  • Good educational post! Awareness is the best key to all lack of information!

  • moz

    This post is by a girl. Calling man loosers, have you looked at yourself? Writing this post tells us a lot about your retarded thinking. There are a lot of girls who willingly give out their mobile numbers, and even ask other people for theirs. Not all man are like that. Ever wonder why pakistani men tends to marry girls outside of their country or culture? Because our women are crap.

    • expensive-beauty

      our women r nt crap mate. there r bad things at both sides(men and women). so u should not say thy our women r crap.
      both sides have bad aspects. let it b general:)

  • fido

    tell us which links are doing these hideous things so we can complain it together

    • Hammer man

      kitnay bholay ho tum :)

  • Ac1d-Ra1n

    I guess you guys are still living in the age of dinos, Ever heard of prog called “blackList” ?
    It can block all unknown calls+those stupid texts “kya ap hamsay frandshap kareingi” <actually the greeb gurbas working in hafeez center and other such markets do such things they drop out of school and end up there…Lack of education i would call it….Just google blacklist for (your mobile model) n u will find it, even for iphone it is available (But u'll have to jailbreak it first), so why change your ages old number…Just configure the software to block all unknown calls and accept calls only from Contacts folder, Here u go ! Problem Solved If you cant find it, post your mobile number here in comments and i will get it for u (Do not mail me im too lazy for that)
    Long Live PAKISTAN
    -T3am AC1D-

    • expensive-beauty

      r buy a nokia 1200, so cheap fone. offering blaclist feautre…:P

  • Ac1d-Ra1n


  • Ali

    well said Ahsan.

  • The Truth

    can you please post the web sites where you can find these numbers, i have been looking all day but to no avail :-)

    • The Truth

      its okay – i found them, wow some nice looking girls. How come i never meet any of them in my office. Never mind, got their numbers now, you are all invited to the wedding :-)

  • Pagli

    yes, If you just go to and as you start typing cell…..

    Then you will see auto completion and most search keywords from google..

  • That above banner is a lie, coz girls are not cute

    and second thing, such girls mobile numbers sharing sites are used to share numbers of boys which are enemies. Jisko tang karna ho uska number wahan ladki ka naam likh kar day do. baki sab lafangay darangay awara us number per apna kaam shuru bohahahahahahahaha

  • Girls are not smart, they do not know about call block services. And all good phones specially symbian phones can install call sms block softwares.

    Only if girls were smart…

    • Hammer man

      kakay tu he sikha shar kuriyan nu :P

    • angry young woman

      dont fucking generalize . if u haven’t met smart girls..maybe its coz smart girls think u are too stupid to talk to…

      im a girl.. and i have true caller installed.. i block every number that irritates me… including sales calls…

      FYI: i took a small break from my normal routine of ignoring idiots to educate u…

      and yes.. this post is useless… !!!

  • good precautions for decent girls

  • K.A.

    And your comments show you are 17. This is like stop coming out of your home because world outside is very cruel..right? When you will need a cell number & someone starts threatening you, you should protect your number/yourself and shouldn’t go to police, right?

    • ahsan

      threatning me ? i already said even if you need the number and you are retarded enough not to be able to protect it you shouldnt be holding a phone . many may say im wrong but if your’e simply not capable off doing something dont do it . pro pakistani isnt a forum to teach 12 year old how to use cell phone’s . there already are call block services offered by ufone and zong . and there are software also available . if you own a phone you shouldnt be so retarded as to not be able to protect your own phone number in the first place.

      if someone threatens me he will probably end up behind the bars as simple as that .

      im not saying hide from every thing im saying if you are so retarded that you cant protect yourself you are better offf hiding [in this case not having a cell phone]

  • Tanvee

    میرے خیال میں لڑکیوں کے پاس موبائل ہونا ہی نہیں چاہے. خاص طور پر غیر شادی شدہ اور طالبات. کیوں کہ اس ایجاد کا صرف غلط استمال ہو رہا ہے

    • K.A.

      This is height of ignorance, do you have a certificate that you will always be “on track” because you are a male?

  • Ahmad

    I don`t need to waste my time on girls, yeah, they should take steps towards article discussed tips because some wolves are out in the world.

  • hair transplant in pakistan

    nice post on the hot issue.

  • AA

    Dear all,

    We are addressing wrong issue.

    As a society we should encourage ppl to get married. We being the youth of this country can set a new direction by saying “NO” to so called problems linked with Marriages these days e.g. dowry, financial strengths, etc. I remember my teacher defining Islamic Society.

    “An Islamic society is one where it is easy to get married & difficult to commit such sins (as mentioned in above posts)”

    Chances of going after unknown girls are relatively less for married ppl.

    Still it is a very good post by Mehwish.

    • ahsan

      i partly agree with you

      today’s problem is not innocent girl’s numbers being leaked

      majority problem is the girls themselves give out there numbers – just for having fun

      the reason why boys die for these retarded numbers is that they have been sort of never even talked to a girl face to face. point is if a boy studies with a girl from say prep or kg he will look to her as a friend more over as a human not just something to have sex with . this is a mental problem with the majority of the new age . i think only making co- education compulsory can solve this. it will solve the majority of the problem but the “black sheeps” will still remain .

      • AA

        My dear friend,

        I disagree, Dun think i am conservative.
        Just co-education or giving exposure is not the solution. This can be confirmed by analyzing western societies.

        Reitrating, Only solution is to encorage to get married at right time.

        Beleive me half of the societal problems can be resolved with this!

        Yes you are right, black sheeps will still remain!

        • Hammer man

          Islam always has the answer SubhanAllah :)

        • Jibrann Khan Joji

          mujhy btaeen kay kisi number dosrey number ka owner name addres kesay maloom ho sakta hai

  • ahmed

    yaar what age are u living ? girls share no. on colleagues in coaching college uni. etc if person dont talk to girl then any one can not do anything . its like a mother says to a girl ”
    agar rastay main koi milay ya koi khanay ko day to mat khana ” so if she is innocent or mind thing then it wont do these rubbing things . for u dear who wrote the article need some fresh air people are grow-up now a days on this tech age . i think this article related or belong to 1992 or 94 era .

    • Hammer man

      writer ko zindagi mei shayad pehli dafa kisi larkay nay miscall markar tang kiya tha..
      tau she was overly excited to write a post on it :p

  • Zeeshan

    Now Thats funny

    Why do we need such articles here ? is this just space-filling ?

    In 90% cases , girls are responsible for such acts , willingly mostly and for other 10% u cant do anything about that.

  • Bilal Ahmad

    I agree with you. Girls are advised not to topup mobile phones using there real numbers. Instead of that they can use services that allows a special code through which you can recharge your mobile phone.
    Like Zong and Ufone both offers such service.

  • Muqeet

    Wonder how many female readers are here? maybe 20-30,so its a waste to post these kind of articles here.

    You first need to create awareness among girls about technology and internet’s good things then post these kinds of articles. There are thousands of female users of Pakistan in facebook and other social networks but no technology readers.

  • mohsin

    Don’t get excited people. I guess this is the most commented post so far ;)

  • Sameer Usmani

    nice post, all girls must see this, one suggestion from my side will be that:

    * Register your SIM on the name of either your father or brother (as many numbers are sold in marketing campaigns and usually people utilize the given mobile numbers for these activities).

  • Jawad Zubair Shaikh

    Asalam U Alaikum
    Your Tips are 100% correct
    Jawad Zubair Shaikh (J.s)

  • zaki

    I completely agree with moz bro..

  • aammuk

    Author of this post normally copies posts from other websites and paste here. I wonder how she can waste her time if not paid for this junk.

  • Ac1d-Ra1n

    HolyCow….Stop fighting people !! this thread should be locked lollllzzzz

  • Hammad

    Please, First, Stop copying contents from other blogs. Second, is it really a Telecom blog ? … if so, then it really sucks!

  • Saqib

    Guys why this debate is going so far regarding this Article? i read all friends comments…
    in Simple Way I would Must say everybody have awareness how they use their numbers…. If u want to protect urself u can easily or if spread ur number u can easily.
    Here the main matter is…. (Tali Aik Hath Sey Nahi Bajti)
    Means Girls are also Responsible to Spread their numbers if they spread then why they couldn’t bear?

  • ahmed

    plz plz i have request for moderator this is a tech site . so plz stick to tech news or stuff not shit like this . if we carry on like this then soon this site flooded with political , race groups and etc etc opinions . so my deep deep and very heartly request to site owner plz remove this type of discussion now and in future too .

  • Altaf

    Very good post.

    It’s a dilemma that our own people are mis-using information that ladies are bound to provide.

    I hope soon our nation will become ethically strong and will care for information confidentiality.

  • yasir

    the fact is that the mobile numbers which appear on the net about the beautiful girls are mostly true numbers with the names and even the addresses.

    HOw this leakage takes place ?

    topup is one source ,

    the gilrs living in the hostels like bachlaour hostels either doing job or study away from their homes are mostly among these ones.

    The reason being thier more social outdoor activity which is thier ibligation. THey have to be as thier contact number is with thier room mates, side room mates, colleages both males and females in the office and hostel staff like cooks, or taxi drivers or guards, hostel wardens and incharge and with the police which is most notorious element of the society.
    Police very often using its authority are getting the cell numbers of the girls living in the hostel and names and thier occupation.

    And police needlessly try to get the call data of the cell numbers of the girls in collboration with the franchises.

    and from here the very personal data and information of the individual leaks out and the game begins,

    For the information of all the cell phone users , i shall let u know that POLICE is not Authorised to get the data of any phone , cell number directly without fullfling the obligations .

    They can get when and only the competent court allows them,

    If some bofy gets the access of the some body very personal like call data or anything then he/she can sue the company for leaking the confidentail information needlessly.

    and the company is bound to reply the passage of the leakage of data .

  • ihedenius

    Earlier in this thread a 51% majority of world women is claimed. That is incorrect. The correct number is 49.7% or 101 males per 100 female.
    Source is CIA factbook:

    Sex ratio:
    at birth: 1.07 male(s)/female
    under 15 years: 1.07 male(s)/female
    15-64 years: 1.02 male(s)/female
    65 years and over: 0.79 male(s)/female
    total population: 1.01 male(s)/female (2009 est.)

  • expensive-beauty

    this is wrong. women r more thn males n this world…google it. who the hell is cia…:P

  • ihedenius

    CIA is “Central Intelligence Agency”. The “CIA fact book” is a web page with statistics of the worlds countries.

    I have ‘googled’ this. Finding an opinion is easy. Finding a good authoritative credible source is more difficult.

    I posted earlier with a direct link to CIA. That post is “in moderation”. I think moderators disallow anything with links. It’s easy to find though, just google:

    “total population: 1.01 male(s)/female (2009 est.)”

    Another source is the UN. Again since links are unwelcome find it by googling:

    “Total Population by Gender and Gender ratio, by Country” Geohive

    at the bottom of the list for ‘World’ totals is listed as:
    3,442,850,573 males, 3,386,509,865 females

    Source is given as:
    “UN Statistics Division, Department of Economic and Social Affairs. “World Population Prospects: The 2008 Revision”

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    Change your Number immediately! is the best solution for the problem.

  • Muaaz

    Bhai sohib ap ke ye bat theek nahe ke girls ke pas cell phone nahe hona chaye. Lekan un ko tang bhi to hum boys he kar te hai un ko sms , miss calls un ko tang karna ye sub hamare shoke hote hain mere motabik hum boys ke pas cel phone nahe hona chaye

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    |Good to see quility content out on the internet that not surrounded by buy buy buy everywhere. nice work

  • batool

    plz ek no tang kr raha us ka nam bataye

  • Waow. Nice effort to keep girls away from fake people. I also agree with you. There are many websites that are only established to hack girls number. So keep avoiding from those fake websites even I I suggest girls that don’t sign up on those sites which require your cell phone number even they offer you something like that you got a lottery or a gift hamper so fill out the form to get your gift. Again thanks to writer.

  • yeah!
    And 1 another thing to be noticed be safe when dialling or sending a message to a number.
    Check it out 2 to 3 times if all the digits are typed right and its the number of the person to whom you r calling then allow the phone to call or send a message.

  • Jibrann Khan Joji

    may kisi number ka owner name yea adres kesy maloom kleaha hoo
    r sakta hoon confarm kernay kay liay jo tang ker