10th ITCN Asia Exhibition Commencing from Today

The 10th ITCN Asia Exhibition and Conference to commence from August 3 at Karachi Expo Centre. The organizers announced on Monday that the Federal IT Secretary will inaugurate the event. They said that more than 150 exhibitors will gather to promote their products and services from the podium of this event, it said.

Participants from more than 10 countries, including China, Germany, Hong Kong, Iran, Turkey, the UAE, Britain and the United States will attend the exhibition. The three-day event is being organized by the Ecommerce Gateway Pakistan.

The ITCN Asia international exhibition aims to provide opportunities to overseas and domestic exhibitors to interact together for joint ventures, transfer of technologies and appointing agents, distributors and partners in Pakistan. The event will focus on the immense potential of the IT and telecom industry in the country and display latest technological advancements of equipment, product, services and techniques in the related fields.

It is the foremost electronic business event for the endeavor decision makers in this region. The Exhibition at Karachi Expo Centre, forms the hub of IT Industry of the world. Yet another opportunity to showcase IT & Telecom products and interact with serious traffic.

  • Nabeel | Create Your First Website

    Will it be open today in Karachi?

    I do not think so?

  • Ali

    Really Sad

  • ITCN flop again… before it was because of rain & now target killing situation

  • Adeel

    Karachi ke haalaat hain international conference karne kay?? Aisay soorat-e-haal mein to foriegners par aur bura impression paray ga..

  • what about Law and Order situation in Karachi?

    how can we attend this?

  • M.Fahad

    yar yaha tu apni jaan hatalee may rakhee hay kon ja ker exibition deakta

  • Madiha

    Guys don’t feel sad.. After all these unfavorable issues many of us are still willing to attend ITCN… and Mr. Adeel… karachi k ya overall PAKISTAN k halaat kaisay hain yeh FOREINERS ko bhi nazar ata hai lakin jo humay nazar nahin ata wo yeh k INN HALAAT k ba-wajood bhi wo humaray PAKISTAN mai, Humari Market mai INTERESTED hain… KYUN?

    Kyun yeh foreiners kabhi AID, kabhi Loan ya kabhi WAR AGAINST TERROR k naam pe HUMARE PAKISTAN mai Enter hotay hain???


    we have natural resources… we have something that we dont know, but they know…

    Think again!!