PTCL Landline Lucky Draw Promotion

PTCL has come up with an exciting offer “Landline Lucky Draw Promotion “for all landline customers. With this offer all landline customers can enter into a lucky draw and can win amazing prizes. Customers can enter into a lucky draw by making calls worth Rs.1000 or more per month from PTCL landline.

Exciting prizes for Lucky draw customers are 10,000 1 Mbps Broadband Connections free for 1 year, 100 PTCL branded Cordless Phones and 50 Television Set.

Terms and conditions:

  • Lucky draw will be conducted for all customers whose PSTN usage is Rs. 1,000 or more either in August 2010 or in September 2010.
  • Usage includes: Local, Nationwide, Fixed to mobile, International calls and package charges only.
  • This offer is valid for 01 Private Residential Customers only.

  • Thanks Allah PTCL offered something for Landline customers.
    I Hope and I pray That I be a lucky winner.

  • لایئن صحیح کر دیں یہی بڑی بات ہو گی۔ایک ہفتہ سے فون خراب ہے-اوپر سے مزاق ہہ کے customer satisfaction کا فون بھی آ رہا ہے جس کے الفاظ شور کی وجہ سے سمجھ ہی نہین آتے

  • how we know the result of ptcl compaign: what is the procedure of the draw : is draw is fair or ptcl give the prizes to their loveones

  • For God’s sake improve your land line service.My phone goes off for almost 20 days a prize is to provide me a full month connevtivity.

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