Windows 8 Leaks – Microsoft’s Eye on Apple [Report]

By Aurangzaib Qumbrani

So time now to share some interesting gossip about Microsoft’s upcoming operating system, “Windows 8” that just got leaked on the Internet! The leaked documents reveal some of the sensitive and critical information which talk about Microsoft’s planning to lead the future of Operating System in the world.

And surprisingly, the leaked documents also show that Microsoft has been paying a closer attention to Apple Inc. As showed in the secret documents, Microsoft’s Officials have also discussed in a private meeting in April with the leading computer makers of the world, looking forward to offer a “Windows Store”, in the same way as Apple distributes it’s applications and softwares. A slide from the leaked document also reveals that Microsoft is also looking forward to give Windows 8 a more iPad-like innovation!

Microsoft’s main concern is the future design of Windows 8 as discussed in the slide, “Apple brand is known for high quality, uncomplicated, It just works”. Now that’s where Microsoft is planning to develop a “Windows 8 Prototype Machine”, this will completely redefine the traditional way of computing and will surely make Windows 8 more competitive in the Software World.

Windows 8 Prototype Machine

Windows 8 Prototype Machine will bring a revolution in the world of computing as it will be more powerful and will offer exciting new features which include, Face recognition-based login, Omni-directional Microphone, Infrared proximity sensor, ambient light sensor and High-quality touch Experience! What makes me more excited is the “Face recognition-based login”, that means Microsoft’s future Prototype Machine will have a built-in Cam that will log the user by facial recognition.

Other features include faster startup, and improved energy efficiency. More over this will also include a reset button that will reinstall the Windows and at the same time it will keep and maintain all your documents, media and other personal settings. So this means, you don’t need to worry about creating backups!

The Product Cycle for Windows 8

Below is the planning that Microsoft is looking forward to:

  • Planning (from Framing to Vision): Big picture thinking, themes then scenarios, and feature identification list.
  • Development (from Vision to Beta): Design and build features, refine SKUs (shelf-keeping units) and value propositions, and begin sharing code.
  • Readiness (from Beta to GA+90): Feature complete and bug-fixing, establish and track readiness metrics, and focus on creating great Dell + Windows experiences.

The Microsoft Journal Post, their official blog which is hosted on Windows Live Spaces, was completely taken down because of violating Microsoft’s terms of service. The action was taken as per request that came somewhere inside from Microsoft, now that gives a clear confirmation that these leaked documents are genuine. It was refused to confirm publicly but also has not denied the facts!

Now this gives a clear indication that Microsoft had no intention talking about Windows 8 anytime soon. But these leaked documents give a lot more sense of what exactly the Windows Team has been doing. And according to the timetable (as seen in the documents) Windows LiveWave 4 [in Beta] will go for the final release in this month [August] and the exciting Internet Explorer 9 [BETA] will also hit the markets this month!

Blogger’s Bio: Aurangzaib Qumbrani is a Software Engineering Student, A Social Media Addict and a tech-enthusiast Blogger. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the MadXperts where he shares his interests about Apple, Microsoft and Google Inc. You can connect him on Twitter!

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    Great information, but what’s Windows LiveWave 4? I never heard of it.

    • Its, Windows Live Essentials!

    • “Windows Live Wave 4” or you can say “Windows Live Essentials 4”

      Windows Live Wave 4 is complete pack of Windows Live, which contain “Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Writer, Windows Live Movie Maker, etc…”

      But I’m happy to say that Windows Live Wave 4 Beta does not support Windows Xp or previous versions.

      It is only for Windows 7 and Vista users.

      That means Windows Xp users will no longer get the new exciting features of new Windows Live Messenger, Mail, Writer, Movie Maker.

      You can download it from here:

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  • Hassan Ali

    I am using Windows and looking forward to Windows 8.

  • No surprised about Microsoft going after Apple for designs..

    • Microsoft isn’t copying anything from Apple. :P They got their own innovations.

      • Zubair

        Even Windows was copied from Apple :)

        • Google is a search engine, if I launch my own search engine, so will you say that I copied Google??? Tell me!

          Toyota launching cars with headlights, and then Honda also stated launching cars with headlights, then will you say Honda is copying Toyota?

          That’s the real deal…

        • Whatever people say about Windows but comparing with OSx Windows it’s still at Top of the table.

          Windows 7 faster and secure than OSx Snow Leopard.

  • Actually it’s the old news now!

  • Babar Ali

    Microsoft already launched tablet pc in 2001.
    There are several competitors like HP, Benq etc
    But now Apple is Enjoying the Market

    And to be in the market One have to copy some what of the others

    • Zubair

      Even RIM is coming in the tablet PC business

  • John Elms

    Up-to-date word, Windows 8 should be released in 2 years. One of Microsofts subsidiaries leaked out the awaited issue date over the weekend. Lets trust it follows the Windows 7 evolution procedure.We do not want to get another Vista debacle