Qubee Doubles Bandwidth Limits During Ramadan

Qubee, Wimax broadband provider, has doubled data transfer volume limits on all packages as a special Ramadan Offer.

Offer is valid from 12-Aug-2010 to 30-Sep-2010.

Following are revised tariff details:


  • @taimoor
    What is the procedure of getting internships/jobs at Qubee. I am in final semester of BS(Eectronic Engineering) from SSUET karachi.

    PS : Dont tell me to email the CV on the email address given on website :) .

  • 20000 CUSTOMER IN KARACHI. I doubt this claim. There is not Qubee’s service is good. Students and home users do not like the service because of limited bandwidth. They prefer PTCL despite its poor customers service.

  • I was qubee customer
    qubee service has major design fault – that it will DC you after every 3hours for 2min and then re-connect.

    its open challenge to any Qubee customer – just open your usage history and check or just watch from the CPE web admin page as soon you reach 2:58min it will DC you for next 2 min.

    beside above problem today’s internet had changed a lot that its not possible to use it within 12Gb cap limit i know many Qubee customers crying because of huge bills due to crossing the limit and that’s called cleverly looting customers.

    without going into debate if qubee can not provide unlimited then it should be 50Gb considering today’s internet behavior

    comments are welcome

  • How a Company could survive without marketing and without brand image.
    limited down loads and monthly rent nmuch attractive.
    The management of this company is super genious.
    They claim big subscriber base at such forums and at Print Media,Not only this but the satisfaction of clients with limited packages and reasonable monthly rents
    This is just a picture to present to the managemnet for induction of investment and to sell this company at good rates
    Gamblers and Artists and Fully evil genious people are the employee of Qubee.

  • Qubee is providing great services, much better than wi-tribe and PTCL. wi-tribe is giving its customers heavy bill with exceeded limit. when I installed Qubee, it gives that i have used only two GB out of 8. Qubee is the best.

    • meray bhai aap jitna use karogay utna hi bill aae ga. agar tum ne wi-tribe mein ziada limit consume ki hongi tu ziada bill aae ga. Aur waise bhi wi-tribe ki service qubee se boht achi hai. qubee mein hamesha slow downloading speed milti hai mujhe and their engineers said that it is normal.

  • @qubee-sucks

    You are 100% true. The CPE re-registers itself on the network for billing purposes and gets decamped for 2 minutes after every 3 hours…

  • my email is [email protected]
    well i dont want to argue with uneducated ppl who dont know wat qubee is.so may i start now

    qubee is a subsidary of augure hilding uk,formed by former ceo of orange uk.rite now our company is working in bangladesh indonesia and got a wimax license in india as well/our stragey is to retain the customer by selling services not cpe boxes like witribe and wateen.

    wateen is a small group just working in pakistan,wateen is expensive as well who say that wateen is gud am ex wateen http://www.wateen.com employee than we come to witribe our tariff is almost less than it compare http://www.witribe.com.pk

    than ptcl yar u illiterate ppl [tcl based on dsl medium they use phone line for internet and they dont follow pta rules even they r making customer fool by selling evo 3g wich has 256 speed coz 3g license not issue yet how ptcl give 3g

    our call centre are outsourced by trg

    well abt marketing its a clear slap for all internet companies that qubee got 20000 customer in karachi without marketing.its mean we have some potential

  • I have been using Qubee in /Islamabad since its Launch and its working great for me :).. I have switched from Wi-tribe, who have pathetic customer support. Though I have not fallen in need to contact Qubee Support, but I am sure it is much better than Wi-tribe.

  • If they’re not doing advertisement but i’m sure they are doing word of mouth advertisement in this article through using comment feature. They Just google about Qubee & Now started commenting because Word of mouth really expand the sales.

  • Hi. If any one wants Qubee connection in Lahore. Can call me on this number at any time. 03124133404, Thx

  • I use qubee internet service but i am not satisfied with download speed. because internet speed vary time to time.

  • qubee is not marketing? give me a breakk brothers.
    they calls me 4 times a week, their thousands of billbords already placed on footpaths & almost everywhere, so lame truly i knew by the very first call when they were literaly begging me to use their connection & give them an opinion about their service. i knew they are trying their best to get customers..
    those who bought it already dying to sell it on loss.
    Marketing Manager,
    dont mind but i dont think being “apne mun miyaan mithu policy would work here”. itni tareef na karo k saamne wala shak kare. peace out !!

  • mene wateen b use kia wi-tribe b use kia or ab Qubee b use kia lekin jo service or Customer Support Wi-Tribe ki ha wo kisi ki b nhi ha kamal ki downloading speed or browsing spedd ha …..Qubee Sucks………Wi-Tribe Zindabad Future iS Wi-Tribe..

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