Official: PTCL Launches 9.3 Mbps EVO Nitro Device

This independence day, PTCL has unveiled its anticipated Evo 3G Nitro in Pakistan; the World’s first & most cutting edge EV-DO Rev.B commercial network. Priced at mere Rs. 2,999 per month, internet users of Pakistan will be able to enjoy 9.3 Mbps wireless internet.


Nitro USB Device Charges: Rs.3, 999 (One time charge)
Nitro Unlimited: Rs.2, 999/monthly

Key highlights

  • PTCL is the first operator in the world to commercially launch EV-DO Rev.B products.
  • Pakistan’s fastest & most cutting edge Enhanced Wireless Mobile Broadband solution.
  • Download Speed of up to 9.3 Mbps & uplink of up to 5.4 Mbps.
  • Nationwide Roaming facility, providing Rev B speeds in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore & Karachi with Backward compatibility & seamless roaming on Rev A Network (up to 3.1Mbps) in 99 cities across the country.
  • Plug & Play—Instant Connectivity
  • USB compatible with laptops & Desktops.
  • Average data rates vary between 1.25 Mbps- 3.75 Mbps
  • Device Upgrades available for existing Evo customers.

*Speed is on Best effort basis up to 9.3Mbps on downlink & 5.4Mbps on Uplink. Speed depends on factors such as modem capability, location, distance from communication tower and number of simultaneous users.

We are yet to test this device.

  • Our previous coverage on Evo Nitro is available here.
  • Pre-launch pictures are available here.

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  • true youtube savy wireless broadband era is dawning upon us

  • Nabeel | Create Your First Website

    If anyone does achieve speeds even close to 9.3Mbps, do share here.

  • only Good option for those who like portability like moving in home and offices and various cities

    Else PTCL DSL Broadband is enough to tackle the need of speed under 4mbps package that costs only Rs 1999 + Tax

  • Ali

    Welcome back Amir! Itnai din kahan thai janab? shadi wadi to nahi kerwa li :-)

    • admin

      Thanks Ali, i was away : – )

  • K.A.

    This is really a good news.

    Many people consider sharing with next door neighbors on wires or wifi.

  • coverage instead of speed

    its a great offer but dont go the advertisement i’ve used evo for about 8months and i’ve had alot of signal issue as it does provide wireless internet facility but these are maximum speeds which they are telling which are not attainable all the time or in some areas at all.. it would be great if they upgrade the quality of coverage rather than speeds.

    it’d suggest to try the device before buying in your area.

    @admin: make a poll that how many people are thinking of the upgrade!

    • admin

      In my opinion, wireless rates may go down as well. Many may want to wait for couple of months before going for upgrade

    • Muhammad Haris

      I am using Rev A Evo since last April and much satisfied with their Evo service and going to upgrade it on Monday INSALLAH. Then will share my experience.


  • Haris

    wow .. sounds great!
    is it really 9.3Mbps :) .. ???

  • ali

    What Downloading Speed we will gonna have with Evo Nitro ???? I am considering to buy it..

  • Munaeem

    Can I trust ptcl? No
    My 4 MB DSL connection runs at 512K speed. Despite repeated requests, no has paid to my complaints.

    • Haider

      Drop an email regarding this issue on [email protected] an just wait for some good results else switch to LDN or Wateen.

    • Faisal

      There is some problem in your line or Modem. I experienced the same problem when I upgraded to 4MB last month. In the end PTCL replaced my modem from “Zyxel” to “Huawei” and now I am getting 4MB speed.
      Try to contact the Assistant Manager – Multimedia & Broadband of your local exchange and he will solve your problem.


    price is not the only thing.
    i am very happy to see that pakistan has launched this as it says PTCL is the first operator in the world to commercially launch EV-DO Rev.B products.which is very encourging and make me even more proud. i think price is not high at all.
    at least there is something where pakistan is moving very very fast. a couple of years ago i and many others had to wait long to open emails even.also we should use this facility positively which has not been used positively very much. i was wondering what WI-tribe, wateen and qubee will do now????

  • hey admin one question. where we can upgrade our devices to evdo rev b and is huawei pcmcia card is also upgradeable ?

    • Muhammad Haris

      You can upgrade it from any of their OSS. I have also talked with one of their OSS representative and he told me that existing user of EVO device can be upgraded to new device by giving their old device + 1000.


  • muneeb

    i have used their 3.6 mbps device and i was disappointed…despite living in centre of rwp i could not even get speed of 1mb even outside my house…so how do i assume that 9.3 mbps will work at nearly full speed??

    • It was 3.1Mbps and yes speed is the issue with EVO

    • Fawad

      same here for me living in karachi , speed hardly touches 1mbps on 3.1mbps at my side

      • yup true. sometimes i only get 50kb here in quetta.

    • jawwad

      yaar they are making us fool and they are showing us 3.1 mbps speed but i didnt get 3.1 i geting hardly 65kb and sum time i get above 100 per second but i ask to them y they didnt give us accurate speed

      • Muhammad Haris

        65kbits or 65KBytes? 1 Byte = 8 bits.


  • Adeel

    pack their bags lol ;)

  • Malik

    how smart tv users can get this

  • Munna Pakistani

    Wah the only country to have EVDO Rev B with 5 MHz of bandwidth. 5MHz in bandwidth makes it essentially a narrowband service since wireless is a shared media.

    Worldwide 3G data services are offered on more than 10MHz it’s only in Pakistan where mobile broadband is a dream becasue PTA wants to make money out of it instead of allowing the people to avail the services at an affordable price.

    Auctioning spectrum for broadband is the biggest disservice to the people of Pakistan…money definitely makes the Government of Pakistan go blind

  • umer

    huh 9.3 Mbps!!!! here in kotli (A.K) im using their service since it started here…..with my 3.1 Mbps i hardly get 70KB dlding speed…me and all of my frndz are facing alot of trouble abt signals and dlding speed here!! the max signals i get are 2…i comlained them many times but no response……dats why this 9.3 Mbps offer is bullshit!!! totaly!! they are not thinking improving their service and resolving signal and downloading speed issues!!!

  • ali

    What Downloading Speed we will gonna have with Evo Nitro ???? I am considering to buy it.. Anyone Answer plzzz..

    • siddique

      yes evo 3.1 Mbps in 1250 per month

  • Omer

    How is it World’s first? There are many more in world offering speed more than that on Wireless.

  • Usman Khan

    I got one! Yes friends yesterday I went to PTCL OSS surprisingly it was open on 14th … it will be open today too as the guy told me.

    Well here is the initial feedback. Speed is ROCKING!!!

    I am able to get maximum of 3.5 MBPS but at an average I would say it is 2.5 MBPS. When I checked with the PTCL OSS they told you should be able to get anything between 1.25 and 3.75 which I am!!!!

    I have only tested in day time so far. I plan to check in the morning tomorrow maybe it will go to 5 MBPS.

    But I am really happy on anything above 2MBPS as I am able to stream 720 P on youtube which is exactly what I want.

    Aamir Bhai if you want I can record a video and send it to you or upload on youtube????

    • Muhammad Haris

      3.5 MBPS or 3.5 mbps? bcuz 1 Byte = 8 bits.

      Secondly whats your location?


      • Usman Khan

        3.5 Mega Bits per second … I am in DHA Phase 1 Rawalpindi.

  • Jawad Zubair Shaikh

    Asalam U Alaikum
    Thanks For Updating
    Aamir Bhai
    Your Brother
    Jawad Zubair Shaikh (J.s)

  • I think this is a good move by ptcl

  • Mobil3

    yes, its a good move but they should come up with nominal price. since it there is some signal problem, ptcl should improve there signal problem as well then introduced such kind of upgraded devices because without proper signal such mbs are useless, but if you ask over all its a better move,

  • AOA,

    i’m using EVDO (EVO)3.1 in my laptops fell difference when i use on old laptop it’s slow now get new one it’s fast but if i give marks to PTCL EVO it will be 5/10 best for pplz like me every weekend i need to move other cities. hop waiting for more info and comments coms out the basic problem of PTCL is this that there server is slow and less in counts if they provide this type of service then they must upgrade there servers and each server shared between 25 to 30 users (they shared 100+) if someone pay you 3000RS 30 users pay you 90000RS and the best servers in world comes for year is max70000RS in the year they earn 240000PKR just base on one server currently PTCL have17 servers (not sure) so they earned according to this total 4080000PKR in a year

    • Haider

      they also pay for bandwidth brother :)

      • Dear in 70000PKR bandwidth include. :)
        most of there internet is base on Honk Kong with 2T limits per day. we pakistani number 4 in bandwidth use :P torent & p2p zinda bad

  • alu

    tron legacy


    PTCL is not first in the world to launch EVO RevB.

    Indonesia’s Smart Telecom did it earlier this year.


      The real truth is that PTCL is actually the worlds first Commercial Operator to launch REV B.

      It is launched in Indonesia but that is not a commercial launch. Try visiting their website … I can but you you can not find a commercial package anywhere!!!

      They are only selling to corporate clients and unlike PTCL and Pakistan they have very limited availability only in Bali with 60 Towers.

      PTCL is providing REV B in 4 cities and it is available to all hence Pakistan PTCL the worlds first commercial operator to launch REV B and the BIGGEST!

      Be proud of Pakistan ….. !

  • Abrar

    Just went to replace old evdo with new nitro at jinnah super oss, the guy asked to bring old evdo within box, that i dont have for 1.5 years old device.
    He told me in last 2 days, there is 1 unit nitro sold out and that was also a replacement.

  • Hi,
    Today i call to PTCL OSS they asked tahat EVO NITRO is not Available in this week in Lahore.


    Even if Indonesia’s Smart Telecom is selling it to corporate Clients, THEY ARE THE FIRST ONE’S TO LAUNCH EVO REV B COMMERCIALLY.


    Don’t be proud of liers.!!.


    Even if someone has launched it on a small scale, they have done it first. so we should accept their first rather than speaking lies to the people.

    • Ok thats Enough man this is not important that who will launch first now its time to check that can evo nitro is really 9.3mbps or it was fake so chill man.

  • Muhammad Haris

    Today, i visited their OSS to get Evo Nitro but it was closed due to STRIKE call by their UNION :(. Lets see when they put down their strike.

    Allah bless our Country …


    • I think you are correct,in lahore i was called every OSS but only one can reply and ask that evo nitro is not available in stock you will wait till next Week.

  • Sadaf

    Do post in the test results of the whenever any of you get hands on this device.

    • Dear i think no one have it evo nitro till today.

    • no one have it EVO NITRO right now if some one have plz post the Result of D.Speed.

      • Muhammad Haris

        @Vicky: check this comment Usman Khan says:
        August 15, 2010 at 10:07 am

        I got one! Yes friends yesterday I went to PTCL OSS surprisingly it was open on 14th … it will be open today too as the guy told me.

        Well here is the initial feedback. Speed is ROCKING!!!

        I am able to get maximum of 3.5 MBPS but at an average I would say it is 2.5 MBPS. When I checked with the PTCL OSS they told you should be able to get anything between 1.25 and 3.75 which I am!!!!

        I have only tested in day time so far. I plan to check in the morning tomorrow maybe it will go to 5 MBPS.

        But I am really happy on anything above 2MBPS as I am able to stream 720 P on youtube which is exactly what I want.

        Aamir Bhai if you want I can record a video and send it to you or upload on youtube????”

        he claims to have it :)


      • Muhammad Haris

        @Vicky: check Usman Khan Comments dated August 15, 2010 at 10:07 am


    • check out my comment and speed test results!

  • Dear Muhammad Haris,
    You also plz Chek Sadaf Comments she says that Post result not any other

    • Muhammad Haris

      But I replied your questions regarding whether any one have it or not.

      Secondly regarding Sadaf question, its upto Usman Khan, I cant do any thing about it:)

      I tried my best to post results today but you know its STRIKE that stopped me in getting that device today otherwise I even called their Customer Care but no LUCK :(

      I think its time to wait Fruit of Patience is Fruitful :)


  • Muhammad Haris

    Just back from their OSS (they secretly called me in bcuz of strike ;))and they shown me the device its wide in terms of width and a bit slim as compare to existing device. OSS person also using it.

    Earlier I purchased it on my Friend’s number so he asked me to get the form signed from my friend so I brought form from him and INSALLAH will go back tomorrow to get my device changed with Nitro:)


    • Lucky guy M.Haris but dear dont forget to Post its speedtest or other information in here and also post its download speed in KBs waiting for your reply.

  • Faisal Khan

    Has anyone tested the device out? Can you post some speed test results here? Coverage?

  • Hey Mr Muhammad Haris were are you man we are all waiting for your Device Result did you get it today or not can PTCLs Strike continue or they are open our OSS for sale evo nitro.

    • Muhammad Haris


      Well I just called their OSS and the guy told me the intensity of STRIKE used to be Serve in the morning and its also closed now. so you better try your luck in the second shift.

      Secondly, their OSS timings are 9 to 9 so his shift is till 3 pm. I think yesterday I met with the second shift guy who comes after 3 pm. So please hold on, I will let you know as soon as I get my hands on the device.

      Further, yesterday guy told me to come in second half so I would try my luck in second half INSALLAH when he join his shift :).

      I have also the form get signed from my friend and all pre-conditions are ready by grace of Allah so I am hopefull that today INSAllah I will be able to get the device safely :)


      • Muhammad Haris

        Today I called them several times in after shift but no one attended.

        Then I decided to visit their OSS myself. So, i reached and found it totally deserted. There was only one gaurd (i.e. of Private security company) and there was not a SINGLE employee of PTCL :(. It seems that their STRIKE getting severity.

        I even asked the guard to give me that PTCL number installed at their Gate ;) so that I can check either any employee came or not. Bcuz it might be possible that ptcl guys not attend the call to pretend that we are on strike.

        But my second day also went in vain except that I got their Gate ptcl number too :P.

        I think Allah doesn’t want me to try this device out so quickly.

        I will try again in second half or try calling their Customer Care Center, might be I get it from there :)

        PTCL please increase salary of their Workers or make them put down the STRIKE sooooOOOooooN.

        Allah bless our Country


        • Muhammad Haris

          At last respective OSS supervisor attended my call and just talked to him. As per him in whole country no work is going on and he is also at home today :). So, he asked me to call him tomorrow to get the status whether they are operating or not.

          Lets C what happens.

          I am trying my best to get the device but…. I think Nature has some other plans :)


  • ok Dear also tell that are you in lahore?

    • Muhammad Haris

      Well Bro, I already told you in my earlier comment that I am not in Lahore :)


  • Hey,Muhammad Haris did you get it the device or today is another day for “STRIKE”

  • Muhammad Haris

    Today, I talked to their OSS supervisor and he told that Union guys are sitting infront of their Office and not allowed any customer to enter.

    Third day is also got wasted… lets c when STRIKE gets over.


  • Ok guyz! finally I have been able to capture my speed test results:

    Tested on:

    Location: G-7 Islamabad

    Max Download: 6.7 MBPS
    Max Upload: 1.23 MBPS

    Average downloads that I am getting are: 4.5 MBPS and upwards.

    • Muhammad Haris

      Thanks for the speed tests. Can you please upload Nitro snaps too?


  • Muhammad Haris

    Please find the snaps of Nitro device at below link:


  • Darkangel

    Usman khan , i need you to do a favour for me, i am a online gamer, i play online games, as evo 3g is not sufficient enough for my gaming requirements and its bad for me..
    since you have the nitro revb, i wanna purchase it but before, can you test it on and show me the results?
    please if you can do so , i will be very glad .. i will be waiting , ty in advance!

  • Rizwan Ahmad

    _____ you ptcl, My DSL speed got ok after 32 day now they go on strike and disabling every ptcl connection at bahawalpur exchang an they are saying come and join us in the strike.
    [comment edited]

  • Muhammad Haris

    Today, again talked with their OSS supervisor and he told that Union guys are not allowing them to enter office and they are sitting outside.

    Fourth day of Strike….


  • ali

    Got My Evo Nitro Today waiting for it to Activated.

    • Muhammad Haris

      Great! Whats your location? and from which One Stop Shop of PTCL you purchased it?

      Please upload your results once your device get activated.


  • ali

    I live in Karachi Near Airport…

    I am not satisfy with Evo Nitro i am getting just 1.5 MBPS that really slow man.

    • Muhammad Haris

      hmmm just 1.5? and from which PTCL shop you purchased it? Can you provide me its address & telephone ? bcuz currently their workers are on strike so approx all of their One Stop shops are closed :(


      • 100% agree with you and impossibale to get evo nitro in strike days because the staff of OSS is very strickt about it and i think they planed to FAIL the newly launched product.

    • Muhammad Haris

      Secondly, you getting 1.5 MBPS or 1.5 Mbps? Bcuz

      1 Byte = 8 bits :)


      • Hey,Muhammad Haris did you get the device or Strike is still continue.

        • Muhammad Haris

          Since Monday I am calling their Supervisor each day but same response STRIKE. First thing that I do first in the morning is to call him ;) and even today he replied all closed and sitting under tents on sheets.

          He said it might be possible that on Monday OSS gets open.

          Lets C … hope for best :)


  • blueaxe

    anuone else got evo nitro ? if anyone do plz upload the speedtest link of it or snaps of speeds. waiting.

  • blueaxe

    anyone else got evo nitro ? if anyone do plz upload the speedtest link of it or snaps of speeds. waiting.

    • Dear read above comments Specialy Muhammad Haris.

  • blueaxe

    anyone reply

  • blueaxe

    i have visited their office and they have no prob giving the device and service. i m visiting them daily for 3 days now. i just want to know abt speeds before buying it……… thats why i asked for speed test…..

    • Muhammad Haris

      Nice to hear that bro :). Can you please share with all of us the respective Office complete address & phone number so that we can also visit and get the device then will share speed with you;) INSALLAH.

      We all would be very grate full to you for your this act of kindness.


      • Hey,blueaxe what you say you was visited their office haaah nice joke dear as you know very well that all the staff of PTCL is on strike me and Muhammad Haris was going their OSS or contact through Phone on daily basis to get evo nitro but not to get yet for example you Paste that no problem to buy nitro here is Result for you
        now waiting for your own Device Result.

        Plz dont MIND because this is true

  • blueaxe

    hey dude . vicky is it ? if u dont believe me go to their N.nazimabad branch u’ll know that i m rite.

    and Mohammad Haris the shop is located in N.nazimabad D-1. go and get ur device.

    • Muhammad Haris

      Thanks Dear! Is it their OSS or just a retailer? Bcuz we have to upgrade our device and only OSS can upgrade our devices:). Please confirm as you went 3 times there that means its much nearer to your home/office.

      Secondly, I requested you to provide us the complete address as many of us didn’t even went to N.Nazimabad. Further please also provide us their Telephone number so that we can confirm with them before visiting their office:) as you know KHI is a big cities and in Ramazan its much hectic to travel, hope you understand and provide us the complete address and telephone numbers.

      Your positive and prompt reply will be highly appreciated.

      • Hey,Muhammad Haris now you go to any OSS and replace you old evo to evo nitro because STRIKE is over now
        for your information i will replace my device today and try to paste my result here.

        • Muhammad Haris

          Well. Before visiting them I called couple of their OSS and each one said they are still on STRIKE :(.

          N.Nazimabad OSS : Not picking phone.

          Clifton OSS: Guy told me still on STRIKE.

          PECHS: guy told me still on STRIKE.

          Defence: Not Picking phone.

          Gulshan: Not Picking phone.

          Please let me know from if you able to get the device and also from which OSS.


          • khan

            whats the update of nitro device ?

  • blueaxe

    its not so near to where i live and this is their full address and its OSS……

    • Muhammad Haris

      I called their OSS of N.Nazimabad before visiting them and they are not picking phone. That means they are closed and on STRIKE :(


  • Muhammad Haris

    I think the strike is still on today. Checked on

  • In Lahore there is no STRIKE all OSS opens and also they attend Phone Calls i m getting my device form GPO The Mall OSS outlet.

    • Muhammad Haris

      Lahorian’s are Lucky …Enjoy …but here in Karachi its still STRIKE :(


  • Muhammad Haris

    Vicky! please upload your device speed results?


  • Hey Here is my Result

  • blueaxe

    already told u that struke is over there is no strike. i have been visiting the office…….

    • Muhammad Haris

      Can you provide me their number. Might be I have wrong number.

      Bcuz it would be very hectic to go N.Nazimabad so, Iwant to confirm with them personally before visiting them.


  • blueaxe

    thats very bad for 9.3MBPS…….

  • yeah but i dont understand why the speed is so slow because my old evo gave me 280 to 330Kb speed now what i do.

    • Muhammad Haris

      oooh sad, by viewing your results I am re-thinking to hold my decision of getting Nitro :(….
      bcuz 3k for just this speed :|


  • above mention speed is downloading speed

  • sadiq

    Do not get EVO NITRO…. its shit!!!
    I was hoping to get decent download speed, but its really crap!
    my speedtest result is 1MBPS download…

    I have wasted my money. I suggest no one should get it!
    Instead you should not get anything from PTCL, their customer complaint center is crap… I get a new complaint number everyday. All they say is” someone will call you from our back end support”.

    The only back end support i get is my ass!

    • Muhammad Haris

      Hmm..whats your location?


  • blueaxe

    hey vicky call their tech assistance its 1238 ask them why the speed is this slow maybe they can help you they said their minimum down speed is 1.25MBPS to 2.50MBPS and the average is 3.75MBPS…. and MOHAMMAD HARIS i m sorry bro i dont have their number….

    • Muhammad Haris

      Hmmm….I am trying since last Monday but still didn’t succeeded so now I am thinking to with hold my decision of getting Nitro … It might be possible Allah don’t want me to get it and creating such obstacles to withdraw my intentions to get it.

      So, now I will decided after all this gets over and by checking its speed test results from the Nito users

      Best of luck to all with Nitro :)


      • Dear in my opinion plz don’t replace your old evo device into nitro because no difference between old evo and nitro.

  • Thanks for the information bro already i have Registered that complaint but still speed is not increase.

  • ali

    Try PTCL OSS at Air Port Area Colony Gate.Today i went there to Refund my Evo Nitro Device You can purchase Evo Nitro from There….

  • sadiq

    Im in karachi. i have tried this in 3 different locations and the speed is the same! However, i did figure something out, i got a better result on my PC i got around 3MBPS but on my mac im only getting 1MBPS!

    • Muhammad Haris

      At which locations of khi you tried it?


  • A very big news i heared from my freind he told me that the service of evo nitro is not Start and PTCL treied to run EVO NITRO to its Old EVDO Service because there is no user all over in Pakistan who Picked the Speed of up to 9.3 Mbps and Secondly i tell you about 1218 (PTCL Complaint Assistant) they have no idea about that and every time they Registered Complaint and tell you that the problem is Solve in next 24Hour but still in Pending.


  • hassan

    hi guys!! what a hell1! i am using ptcl evo 3.1. i need an antena becasue of week coverage. i called1218 they told me that they launced antena for evo and it is available on oss ptcl shop. but when i go to oss they say there is no such antena of evo.. its shocking what going!!!

  • Ali

    I just bought this ptcl nitro and i am getting shitty speeds. not even atleast 1mbs speed. i am probaly going to return it

    • Muhammad Haris

      Whats your location? and have you tried it on other locations?


  • Muhammad Haris

    @Vicky: Hows your Nitro device is working and please upload its recent speedtest results.

    I called their OSS and its open @last:), I got Nitro Upgrade form on 16th August but since then I was unable to submit it due to Strike. Now after whole one month finally gona submit my form n get Nitro Device tomorrow INSAllah :)


    • Hey Haris,
      Now show your device,s result so i will decide to Sale my Nitro Device because one of my Friends told me that he got Download Speed is 700+kb in every time thats why i will little bit confused about that

      and any other guy who have the device shows our result waiting for your early responce.

  • Ali

    I tested this nitro device in karchi/ defence/ phase 7 and its no good.first of all signals at my ground floor dont come and at my upper floor full signals are available but still slow speed.
    I have tried this device in defence phase2,4 and also in P.E.C.H.S but still no good. the speed still time i got upto 2mb but that was only once.
    I have returned this device and will never buy this evo shit.i really hate ptcl now.They also provide bad DSL with bad help support.At there exchange office,stupid uneducated people work there.

    • Muhammad Haris

      Hmm… but M using Evo 3.1 in Korangi Creek since last 1.5 years and much satisfied with their service. So that’s y thinking to upgrade to Nitro. And I am hopeful that INSA Allah Nitro would also work fine there. :)


  • Ali

    I am about to try worldcall cable has got new packages with very good pricing.It is the only ISP in pakistan to provide 10mb.

  • Ali

    Well best of luck haris. Maybe nitro wasnt for me. anyways try it out and if u can,, please upload speedtest results.

    • Muhammad Haris

      @last by grace of Allah, i got my nitro device and now waiting for its activation. I will post speedtest result in evening INSAllah :)


      • angel

        so what were the results? i am curious..

  • amin khan

    I just got my nitro today, so apparently strike is off. Ps. clifton KArachi.

    the speed sucks… i tried it in clifton, gulshan and north nazimabad…

    i don’t get anything more than the old Evo device, i.e. 0.42 download (MAX) Mbps
    0.26 upload

    any settings?

  • amin khan

    don’t know where my comment went…

    i got this device activated today, i tried 3 places, clifton, gulshan & n.nazimabad

    getting MAX 0.42 Mbps download, 0.2Mbps upload :(

    very pathetic and unreliable service…

    • admin

      Amin, comments take a while to appear – all comments are human moderated.

  • zeeshan

    i want to sale my evo 9.3 ptcl device if someone interested to buy it contact me at 0333-5723879

  • Ahmed Ali

    AOA! I live in sargodha and i am considering to buy it… I want to know whether this device would be helpful for me or not, in sargodha , i mean..
    Thank You…

  • Aslam-O-Alaicum

    is ptcl evo 3.1Mbps upload speed is better than PTCL 1Mbps dsl.

  • malik94

    please can any one tell me the name of the model in the ptcl evo nitro commercial?

  • adnan

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  • Cue

    You do realize that when ISP’s say 4 Mbps or 9.1 Mbps.. they’re not lying, they’re just mis-representing. The speed you’re all talking about is in mBps or kBps (bytes) where as the ones that ISPs tell you is in Mbps or Kbps (bits). The difference is roughly about eight folds. Now take the current speed you have from your ISP such as 4Mbps(bits) and divide that by 8 and you get around 500kBps (bytes).
    hope that helps..

  • sara sheikh

    i experienced evo 3G its great but now i want to experience evo nitro so i want its pre paid package i shall be very greatfull if u ll give the pre paid package of evo nitro.

    • blueaxe4u

      lol. sara why r u requesting here ? u gotta change ur device and get evo nitro for that nitro package. but FYI its vey bad.

      • Muhammad Haris

        Well for me Nitro is working like a charm since december…but when i purchased it on 15th sept speed was just crap but since last two months speed is ROCKING …. So m much satisfied with the Nitro now :)


    • vicky

      Hey dont go for nitro it will crap if you need more speed then go for 4 or 6 mbps dsl they will give 500 or 750kb downlaoding speed that is enough for downloading if you have extra money then waste for nitro.

  • yasir

    agr kse nay evo ke device sall krne ho to muy msg kry .03338914436 yasir

  • munawar

    A very special OFFER
    Get EVO in 3000 Rs with monthly package of 1250Rs instead of 2000 Rs. Unlimited usage and downloading
    .20 Days FREE USAGE.
    Munawar Riaz
    contact 0303-6570025

    • ali

      which packega is that ? 3.1Mbit ??

  • dj

    i dont agree thiz……. bcaue evo signal are not catching in hassan abdal

  • ali

    hmmm i got Evo 3.1 Mbps. and its actually working good in karachi…. i m getting 150 to 270 KB down and up speed is not so good. it stuck on 29 KB’s. and abt 9.3 i havent used it yet….

  • Amir

    Its speed is not achievable to its max sorry. But it it works realy better than 1 MB package

  • Sajid

    Is this available to all location in pakistan where evo coverage is available or just in a few cities??

  • Imran RajPut
    this my evo 9mb speed test.. its so low.. what can i do know..???

  • Mutahar

    Evo is the best thing in Pakistan you can take it everywhere where you want

  • OMi

    evo wingle is shit it has been told speed comes like 9.3 but actual speed is 2.0 mbs and download speed is shit evo 3g is ok

  • Zohaib

    WOW! so cheap