PTCL Broadband Ramadan Offer

This Ramadan PTCL Broadband comes up with an amazing offer for its student subscribers who have taken the student package and for those who are planning to take the Pakistan Broadband connection. Broadband Pakistan has announced Ramadan offer in two different categories that are effective from1st of Ramadan i.e. 12-08-2010.

The two main categories are:

Category 1

PTCL will give financially support of Rs 100,000 as educational expenses to 50 students applying for a PTCL Broadband Connection during the month of Ramadan.  This promotion is for all existing and new broadband student package customers. The 50 lucky students will be selected via a transparent process of a lucky draw after the end of Ramadan.

Category 2

Anyone applying for a PTCL broadband during the month of Ramadan can also apply for one Free Easy Learning internationally recognized card worth of Rs.4000 absolutely free. This card will facilitate students in online learning. This promotion is for all new broadband customers.


This offer is valid only for the month of Ramadan.

  • Nice but how we get new connection? Bcuz PTCL workers are on STRIKE and their OSS are CLOSED since Monday :(


    • yehi tau mazay ki baat hay EXISTING ptcl users kay liyey lol
      na new applicants hongay
      na competition ziyada hoga :p

  • Silly marketing team gives birth to a silly ‘offer’ How about upgrading student packages to 1.5 MBPS if not 2MBPS?

  • Further, should not they announce a Ramadan Offer for the poor employees who are on strike? Poor people did not get any coverage in news/print media.

  • PTCL’s customer service is pathetic. My 4 MB DSL connection is giving me a speed of less 200K for the past two weeks. Despite my repetitive complaints my problem has not been fixed yet.

  • Little confusion.

    “Anyone applying for a PTCL broadband during the month of Ramadan can also apply for one Free Easy Learning internationally recognized card worth of Rs.4000 absolutely free.”

    Learning card Only for new customers?not for existing customers?

    And what is the source of this information?While They have not announced it officially.

  • really stupid offer by PTCL….
    i odered new broadband order 20 days ago but i m not received any response …
    now i odered new landline with broadband & still waiting……

  • _____ you ptcl, My DSL speed got ok after 32 day now they go on strike and disabling every ptcl connection at bahawalpur exchang an they are saying come and join us in the strike.
    [comment edited]

  • This offer is mind-blowing, but thing is that yet this PTCL broadband network is unavailable in our region, so I thumb’s up all PTCL broadband’s students. subscribers.:)

  • Any body tell me How I can apply for Free Easy Learning International recognized card and where I get it after New DSL connection.

  • I upgraded to 4 mg and got pathetic aprox 1 mb download speed though torrents showed 400, but in terms of browsing it was very lame and i used my other provider’s 512k connection just for browsing.

    On confirming the helpline said that my complaint has been filed and that i have a 4 mg connection.

    Then i received a call a day later from exchange asking if my “2MB” connection is working fine and despite me convincing them that I have 4MB connection he said “I am sitting at the exchange bhai you have 2MB link”. On confirming again with helpline they said 4MB… it is very very pathetic..

    And now as the student community is already angry they want to cheer them up with silly offers.. and also in the name of Ramadan.

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