Vijay Mallya Becomes Latest Victim of Indo-Pak Cyber War

Hacking into any site is a serious crime, not in Pakistan only but everywhere in the world. A recent story coming from Indian media totally shocked the cyber world as Liquor tycoon Vijay Mallya’s website was reported as hacked by PCA on 15 of August 2010.

This was a rather strange news as PCA is usually not seen getting its hands dirty with such acts. We have seen in past that PCA comes into action only in case of severe instances. Moreover, message left on defacement page is apparently not from PCA.

Though there were not any proofs or screen shots of the defacement, however we successfully got our hand on a video broadcast by an Indian news channel where they had defacment screen shot, which looked very suspicious.

You can also see the Indian news stream here.

As we all know, hacker groups never change their style or defacement message, however, this screen shot shown by Indian media is different than PCA’s usual message.

Following are few questions that may come in one’s mind:

  • If this was really PCA’s work?
  • PCA never leaves email or website addresses on their defacements…!
  • If not then who was it?
  • Why someone else is using PCA’s name?

Here is the statement on Vijay Mallya site.

“The PAK CYBER ARMY was only sleeping, not dead… This is a payback from PAK CYBER ARMY in retaliation to the defacements of Pakistani sites! You are playing with fire! This is not a game for kids. We are warning you one last time don’t think you are secure in this cyber space. We will turn your cyber space into hell… we gonna literally throw you in the deep sea… Will take revenge if any Pakistani site is hacked by Indians!”

As you can see in PCA’s past statements and defacements, this writing style is not at all from PCA.

We are trying to get in touch to PCA HAroon aka D45H or Hamza r4yd3n to have any word on this story. We will update users when we get any update on this matter.

It seems like Indian media is highlighting website defacement as their national security is compromised by Pakistan.

If its not PCA, then its for the first time that any hacker or hacker group has done defacement on behalf of any other person or group.