Nokia X6 Review: Evolution of Music Mobiles

Nokia X6 Review:


In recent years Nokia has introduced bigger and better phones with the increasing age of technology. With such advancement in progress, it is little wonder that Nokia has succeeded immensely in the innovative world of sleek designing and impressive features that their products distinctively carry. The launch of the Nokia X series certainly created a wave among many and it was thought to be a classic touch to the new age era of technology. The X series is one of the most technically advanced series to be introduced by Nokia and carries a multitude of features that leave users all over the world proud to own such a device. The Nokia X6 similarly is equipped with the latest features and quips that technology can offer.


  • In terms of the design, the Nokia X6 has a sleek and compact look. A bit large in size, as compared to the average phone, it is well worth the product. Its black cover lends a beautiful look to the mobile as a whole.

Nokia X6
The colour black itself signifies elegance, and a timeless grace. Its smooth back, the capacitive touch screen, the huge music library, video call camera feature, and other interesting features make the phone a credible one. The phone is worth a look and many users who have purchased it are quite happy with the results and have shared that they would definitely urge others who are perhaps a bit hesitant to buy this model by Nokia too.


Most of the new and upcoming Mobile Phones are now equipped with high storage chips, which allows consumers to be able to download and store massive files, such as music, movies, ringtones, applications and images.

  • Some of the impressive features include a shocking 32 GB built in memory that can store almost anything in almost any kind of format. The mobile phone has access to a huge database that the user can fully exploit and pictures, music; videos can be made and stored without the need to worry.
  • Who’s going to run out of 32 GB worth of space anytime soon? The memory amount is actually quite absurd and will appeal to those who have a huge selection of music and pictures that they would want to store on their phones. This model gives them the opportunity to do exactly that and they can avail this opportunity when they but the phone.
  • The Nokia X6 also has a capacitive touch screen that responds to the merest touch and has the size of 3.2 inches. The screen size is quite adequate and can be used to view images and videos in high definition. The experience can be quite enriching. The resolution also amounts up to 360X640 pixels. The screen size is massive and can fit in a number of features. Widgets and mobile applications are a popular touch for this phone as well.

Video Review:

For those who prefer the moving pictures over floating text, feel free to spoil your self with this video review. We hope your attention span is good, as it is an in-depth review which shall take your 11 minutes, grab your self a drink.

[youtube color1=”0x006699″ color2=”0x54abd6″ border =”1″ width=”600″ height=”370″][/youtube]

Camera and Multimedia Quality:

  • The camera comes with a 5 mega pixel feature that gives off excellent results and can store up to a vast number of pictures and videos, in our previous publication, we covered Nokia X5 01 Review which has the same 5.0 mega pixel camera. With the Nokia X6, the user can enjoy the camera features to a maximum. The pictures can be taken in a number of results and effects can be applied for a more fun filled experience.
  • Moreover a gratifying music experience can also be achieved since this model of Nokia comes with a fulfilled music subscription for Comes with Music. This is valid for one year and through this feature, music can be acquired and downloaded without any charges and without the fear of piracy or copyright issues.
  • Who does not love music? With the high quality that Nokia can offer, a gratifying music experience can be enjoyed with friends and family all year round. Whether it is a barbeque or a small intimate gathering among friends, just plug in the phone with stereo speakers and a whole ambience can be created to form a wonderful time.
  • The feature allows the music to be obtained from a server online that has high quality music downloads and even if the subscription expires, the music can be kept in the phone or computer, wherever the user prefers.

Phone Management:

Where do i start on this, we all know, most of upcoming mobiles are top notch in delivering functions and usability, however, unlike many older phones, this handset gives you the ability to store as many entries into its phonebook which has about unlimited fields. It also gives you the ability to keep all your call records for up to 30 days, which is petty decent function for those who like to keep the call records for long time. There are couple of  drawbacks, as we have mentioned above, X6 comes in 8 gb, 16 gb and 32 gb, however this set does not give you the liberty to insert memory slots!

Comparison with Nokia 5800:

X6 is the new series by Nokia and is supposed to compete with other music phones in the market. We have picked Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic, which is one of the most popular music mobile to compete with X6. The older music set has been selling like hot cakes ever since it was launched and still topping the charts in that particular genre. Now even though, X6 beats Xpressmusic on couple of levels, such as memory and better camera, i would still like to think that Nokia 5800 would keep on selling, for the reason that it is way cheaper than X6. Let the battle between these gadgets begin.

Nokia X6 Nokia 5800
Name Nokia X6 Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic
Weight 122 G 109 G
Dimensions 111 x 51 x 13.8 111 x 51.7 x 15.5 mm
Camera 5.0 mega pixel with 4x zoom 3.2 megapixel with 3 x zoom
Memory 32GB Internal, 128 MB RAM 81 MB with 8gb memory card
OS Symbian v9.4 Symbian v9.4
Ringtones Mp3, Ringtones, MIDI MP3 ringtones, Polyphonic
Display TFT capacitive, 16M colors TFT resistive, 16M colors
Battery Li-Ion 1320 mAh (BL-5J) Li-Ion 1320 mAh(BL-5J)
Talk Time Up to 8 h 30 min (2G) / 6 h (3G) Up to 8 h 45 min (2G) / 5 h (3G)
USB v2.0 microUSB v2.0 microUSB
Release Date Released 2009, December Released 2008, November

Price and Conclusion:

When it comes to usability and functions, i would like to suggest that X6 out performs 5800, however, i would hesitate to pay the twice of Xpressmusic, which is priced at merely 20,000 to 25,000 depending upon the location and retailer. However, the X6 costs a pretty penny and if you want to get your hands on this gadget, you would need to spend about 49,000 Pak rupees to 54,000 Pak rupees, again the prices varies retailer to retailer and location. Even though this phone is relatively more damaging to your pocket, you would still be lucky enough to have 32 Gb memory to store whatever music you want.


  • I heard a lot about this phone but by this review and given specs I can say that it’s no way near to iPhone or nexus1…only way for this phone to be hit is to be super cheap then the competitors or it will be another big time flop.

  • yar Allah in ptcl walo ko mare. inho ne mera jeena haram kardia hai. mein kab se ye video chalane ki koshish kar raha hun magar ye ptcl evo. 5 second load karta hai ek second chalata hai. ye ai hai ke hume 9 mb net deinge pehle ye 3 mb to sahi karo phr 9 mb pe jao. jeena haram kardia hai.

  • Its good fone but i think nokia 5800 is much better that x6 bcoz x6 has better camera and memory and other specs are same for both fones but price range is much high for x6 so i stick with my nokia 5233 which is nokia 5800 for me, lolz

  • Most likely a good phone, i have been hearinga lot of hype around, good for music fans i guess. However, the Symbian^3 N8 smartphone might be able to bring some serious business to Nokia.

  • Dear Sir, Since I am new 2 these products, therefore, I find myself incapable of offering any
    comments at this juncture. However, thanx 2 u and your team.

  • How weird and pathetic, Aamir Aata if you don’t have space for writing for those PTCL customers who are having a painful experience with voice and DSL services due to strike and want to crap your own portal with such a crap like this..Go ahead…I am already seeing your no interest in propakistani any more.

  • Agree with somaan. Go their and interview the protestors. Government is trying to press them with power. Bring the real situation in front of nation.i think its a pretty big event for propakistani

  • Soman, bepatient, this post is not written by him. Spare him for a while, he has a personal life too. He will surely address those issues which concern the masses, but don’t just stoop onto low levels by calling out people.

    • Low level? what low level ? Did I use slangs? If it is felt that I have shown impatience that you are showing disrespect to my right to protest. I can read that “Guest Author” has come with this piece of “precious” info but he should know what readers want to talk about. If he can listen what problem you have ?

  • LoL comparing this idiotic phone with 5800 ….!! Hahaha !

    By the way review was also very poooor … it covered almost nothing ! wat abt the main thingzz wifi 3g GPS etc.

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