Call Phones from Your Gmail

Google is easing our lives, this time by embedding a phone dialer in your Gmail. Earlier it was told that phone feature is only for people in US and Canada, however, phone dialer is appearing in all countries for now.

Google said that calls to the U.S. and Canada will be free for at least the rest of the year and calls to other countries will be billed at very nominal rates.

Kick going by simply installing the voice and video plug-in and you are done!

P.S. Calls made to US from Pakistan are not getting through, at the moment at least.

Note: Using VoIP in Pakistan without license is not entirely legal.

  • its not VOIP, if you dial your own cell number you will received the call from the Jazz or Ufone #, which means it is not VOIP completely.

    • For calls you will make to US, your voice will transfer through internet, that makes a VoInternet call, no?

    • i did the testing and tired twice in both time i got different numbers from which call was coming.
      First one was from some USA number +17607058888
      and second time it was from warid number as my number is from warid tel.

      now how does this billing will work as of now i can make call anywhere i want. free of charge.

  • What do you mean? by “Using VoIP in Pakistan without license is not entirely legal”.. So if we’re using skype or any other voip service, are we commiting a crime

  • got this msg when i clicked for sign up.

    Google Voice is not available in your country.
    “Thanks for visiting Google Voice. We’re not yet open for users outside the US, but are planning to expand our service to additional countries in the future. “

  • These are not nominal rates, like calls to Saudia Arabia, UAE etc. Only benefit will be limited time free calls to USA & USA. Call to west world are already cheap from our mobile networks.

        • its not available for Pakistan. even you cant sign up for this service or you cant use it if you are outside of USA. i tried a lot but failed then i changed my IP address from Pakistan to USA then it allowed me to sign up for google voice.

        • No it’s not working, I signed up new account with United States settings, but after sign up completes it automatically redirects to the same page which says “Its not for the users outside US”

          Actually Google detects out our IP address and mobile number when we sign up!

    • Yes, you can make calls to US/Canada from your google account. Just simply change your location in your profile and select either US or Canada and after couple of hours simply logged back into your account and see the ‘Call Phone’ option which already showed up in this article and follow the instructions to make call from your Google account.

      Isn’t it that simple? If you guyz can get through with the steps I just mentioned then let me know how it goes.

      Best of luck.

  • I have 2 Google Voice numbers, I recv calls on my cell phone (having a pythonapplication that run on python shell for Symbian), it also rings on my Gizmo5 (owned by Google now). In middle east it is not less than a dream come true when your relatives can call you at very cheap rate.

    I can sms, can receive sms, can call and receive calls ;) I have two invites, but not for free :D

    • I’v got a GV number. How can I use it to the fullest? I haven’t used it eversince I got it through some hard work on the internet, making sip account and stuff.

      • All you guys can write me at somaanqadwai at for help/invite or how to use GV /calling relatives in US/UK/Europe.

        @Umair- Gizmo5 isn’t available for new users after Google acquired it, but you may purchase some account on ebay /other auction sites.

  • Hello Saleh,

    As you just mentioned in your article “however, phone dialer is appearing in all countries for now” but from Pakistan you can’t make calls until unless you change the location in your profile and select either US or Canada and they will track the account as per their policy and will allow you to make calls.

    If you won’t change the location in your profile then you or anyone from Pakistan and those countries which are not in the list of Google allowed list, won’t be able to make calls from their Google account.

  • Hello Aamir Attaa,

    Is it fair if someone post the comments and then later on that comments deleted by you guyz?

  • no, its available in our country also, i jst tried a test call to my ptcl number with 0.10$ credit given by google, voice quality is great.

  • here google voice is working for me in pakistan without Google voice number i cud make a call to US/Canada …

  • Hi!

    1. Google’s voice calling is working for me … you can try the toll free tell me now Interactive service for news, business, entertainment, etc 1-800-555-TELL/8355 if you don’t have anyone to call!

    2. Gtalk2voip is used when calling from other Voice Chat and VoIP/SIP services including GizmoProject/Gizmo5/GizmoVoIP

    3. Google acquired the GrandCentral service and re-launched it as Google Voice … that allows you to manage all your telephones/connections from one place so that ppl you want to connect with only dial one (any of your numbers) and the system can call you wherever you are on another number provided you want to receive their call … with many advanced features like voice mail transcription … this requires a US number … there was a guide on getting a cheap Gizmo Voip Incoming (US) number and using it with Google Voice for ultra cheap calls! So, Google Voice is a different service!

  • Yes, this features is amazing by GMail but this is not available in any other country except USA and 1 or 2 others and I am sure this technology would takes 3 years to come to Asian countries.

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