How to Use Internet on BlackBerry Without BIS Account

BlackBerry can be used as an internet device without activating any of usual blackberry packages. Blackberry is been known for its push email services like syncing Microsoft exchange and IBM lotus mail server on the phone device.

While, most of the users only want to use BlackBerry handsets with basic internet profiles without having monthly BlackBerry packages defined (or what they call BIS Accountagainst their devices, we are presenting here a way to achieve this:

Let us Follow it step by step:

  • You need to have BlackBerry (Any WAP/HTTP) compatible model.
  • Open Main menu of the BlackBerry handset.
  • Select Options icon from it.
  • Select advance options in the Options menu.
  • Now Select the button for TCP
  • Enter APN of your Mobile operator ( xxxx.internet or xxxxx.tinternet). You can get this APN from your operator’s helpline.
  • Leave all other options as they are and save it by pressing back tab.

You are done with Basic Profile Internet settings for BlackBerry!

Next Step:

  • In case your Blackberry device doesn’t come with BlackBerry browser then,
  • Open BlackBerry APP world (It is available in all new BlackBerry handsets).
  • After opening BlackBerry APP world, download any browser, such as Opera Mini or Bolt by selecting internet/browser category from BlackBerry APP world.
  • Start using internet on your BlackBerry device with GPRS/EDGE.
  • If BlackBerry APP world is not available then you might have to download all of these browser applications to your handset manually by first downloading it to PC and then copying these applications to your device.
  • That’s it!


Most of the BlackBerry handsets are decent to use for internet and push email surfing’s to keep connected with friends and family. On the other side, mobile operators have not focused on such lucrative segment of the market, where most of the users may not prefer to have BlackBerry handset with BlackBerry packages instead they may want to use BlackBerry handset but with usual internet profiles allowing only usual APN’s.

This is opportunistic and money spinning for mobile operators to have such offers like get unlimited internet+ BlackBerry handset in low price like PKR 500/- or PKR 600 instead of PKR 800 or 1000/- month for BlackBerry default defined packages. This will increase data ARPU’s and BlackBerry Handset sales as well for mobile operators. It will be lucrative for both in terms of data usage revenues and handset revenues.

Disclaimer: Please be informed that, Article is only written in the best interest of informing common people about the new gadgets benefits. Author is not responsible for any purchase / sale /exchange/loss/Price Quotation/ decision made or you may brick your device; after reading this article.

  • Dear reality bites thank for this post I am using same setting on my bb 8320 last two years work fine but now I have solution to use bb normal browser and mms sending and receving without paying bis charges this trick is specialy for mobilnik postpaid users and I also use google maps ebuddy messanger criczenga aap zenga tv (colors and mtv only)internet radio these apps for both postpaid and prepaid user but bb browser and mms is only work with postpaid specialy mobilink indigo

      • Ok dear aamer then u use gmap wich error is shown?and plese go to help in menu and reset gmap then try

        • It says Network Unavailable. But My net is working fine.

          Please share how u made it work :) ?


    • Bro tell me the solution which you mentioned. I’m mobilink postpaid user and have bold 9900 with OS7.1 Thanks. Waqas.

  • wonderful….

    i dont know why mobile operators have not pursued basic GPRS/EDGE profile settings for Black Berry Handsets.

    It is also Revenue earning and ARPU can be increased alot by promoting this normal profile settings..

  • Im pretty sure the author ‘copy-pasted’ this, since APP WORLD isn’t available for Pakistan from RIM.

    good tip though.

    • i believe, App World is available in Pakistan, because i am using in my new BlackBerry Onyx and this guide worked for me at-least!!

      Yeh , TCP , simple APN guide is available on internet since years now.. and i think what author tried to mention is abt benefits of this guide for mobile operators and as well for RIM…

      @@ Esfahan, u need to download browser manually and install on your device for your blackberry handset. it may work then…

      • I have installed App World but its not working as it gives error message that its not available in your country now :( ..

        How you are able to use it, please share.


        • i think u need to google for APP world application which is compatible and hacked by can get this on blackberry forums… u may call it modded app world application…

  • i have a blackberry blod the latest model how can i browse internet on it without subscribing with the provider Rogger telecom in canada.


  • What is the use of a blackberry if you are not using push email or Blackberry messenger? You are better off getting some other phone, if you don’t even use push email in blackberry or any any other BB service.

  • I am using Telenor services. Even though, I set up my account the way suggested above, I did not get through GPRS. I contacted Service centre and they replied that for prepaid users GPRS is not allowed over blackberry? any suggestions what to do now?

    • Asif, above defined method is working fine for many users. You need to make sure that you are entering correct information in your handset? i.e. APN of your mobile operator ( xxxx.internet or xxxxx.tinternet). You can get this APN from your operator’s helpline.

  • Any application that relies solely on a blackberry data plan (Facebook, twitter, google maps, google sync) have stopped working ever since PTA imposed that stupid blanket ban on blackberry services after that facebook blasphemy issue. The reason i came to know of the blanket ban was that the operators did not have the technical know how to specifically block facebook URLs so PTA ordered them to block it totally. I contacted PTA about the issue and they seem in no mood to restore the BIS service fully and i also heard one of the lamest excuses from PTA that we (the customer) pay the BIS fee for emails only and internet browsing is provided as a bonus so dont complain about apps not working!

  • if we use GPRS through the techniques mentioned,can we enjoy the facilities of push email and blackberry app world???

  • Much required article. Very glad to see our pakistani website appearing first on google result. Thumbs up for propakistani.

  • hey please help me i have 8310 ma nay yah settings kar kay dekha hai but i cant access internet :-(

  • Dear All,

    I am using Warid postaid with my blackberry curve 8320 but bis services not activated, please guide is there any way to use internet & send/receive mms without activating bis services from warid tel as it costs Rs. 1000+tax /month.

    Please help.

    Thanks in advance.


  • can any body help me for use of 8320 blackberry for emails and surfing without bis services to be paid. i am prepaid on zong 03004884833

  • i want to use facebook, yahoo messenger and gtalk. but i dont have BIS plan. can i use these apps or not. if yes, then how can i use?

  • Dear author, I am being troubled by the download option. Anytime I try to download something on opera mini, it opens the blackberry browser, Does this have something to do with opera, or is it a permenant problem???

  • Dear if u are trying to download apps, themes developed by RIM then it surely deirected to blackberry browser. except apps and themes developed by RIM, u can download all things.

  • i have done basics what u have told but nothing could be surfed it says browsing over cellular network is not included as part of your service plan…………………………………………………………………………………………………..!!!!

    warid gprs setting

    Account name: warid
    Access point: wap.warid
    proxy address:
    user name: (not require leave blank)
    password: (not require leave blank)

  • Dear Author,
    Just tell me either your technique is working for Push Mail and BB Messenger along with browsing or not?? I just want getrid of BIS charges.

      • I have BB 8520 Prepaid Ufone. But cant access Internet after configuration according to ufone settings. Can any one help?


  • Whenever I try to download apps from getjar or even the opera app store on opera mini the url automatically redirects to the bb browser. Is there anyway to get around this?

  • Dear I have blackberry 9800 by rogers and I have also wifi I browse all site but I can’t open facebook and any messenger like yahoo msn google talk an error is that upgrade data plan or data services not availabels how can I use these messengers and appworld my network is warid prepaid . Dear plz plz help me neither I sell my phone thanx.

  • I use BBM, google maps, rocketalk(video, picture and voice chat messenger), facebook(application) all on the regular prepaid package of ZONG. And I can even use the BlackBerry default Browser(WAP browser) on my TELNOR prepaid package. It’s True Really!!!!!
    Thanks for reading me patiently!

  • salam … admin i am going to buy bb bold 2 …but i am soo confused…… will it poosible to use just internet on bb without bis … i am using warid prepaid sim … i hate all monthly charges.. please help me ….anxiusly waiting .:(((

  • No u cant. I had sold my BB due to dis problem. You must have to activate BIS to use internet on blackberry. Some zong sims only work with with warid, yu cant make it.

  • The reason for BB service not working in normal plan is (acc to my understanding) because BB handsets are constantly connected to internet no matter you use it or not consumers get charged without using it as i have been working in telecom for 5 yrs now and have came across many cases where consumers do exactly this and gets charged without using internet.

  • I have a bold 9900 and i used the apn “warid” after confirming from the operator.i still cant access the internet…please help!
    thanks in advance

    • hello abrar.. tum telenor ki helpline pe fone kro aur unse kaho ke mujhe telenor internet ki settings bhej dein.wo hori der tk settings bhej denge phr tum use save kr lena.phr tmhara gprs bundle ke hisaab se chal pare ga.

  • It admirable so much, Sir its a great support from u. I am now using a black berry curve 9360 OS 7 , from ur above guidance can i run yahoo messenger, face book on my bb without BIS ? An early response/reply is highly appreciated. Thanks & Regards. Rashid [email protected]

  • hey. i am a user of BB bold 9900 i did the process as suggested in the solution and i also updated the OS to the lateset version 7.1 but i am only able to use whatsapp and viber and facebook sometimes but i am not able to setup email account nor BB messenger and when i try to use the browser it gives an error stated as ” browing over the moiel network is not included as part of your current service plan. to browse the web you must use wifi or contact your service provider to change your service plan”.
    is there any solution for my probelm. i am so much excited to use all the services without BIS or BES but its not happening.

  • i have curve 9360 … the wifi not working.. and teh browser is not working on sim …. what can i do ??

  • i am using free whatsapp offer of telenor these days on BlackBerry Curve 9360. I am facing a problem that i am not using any other application like twitter, fb but still telenor use to deduct my balance on prepaid. I have a doubt that my phone is using any behind auto internet usage and i don’t know how to close background app which use internet. Can anyone help me out ?

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